Friday, 20 April 2012

What a Day.

Today was officially my last day at school. And to be completely honest, no matter how crappy my school was, I'll miss it. Well, not the school or the teachers or anything, but the experiences I've had through the school. The friends. All that. I dont know how I felt today after I walked out through the school gates for the last time. It was hard to believe that I probably wouldnt walk through that door the next morning, or even for weeks.

I'll miss school life. How its so easy, without as much work to do. But hey, everyone grows up eventually, don't they?

Its all SO good...


I didn't want to blog about my last day today. I wanted to write about something else. About someone I know. Someone who I haven't known for long, but perhaps, maybe I've known her forever. From some other life. Or maybe from some other dimension. Must be something. No one can just click so fast. There must be something, some sort of connection.

It all happened so fast, and is happening fast. I don't know if I can control it, or even if I want to. Who knows of tomorrow? Live like there's no tomorrow. Make the most out of any opportunity you get. You never know, tomorrow may be something you never expected.

Yeah, I'm never expressive face-to-face. Not as much anyway. But here is one place where I can let it all out. Emotions, feelings, blaaah deee booo. Everything. All I want to say right now, is that what happened today is indescribable. I don't know if there are words. If there are, I wish my vocabulary was that widespread, so I'd be able to describe it. Or maybe the words just haven't been invented yet.

I just know that I loved every bit of it.