Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We all love horror movies, dont we? If any of you dont, well its probably either because you're too scared to go through one, or because you're just boring. No offense. And I'm not talking about those lame horror movies with  lame concepts of terror and fear. Movies like Dreamcatcher aren't real horror. Im talking about The Exorcist (the old one), Paranormal Activity, The Grudge, etc. Currently, I am sitting in a dark room, at 3 am, refusing to look behind me because my mind is flooded with pictures of those movies, screenshots of fear. And yeah call me a wussy as you may, but honestly, these kind of movies, IF taken seriously, can really scare the shit out of you.
And the worst part is, the movie you watched can never be forgotten. The whole concept of 'scare' and all of those scenes where you'd pop open your eyelids and drop your jaw would still be imprinted in your head.

 I remember I watched Paranormal Activity alone, in the dark, on a flat-screen TV, a big one that is, at 2 am. I mean, whats the fun in watching a horror movie without it being dark and late at night? Doesn't have to be alone though. You could watch it with a couple of friends or cousins. But a dark and 'late-night' atmosphere MUST be maintained. So anyway, I WAS ALONE. And yeah, whenever something crept up the couple's bed, it felt like something was touching me gently too. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I take these things wayy too seriously. And then, the usual, not-being-able-to-sleep-because-the-troll/monster/ghost-under-my-bed-will-eat-me-if-my-eyes-are-not-open follows.

Also, The Exorcist was something that surprised me, and exceeded my expectations. Since it was released in 1973, my parents ALWAYS spoke about it, and they always said that no movie could ever match its concept of fear and scaring people. I always disagreed, making the excuse that the effects will be dumb because its an old movie. So, we decided to watch it one day. Ofcourse, the dark, late-night atmosphere was maintained. I was feeling just like this:

But after I started watching the movie, I started to feel like this:

So yeah, the movie did really impress me, and scare the shit out of me. Mainly because its the sort of horror which is POSSIBLE in real life. People DO get possessed. Ofcourse, there's no such thing as souls possessing them, its Jins.

Also, The Grudge was also one of the scariest movies Ive seen. Its also pretty realistic, because there is a such thing as a haunted house. The whole idea of the ghost haunting you until you die, no matter where you go, is REALLY scary.


Ok bye :D