Friday, 6 April 2012

Cant Wait...

One of the most anticipated things of this year for me has ALMOST arrived. Almost. It makes me annoyed, irritated and stressed to see the word 'almost' flash over and over again in my head. But yes, sometimes, even when something is SO close, it seemingly takes ages, or EONS (yes, exaggeration does leave an impression of how serious the matter is) for it to actually arrive.

I cant wait till it ends. Till its all over. Till I'm done with this school. With my O' Levels. I'm tired of doing what I dont want. Tired of studying unnecessary subjects. Tired of focusing on what I'm NOT supposed to focus. Most importantly, I'm GLAD that I'm done with this God forsaken school. Yeah, I admit I'll miss my friends from my apparent, 'new' school. But that's it. The system, facilities (Psh, as if there were any), faculty (maybe except one, or two) is something I most definitely WONT miss.

What I miss is my school back where I used to live. It was perfect for me. But lets not let nostalgia take over once more. Yeah, I'll obviously miss the kind of life I have at school. Easy, very few responsibilities, causing trouble with my friends. I know I'll miss these days as the "good ol' days".
 My point is, after I'm done, what awaits is something known as College Life. Yeah, I've heard a LOT about it. Parties, fun, socializing, blaaah dee boooo! Whatever it is, I cant wait for something new. Something non-monotonous. I'm exhausted of the same sickening routine every f***ing day. Seriously. And the worst part is, the days pass by SO slow.

I'm tired of studying all day. Sitting on the same table, staring at the same textbook I've been staring at for 3 years, and reading the same chapter over and over again, causing a meltdown in my head. I just hope I get into the A level school I want. Cant wait till these exams are over, and I get my results so I can apply!

Oh and, before results, and after exams. SUMMER HOLIDAYS. CAN NOT WAIT. I have SO many things planned. I shall continue my Muay Thai training, since Ive been on a break recently. I'll watch SO many movies that I need to catch up on. Read all the books that I was planning to. Best of all, I'll NOT study. The joy of even the mere thought makes me want to cry of happiness. Makes me shed tears.

Anyway, I just hope time flies. I mean, im  NOT having fun. But still. Hope it does anyway.
Well, hope you guys have been having a great time! Ciao!