Monday, 18 July 2011

I iz NO satisfied :(

As you can see by the frustration on the title of this post, I can't think straight. Or couldn't think straight at the time.

Yesterday, I woke up at around two-thirty pm. Pretty late, I know. I went downstairs to have some food, but my parents didn't end up being home. Now remember, yesterday was 'Shabe-baraat' which is a special day for us Muslims; its when our future income/food etc is decided by God for the following year. On this day, we pray a lot, and have 'Halwa' which is a really nice sweet dish.

Anyway, my parents weren't home, so I decided to have breakfast at two-thirty pm instead, and continued watching TV and being lazy with my daily routine. My parents ended up getting home at five pm, and at the time, I was exorbitantly hungry. I complained to them that I had nothing to eat; NOTHING. All they said now was to wait till dinner. I accepted. I knew it was 'Shabe-Baraat' so there would be something intriguing on the menu tonight.


And mind you, I am a person with a HUGE appetite. Dont really know where it all goes, but I eat like a cow bull. So anyway, I waited patiently, and at six-thirty pm, my stomach felt like it was going to shrink to nothingness. At that time, we had to go to the graveyard to visit my grandfather's grave, and then to the mosque to pray Maghrib, which we did. After Maghrib, we prayed to God for our future, and then, it was FINALLY FOOD TIME. At this point, I was the epitome of hunger.

WE WANT FOOD. WE WANT FOOD. It was just me but... you get the point.

So, finally, when I sat on the table, thinking that I would see something like this:

I see this instead:


At that point, I was so hungry, I could eat anything. Even Paalak (Spinach), which I HATE. I never eat vegetables except for cucumbers, carrots, Lady Fingers and potatoes. Besides the fantastic four, I dont eat ANY vegetables. Especially spinach... and I dont like qeema either.

I had the food, my hunger was over, but I WAS NOT SATISFIED. It was like having warm water. Your water needs are fulfilled and your thirst is quenched, sort of, but you dont feel satisfied at ALL D:

Now, look at the irony. I'm fasting today.

This ever happen to any of you? Let me know in the comments :)