Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Timeline (Phases & stuff too)

Okay, so most of you probably know what a timeline is. Since I think you should get to know me better, I've set up a timeline of myself! And, being adolescents and stuff, we have our phases. Some embarrassing, some cool, some lame, some funny. Here are most of the phases I had. Hope you enjoy it :)

Okay, so this picture is of when I was born. This is my grandmother! (For the Pakistanis, my Dadi.)

This picture is from when I was around 9-10 months old. Yes, I was very, very chubby. And huge.

Growing up. I think this is one of the only pictures of myself in Kindergarten that I have. Oh, and the other kid, hes my younger brother :) Im on the right, btw.
(7 years old)

My first spiky haircut! (13 years old)

Bangs Phase. Lol, I actually thought this looked good. All i can say is, I was really dumb. Thank God a friend of mine, who I've blogged about here, made me get out of this phase hahaha. (Fourteen years old)

The Hoodie Phase. I got my first ever awesome hoodie as a birthday gift, and I suddenly started to fancy them a lot. Err... yeah dont ask. Lol.

Okay, now, comes a phase which is extremely hard to explain. Do any of you know what Parkour is? Yeah. I had a Parkour phase too. For those of you who dont know, its basically being all daredevil-ish and doing stunts to get past things. Also jumping up and down walls. Yes, pretty much sounds like what a monkey does, but hey, Youtube it, its really cool.

This is a picture of when I was fifteen, from my building, back in Sharjah, UAE.

Okay, now along with the Parkour phase, I had another phase too. This was the "BMX Phase". Now for those of you who dont know what a BMX is, its a stunt bicycle on which you jump things and do cool stuff. Yeah, those were the good old days :/
This was also, when i was fifteen.

Okay, so this is from when I started liking messy hair. Plus, my first shave ! :D

MY FIRST HUUUUUUUGE SLIDE! This was in Atlantis, the best waterpark everrr.

Okay, now comes the time when I got my braces. Yes, its ugly. Its horrifying. Its freaky. But dont worrry, I dont have them anymore, and I now have STRAIGHT teeeeth :D Eeeeh. And yes, the colour is reedddd :D Hahahah

Moving on, the next phase was my "Lame Edits Phase"

Now, this phase took quite a while to go. I dont know why I liked this, but it was REALLY lame.
I think this was when I was about to be 16 in a few weeks.  I also owe my realization of this being lame to the friend I mentioned earlier. :P

Along with my lame edits phase, also came the Beanie Phase. Now, I didnt think it was half bad? Tell me about it in the comments !

Ok, so AFTER this whole phase of the Lame Edits, the Parkour Phase returned! But only for a while. It was when I was in the gym phase too ! But I dont have any gym picturess. But I do have a picture of me jumping over something quite high :) This was when I was sixteen !
Superman Tee Shirt Phase. To be honest, I STILL havent got over this. I love superman shirts. And Superman IS most certainly the greatest fictional hero. :D

The next phase is one of my favourites ! Its the Nerdy Glasses phasee ! :) Haha

Now comes the DSLR Phase. I just started to LOVE the amazing picture quality of the DSLR Camera :P

I am currently still in this phase. Sort of. I mean, I prefer a DSLR now, over any camera. :)

Another one of my phases was the Funny Shirt Phase. Now, I STILL have this shirt. And I HAVE worn it in public :) Its really cool.

The Cowboy-hat Phase ! This only lasted for 3-4 days though lol.

Now comes the Aviators phase. I love these sunglasses ! :D
PS, the guy on the right is a friend of mine :) butt you probably wouldve figured that out. Lol

And lastly, me now, in my sideburns phase. Oh, and I still fancy aviators ! :D

Oh well, thats the end of it finally ! Haha. I hope you liked it ! And please, comment telling me which was your favv phase/timeline picture and why ! Thanks :D

Sunday, 24 April 2011

"The Necklace of Immortality" (Original narrative by me :D)

Long ago, when the world was a very dark place, life was scarce and survival was difficult, a gift was sent down to man by the Gods above. The sky was full of light, there was a whiteout and an object resembling very much to a  fireball, crashed to the surface of the earth. When man discovered this mysterious object, all that was left of it was a simple rock.
The old man who had found it decided to keep it, since it was the only rock present in an enormous crater. After days of having it in his possession, he discovered that his sickness had gone. He never felt pain and didnt get any sort of injury no matter what happened. He realized that it was the stone that caused this; ever since he possessed it, he had become invincible. He decided to keep it; with zeal, he fixed it into a necklace and never took it off.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I am his descendant. I, am the emperor of my kingdom and the Necklace of Immortality had been taken from my grandfather. It has been a century since it was taken, and our attempts to earn it back have all ended in failure. The man who wrongfully took it from my grandfather is still very much alive and kicking. He is still the ruler of his kingdom, and he has been emperor since before my grandfather's death.
I too, wanted to know how it felt like to be indestructible, to be incorruptible, to be the master of all. Most importantly, I wanted to regain my forefathers' glory. I wanted my family to be pompous of what we once had. Therefore I took an oath to spend my entire life trying to regain the glory we had in the past.
Our land, our empire, used to be more vast than any other, but since we lost the necklace, the empire shrunk to nothing but a few miles of land, which too was in danger.

Every morning, when my eyes opened, I woke up with determination to develop my grand plan to earn back the necklace. Unlike Zheng, the wrongful owner, I will not steal it. I will win it back, with honour, even if I die trying. My advisers kept telling me it was impossible, he was immortal and he forgot what death or even pain was.
I did not listen; I knew that nothing was impossible. If such a necklace could exist, and if it could be stolen, there was no reason why it couldn't be earned back.
Rumour had it that the only reason Zheng had not destroyed my empire completely was because he was in love with my sister, Julia. My advisor had shown me written evidence, and I couldnt resist but come up with the most brilliant plan. My secret agent had retrieved one of Zheng's old journals, which he took secretly from him. It had said that he only took off the necklace before his sleep, because if he wore it during his sleep, he would lose his sense of humanity. It had also said that he would only wish to die with Julia, because of his love for her.
Upon hearing this, Julia did not hesitate; she traveled to Zheng's empire. She too, was as determined as I was to earn our pride. She wrote letters every month, telling me the progress of how close she was to our goal. For six long months, I had my army ready. My whole army; the old, the young, the experienced and the new, were looking forward to give their contribution in establishing our old empire. It had taken her six months to earn Zheng's trust. She mentioned that even though he loved her more than anything in the world, he needed to see if she wouldn't betray him. She had told him that she ran away from my empire because she too, was in love with him. He believed her after six months of observing her and spending time with her, and now, I was extremely close to regaining the necklace, I could feel it...

One night, I found my agent breathless, knocking on my door. He informed me that Julia was planning to replace the necklace with an identical one that night. I made up my mind before he could continue speaking. I got my army ready in three hours, and I did not march, but I traveled quietly with my men, hiding our equipment. The element of surprise was all I had if my sister would fail.

It was very dark when we arrived. Everyone was asleep, the whole empire was silent. Taking out the night guardians secretly, was simple. As soon as we managed to climb the walls and infiltrate their palace,  I knew that we weren't going to fail. No one would have expected this... It was perfect.
We raided the rooms, my men started brutally killing everyone. I, on the other hand, waited patiently for Zheng to come out. His army tried to fight back, to resist, but the element of surprise was overwhelming. They were unprepared, and they wouldn't expect such an inferior empire to attack such a powerful one.
Finally, I heard the General, Kahn, scream, "Master Zheng! We are all saved!"
I saw him, standing in only his clothes for sleeping. What a fool he was, I thought to myself. I saw the brilliant replica of the necklace my sister had made, hanging from his neck, all the way down to his chest. With no hesitation, I lifted my spear, and threw it straight at him, with all my might. He smiled, and didn't move an inch, because he was so confident that the spear could do him no harm.
After the spear pierced his skin, his facial expression completely changed. He lost his facial colour, became pale and expressionless. In awe, he slowly looked down and saw the thick red liquid ooze out of his wound. He then slowly looked at his palace, and a tear dropped down from his eye. He fell, almost suddenly, and was lifeless.
With pride, glory and great self-motivation, I hurried up the castle. My mission was yet to be successful. As I opened Zheng's door, I saw Julia, sitting on the bed, smiling with a silver ornament in her hand. It was the necklace, the goal that I had achieved. My life's mission was over. I was now, finally, master of all.

Hope you like it :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Friend #466325

I remember the first time I talked to you was back in '07 I think... It was when I randomly added you on Facebook, you were like 'um who r u' and I was like, 'someone :p' Lmao and I sorta freaked you out. But then I told you I was a guy from your class, and we started talking a bit. Then the funniest thing happened. A few months after I knew you, I sorta had a crush on you. And to be honest, I may say that it was a little crush but I like to sort of deny it :P Now that I remember properly, it was a huge crush hahah. Psh. But you rejectedd meee. Lol and it was mainly because at that time, I was sort of shallow. And you were super cute. Meh, who cares now though. We were kids rofl.
Anyway, upto around 2 years back, you werent so... idk, frank with me :P That was probably because well, idk, cuz we didnt know e.o for long. But now, well. I can say that I trust you quite blindly. I can and I do tell you everything without hesitation. You do too, I think :P I mean, Im so glad that you dont hesitate in telling me how you feel and your problems and stuff. I feel special, that you trust mee :), its been around 4 years now. So yeah, that was probably bound to happen. But see, the thing is, I knew loads of people back then too. But now, I dont even remember their names. You were one of the few who was a friend I was lucky to have, and thanks so much for being one <3
I just hope it would be possible for me to attend your engagement and wedding. It'll be such a special day for you AND me :') I'll be so proud. Lol, admit it or not, Ive ALWAYS been supportive throughout your relationship okay :P
And again, thanks so much for all the support you have given me too :/ I dont know if I would be the same, without you in my life :/ I just wish I was in Dubai again. I'd come to that sweet 16th you were planning. But I guess you couldnt call the people you wanted.
Oh and, COME TO KHI :P It'll be so awesome I swear. A levels with U know who hahaha. :) But oh well, life isnt that awesome :P
Anyway, I hope you like my blog about you. I meant every bit I said/wrote :)
P.S. you;re on the top 5 of the "awesomest people I know" which maakes you, pretty awesome.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Wow, since that first ever MSN joint convo we had that I remember perfectly still, time has passed by SO quickly hasnt it? And there have been so many phases... Gah! I cant even imagine how retarded we used to be at a time. But we sort of grew up, didnt we? Now that we did though, we're so far away. Meh.

You know, I always thought of you as the only person who has me as a friend for no entertainment purposes. I mean, LOADS of my friends have usually spoken to me or hung out with me because I would've been of good use to them. Obviously, except my best friends, but you're one of them and thanks so much for that :') Thing is, over the last... 4 years? 3 and a half I think. Well whatever. Over the last few years, so much has happened, and im glad it has. It was so much fun wasnt it? You were kinda immature though before :P To be honest. Lol, but now, words cant describe. I cant even begin the count the number of times you made me feel better and I dont even know if I can repay that. You probably dont even know the times when you made me feel better when I needed it.
For those of you who dont know who im talking about, (Obviously you wont) do any of you have that "Best-Friend-Without-Whom-Life-Would-Suck"? Yeah thats who I'm talking about. And I mean what I say. Life WOULD really suck. Who would I text when I need to talk about something personal? Who would I talk to when im bored? Who's cute little laugh would always make me feel better? Yeah those questions will remain unanswered.
Lol and I remember before, you used to be like, "Sex channgeee ! D:" Lmao, are you stupid? "When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while" Yeah, that could be used for your smile, but only when you do that sincere one, not the retarded one where you have your tongue out like an idiot. Now im not going to brag about how 'hot' or 'pretty' you are because you know what I think of you.

THATS the smile, right there. Awww. <3

Haha I miss those times when we used to be able to talk for hours. Life here has been so hectic, no time. If only we wudve both been in Dubai now, We cudve hung out and had a heck of a time. I really hope nothing gets in my way when I come in the summer :P Im exciiiteddd.
And you know, we have so many of your friends to which you simply cant say anything you want to. But you're not one of them, which is so relaxing. I only had a few of friends who are like that, now, maybe only one, or two. And it scares me to think that, where will we be in the next 10 years? Will we still know eachother? Will we be in contact? Would we still be close?
I promise you however, that I will try my level best to never let you go, because if I do lose contact or whatever, I would lose something very valuable and precious in my life. And we may have not met as often as we shudve, but that doesnt change anything. I still know a lot about you and I know things that you told me that perhaps a lot of your friends wouldnt. Same goes for you. Just that we never got the chance, did we?

I could go on and on and on for pages, but I know that you dont like extremely long articles, and neither you, nor I have the time to read and write one. Yes, time has been something which is sort of a barrier between us. Fucking O levels. Cant wait till they're over. D:

Hope now you realize how much you mean to me :) <3

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Ok, im going to say it flat out. Im shit scared for my O' levels. There said it. For some people, their exams could be in the form of A levels, SATS, TOEFL, IB or IGCSE's, but for me its the frikkin O' levels. Now dont be fooled by the abbreviation. The "O" stands for Ordinary. But these exams are EVERYTHING but ordinary. They create tension, stress and mental trauma for many. Sometimes, including me.
The only thing I worry about a lot is the fact that, the fee was so much, and if, GOD FORBID, but if I get poor grades, (Which for me is anything less than an A) i'll feel so guilty... I'll feel like I wasted the money. And especially after the problems my family had, (financial), im much more conscious of how I spend money. Yes, ofcourse education is worth it but these exams are really expensive, and the fact that my future depends on it makes it worse. I have to grow up to be someone who can take care of my family and my parents. I feel scared that what if? And people tell me to have faith and confidence in myself. Believe me, I do. But you cant possibly ignore the "What if's" of life.
And I KNOW I should be studying right now rather than blogging but its SO difficult sitting down and studing for an extended period of time. After some point, my brain stops functioning. Maybe I have ADD. I dont know. But whatever. I just hope everything goes well...


You know, there's always something in our lives that makes us relax, feel better and it makes us enjoy ourselves quite a lot. Well for me, its football and blogging. Life's not at its best these days, and the only thing that does cheer me up is football and blogging. Mostly football. Dont get me wrong though, I LOVE blogging, but football's just different. Its an amazing game. Also because im a sports-a-holic, I like many other sports. But football's my favourite.
Just recently, I joined ZU. Its a football club in Karachi. Loads of fun. Thing is, whenever I'm angry, pissed off or upset, I play football or blog. Blogging kinda lets me let out all the anger/sadness and transfer it to the PC in text form. Football just makes me feel better all around. So yeah. OH and almost forgot, Music does that too :P I just plug in my headphones, and when my favourite music is on, the world doesnt matter.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Buuurrrrrrrrjjjjjjjj Dubaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii



This man-made phenomena is something I wanted to visit SO BAD. I JUST HAD TO MOVE TO PAKISTAN. -___________-


I know you guys may be going like, WTF? WHAT THE F**K? Is this guy demented? o: Its *CARTOGAPHY*, not Kartography psh o: Well, only people who’ve read the book, Kartography, would understand. You know, I wouldnt call it the best piece of Literature that I’ve had my hands on, but its definitely a book with which I can relate myself. For you people out there from Karachi, well, WOW, if you havent read this book, you should. No matter how difficult it may be for you to get it, GO OUT THERE AND GET IT. READ IT FOR GODSSAKE. No seriously, read it. Its just, all so true, so “OMG I KNOW THOSE PLACES THAT THE AUTHORS MENTIONING” or, “I KNOW THE SLANG WORDS SHES USING ! I USE THEM!” So yeah. A person who’s been to Karachi would like it too. Not just that though, the story itself is VERY interesting.


Yes yes, we are ALL familiar with this what seems to be just a title. To many of us, actually, ALMOST ALL of us, music is a necessity in life. Whether it may be rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, rap, techno, or even something as shitty as jazz, people MUST listen to it, have preferred artists and bands, preferred musical instruments and preferred genres. I, particularly, like rock, to be more precise, Alternative Rock. And to me, music is just like food, breathing, a necessity in life. If I dont listen to music for more than a day, well, crankyness takes over, and shit you dont wana know.
Many people though, only listen to music to just enjoy the music itself rather than listening to its lyrics. I dont particularly appreciate that, because music isn’t just about its beat, rhythm or its flow, ofcourse, without that its nothing, but music is also about its message and what its about. Without good lyrics, no matter how good the beat would be, the song would be quite shitty. So I believe that, a song with a proper message, and people who listen to music for its beat should try concentrating on its lyrics too. Sometimes, it may change your life, your views, or it may open your mind to something. Music has done that for me, and for many people I know, and have known.

A Blessing In Disguise?

You know that feeling you get when you’ve planned to do something with your friends, whether it may be watching a movie, hanging out, going to each other’s house, or whatever it may be, it would be a plan with friends, and your PARENTS ruin it by not allowing you in the last minute, or by making some family plan and forcing you to go instead? Yeah yeah, THAT feeling, I know what you’re thinking. THAT feeling right there, its a mixture of well, anger, annoyance and irritation. Something similar happened with me, not to long ago.
I was supposed to be at a football match with my friends, and following the match, we would go to a cafe to hang out. We’d planned this for quite a while now, and I was looking forward to it. When the day finally came, well, you can guess now cant you? I was forced to go to this lame-ass park with family instead. Now dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if cousins my age were coming, but NOOOO. You know who came? My old aunts and uncles, the REALLY old ones, and then cousins who were not more than eight or nine years old. Now bear in mind, I’m almost seventeen, what on earth would I DO? I got really annoyed, complained a lot, but I was STILL forced to go, I still dont understand why I had to.
Anyway, I became really negative about everything during the trip, I kept saying, oh this sucks, oh that sucks. Obviously, because I was so angry. I was SUPPOSED to be out with my friends. When we finally got to the stupid park, I realized it was quite rushed and full. GREAT. I would LOVE a park full of random people and annoying kids around me. But, I didn’t see how beautiful the park itself was, and how huge it was, I could go on exploring myself, with my headphones on, to escape from the world. So I went for a walk, the weather was nice too, so my bad mood wore off, and I started to notice spots on the park where I could lie down and relax, after so much fatigue due to stupid school. I found a high point, sort of a hill, where I lied down on soft grass, and gazed at the sky thinking about stuff, relaxed. The smell of the trees, flowers, and basically the fresh air made me want to close my eyes, and smile. Surprisingly, I had a good time… I didnt know I would, I actually counted on having a really bad time, but I didnt. I actually enjoyed relaxing in the outdoors in nature.
So, the catch is, never be SO negative about something I guess, you never know, there may be a blessing in disguise, waiting for you.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Miss you... So very much.

You know, you hear many people say the phrase, "If only I could go back in time...(I would change this, do this, etc)". Well, to be honest, I wish it would be so very possible. No one can possibly imagine the amount of regret I have felt because of what I did, and unintentionally. If only I COULD go back, I'd slap some sense into the old me. And so what if this was... 2? Yeah, 2 years ago. SO WHAT. I broke a heart. A very precious, delicate heart which was not meant to be broken. And now that I know of the POSSIBILITIES, the "what if's", i feel much much worse... I feel so bad, so embarrassed, so regretful, probably enough to hide my face for eternity.
All I can do now is drown myself in nostalgia, in memories of the good times while listening to "Time Wont Let Me Go" by "The Bravery".

So, heres how it goes...

After I broke up with my ex, it was really hard for me to get over her. One of my best friends helped me out, lets call her Crappy.Well, I end up getting over my ex. During the passage of time, Crappy started to develop feelings for me. To be honest, I didnt believe that was possible, firstly cuz she was my best friend, secondly cuz I was JUST dumped by my fucking ex. And to be honest, I didnt see how amazing, how perfect Crappy was for me. I totally ignored it, or I sub-consciously did because I never imagined us being together, y;know? It was always a friends thing. Well, anyway, Crappy started liking me more, and I thought her "Crush" was sort of, wearing away? I mean isnt that typical of most girls? But being the dumbass retard I am, I didnt notice that I WAS her first. And your first is always the hardest. So anyway, one day, I wanted her to help me out with some girl, and she sort of... burst out. Ms Crappy here said that she liked me, and how could I ask her to help me with someone else like that? And she was right. 99% right. Im taking away that one percent because she didnt know that I was unaware of the fact that she liked, or maybe loved me. Anyway,  eventually, I apologized, and we sort of remained friends. NOW THAT IS WHAT I REGRET. We shouldnt have... I shouldve made her mine when I had the chance, because I didnt realize that she was so perfect. Anyway, some other guy came along, now for us guys, you only realize how fucking awesome a girl is when you see her with some other guy. And no, not cuz of jealousy, its just a fact. Anyway, I soon started to realize that I missed out on what might have been the greatest opportunity of my life. And on top of that, that guy who got with her at that time was a fucking player. Which made it worse... She deserved so much better.

Months passed, I saw how they developed. The player, became innocent. He become devoted, loyal and committed. But he really hated me for some reason. Lets call him Douche. Now, Douche here had tried to pick loads of beefs with me. But hey, I didnt want any bullshit. All I wanted is to be Crappy's friend, but Douche here, being the jerk he is, hated it. He kept on trying, and tried his best to ruin our friendship. What I heard from a reliable source once(Douche's friend) that he wanted to dump Crappy. But HE WOULDNT do it simply because he was afraid she would be with me. Like wtf? Anyway...

Eventually, he succeeded. She started to hate me I think...

Today, I am practically non-existent in her life. I miss her, so, so very much...

But you know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? I dont give a fuck anymore. I dont. Who the fuck has that sort of a friend who'd leave another friend for a guy? Psh. No one. Fuck them both. They can go and jump off a cliff for all I care. Crappy isnt who she used to be... Now shes an insensitive bitch. Not the person I knew. I dont give a flying fuck.