Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The First Post of 2012!

Heyyy everyone! How have all of you been? I have been drowned with exams and competitions and I have had NO time for anything else. Im finally on winter break, and got some time for sharing some of the recent things with you guys. I hope all of you understand and aren't sick of my inconsistency!

Let me use a picture to explain things more clearly:

As you can see, social life AND good grades, means NO sleep, or in other words, no time for anything else. I  currently got my grades too. And can you believe I got a ninety-nine in my chemistry mock? I could't believe it myself. Heck, I STILL cant believe it. I've never seen a 99 written on any exam of mine. It was amazing.

Anyway, leaving that aside, I remember the last thing I blogged about was the day before my MUN experience. Yes, I went to Szabist Model United Nations. I have only one word for it: EPIC. It was the social extravaganza. Seriously, the amount of friends, and the KIND of friends I made out of it, undescribe-able.

The country that my delegation was given was USA, and dont think that I'm extremely lucky to get that. USA is the WORST country you can get. Why? Because everything is SO transparent. The whole world knows what USA is upto, and when the time to criticize comes, its so easy to pick on the poor delegate who has USA, AKA, me. Everyone attacked me SO much, and thats the main reason why the debating was SO hectic. Also, the whole crisis session was about USA, and how USA was going to carpet bomb a nation. So, in the end, since I was in SO much crap, I ended up getting only an Honorary Mention. If I would've been more experienced and if I wouldve been able to defend myself as USA, I probably would've gotten Outstanding Diplomacy. Oh well, there's always a next time!

On a brighter note, we had four AMAZING social events. The conferences, however, were the usual. Intense, fierce, competitive, and fun. The social events were loads of fun.

The first was the Global Dhamaal, which was basically a global village, where people set up stalls according to their respective countries.

The UAE stall. *Sigh* Nostalgia struck me there.

Bhangra guys. We bhangra-ed like retards! And this was just the first night.

The second event was the formal dinner, Black Label. It was AWESOME. It was SUPPOSED to be a formal dinner, where people would sit down, and have dinner like normal people, and we did exactly that on the other hand, MADE it into another dance party by randomly dancing to the music. This is what I wore:

Imagine dancing in THAT. FUN, but difficult. Anyway, the third event was a Qawwali, which was fun too, but unfortunately, I dont have any pictures of it.

Finally, the last event was the disco party, Discomacy. It was CRAZY. Everyone was going nuts, dancing like there was no tomorrow. There were some break dancers too who performed, it was a lot of fun.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I took these in a hurry while dancing like a maniac with my dumb phone, to have atleast something from the event, since I did NOT want to risk getting my camera.

All in all, it was an awesome experience, and now I'm really looking forward to more MUNs that will be coming next month and this month!

*              *                *               *                 *               *                 *              *               *                  *

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Do tell me how you spent your New Year's Eve, because all I did was get bored at home. I got invited to this awesome party at my friend's place, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed by my parents. *Sigh*. It was horrible. Hopefully your New Year's Eve wasn't totally boring and uneventful like mine.

And whats worse, is that SCHOOL re-opens tomorrow :'(... Just when I was beginning to get used to sleeping at 4 AM, and getting up at 2 everyday, it just HAD to happen. But hey, on a brighter note, Its my birthday in 14 days! And that means GIFTS. Ohyes. Ive been waiting for this for a long, LONG time. And im going to be eighteen years old! That means, hello adulthood? Wow. I remember my fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays like they were only a few days ago. And now, I'm almost an adult.

Time really does fly...

Well, I need to get going now, I have to go to a friend's birthday! Lets see how that goes. Anyway, goodbye people! Enjoy your days off while they last!