Friday, 29 July 2011

Acknowledgments and half-century!

Alright, so I was planning to make a constructive and creative blog about something else, but first I HAVE to make these acknowledgments. Since something so pleasantly surprising has happened in the past couple of days.

I received 3 awards in just 2 days, I think. So, I shall acknowledge them, and pass them, but first of all, I want to say that... 50 FOLLOWERS. AAAAH :D I feel awesome. Half-century! *raises bat* Im so happy. I never expected to have 50 followers in just 3 months... Wow. Special shout out to Hamza Hameed and Reanne Anad, for being my 50th and 51st followers. You guys are super awesome. :D Hamza follows through mail, and Reanne occasionally reads my blogs :)

Anyway, first off, my award from Teenage Mutiny.

Since I had to write 7 things about myself in his rules, I shall.

1.) I LOVE sports. Football. Basketball. Cricket. ANYTHING that involves physical energy being used.
2.) I used to bite my nails. Used to.
3.) I wish I was taller, eventhough I'm taller than most of the people in my family. Being a few inches taller wouldn't hurt.
4.) My favourite genre of music is rock, and any sort of music you can dance to. But rock is love.
5.) I HATE math, eventhough I always get good grades in it. I HATE it.
6.) My favourite/most desired item of technology is an iPhone/iPod 4
7.) Being a guy, I admit im sort of sensitive to certain things, emotionally.

Phew. Now that I got that over with, lets get on with what this post is meant for.

He gave me the Stylish Blogger award, as you can see, and mentioned some really nice things about me. Thank you SO much Hamza Bin Laden. :D You're the best. Seriously, go check out his blog NOW.

So, I'd like to pass this award to:

Mariam from Rants and Rambles:

I think she's a really nice blogger, who creates innovative posts with great style, therefore the award. Do check her blog out.

Fatimaa S. from And When I Pop These Bubbles Words Come Out:

The way she writes is really stylish, in my opinion. Plus, her blog layout is too, reaallly nice, which is why she deserves this award :D Check it out!

Peachyyy from Upside Down Cheesecake:

Her blogs are written with great versatility, and with a really nice dialect. Therefore she is also, a stylish blogger! Check it out :)

Anyway, my next award was from Bhadra's blog, BhadRawr.

Thanks! Im really glad you think so, because whatever I blog about to you guys is truly from the depths of my heart.

I shall pass this award to:

Furbee Esvy who blogs at The World Inside My Head:

I love her blogs. She was the first one to give me an award too! And, she always blogs frankly, and in a straightforward manner. Which is really awesome. Its what blogging is all about! Check her blog out! :D

Aaishah from Typing To The Beat Of My Heart:

Ive already awarded her with the I love This Blog award, and thats because her blogs are truly from her heart, and they are really interesting too. Visit her blog!

So, moving on to my next award. I received it from Vice Versa who blogs at Crypticcrap.
Thanks SO MUCH! Honestly, I love her blog. I awarded her a while back too. Her blogs are really funny and interesting. They're long too, which I enjoy thoroughly.

Since I already gave this award previously, I'm not going to pass it.

Anyways, Im off! See you guys later :D

And as always, this has become sort of a signature of mine. I must leave you with a lolcat!

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