Friday, 19 August 2011


Its much much harder than I thought. Much harder. Not the work, the LOAD of it. There's just SO MUCH that its hard to get time to do anything I want. That part's probably obvious since I barely post now. Thats also because its Ramadan and im so busy sleeping all day praying. But I finally got time since its a 3 day weekend this time, because Monday's off. And then, Friday's off next week for another week! EID! Cant wait. Finally, some relaxation time.

Oh and, since I got good grades; an A* in Pakistan Studies and an A in Islamiat, I got 5000 rupees from my teacher! ISN'T THAT AWESOME? But now, its time to get rich richer in Eid *evil smile*.

I was so happy because I worked my ass off! Plus, Pakistan Studies was a whole new thing for me, and I had to do it in less than a year without ANY tuitions! Anyway, I shall now relax. Bye everyone! Have a great weekend!