Sunday, 10 April 2011


Wow, since that first ever MSN joint convo we had that I remember perfectly still, time has passed by SO quickly hasnt it? And there have been so many phases... Gah! I cant even imagine how retarded we used to be at a time. But we sort of grew up, didnt we? Now that we did though, we're so far away. Meh.

You know, I always thought of you as the only person who has me as a friend for no entertainment purposes. I mean, LOADS of my friends have usually spoken to me or hung out with me because I would've been of good use to them. Obviously, except my best friends, but you're one of them and thanks so much for that :') Thing is, over the last... 4 years? 3 and a half I think. Well whatever. Over the last few years, so much has happened, and im glad it has. It was so much fun wasnt it? You were kinda immature though before :P To be honest. Lol, but now, words cant describe. I cant even begin the count the number of times you made me feel better and I dont even know if I can repay that. You probably dont even know the times when you made me feel better when I needed it.
For those of you who dont know who im talking about, (Obviously you wont) do any of you have that "Best-Friend-Without-Whom-Life-Would-Suck"? Yeah thats who I'm talking about. And I mean what I say. Life WOULD really suck. Who would I text when I need to talk about something personal? Who would I talk to when im bored? Who's cute little laugh would always make me feel better? Yeah those questions will remain unanswered.
Lol and I remember before, you used to be like, "Sex channgeee ! D:" Lmao, are you stupid? "When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while" Yeah, that could be used for your smile, but only when you do that sincere one, not the retarded one where you have your tongue out like an idiot. Now im not going to brag about how 'hot' or 'pretty' you are because you know what I think of you.

THATS the smile, right there. Awww. <3

Haha I miss those times when we used to be able to talk for hours. Life here has been so hectic, no time. If only we wudve both been in Dubai now, We cudve hung out and had a heck of a time. I really hope nothing gets in my way when I come in the summer :P Im exciiiteddd.
And you know, we have so many of your friends to which you simply cant say anything you want to. But you're not one of them, which is so relaxing. I only had a few of friends who are like that, now, maybe only one, or two. And it scares me to think that, where will we be in the next 10 years? Will we still know eachother? Will we be in contact? Would we still be close?
I promise you however, that I will try my level best to never let you go, because if I do lose contact or whatever, I would lose something very valuable and precious in my life. And we may have not met as often as we shudve, but that doesnt change anything. I still know a lot about you and I know things that you told me that perhaps a lot of your friends wouldnt. Same goes for you. Just that we never got the chance, did we?

I could go on and on and on for pages, but I know that you dont like extremely long articles, and neither you, nor I have the time to read and write one. Yes, time has been something which is sort of a barrier between us. Fucking O levels. Cant wait till they're over. D:

Hope now you realize how much you mean to me :) <3