Sunday, 24 April 2011

"The Necklace of Immortality" (Original narrative by me :D)

Long ago, when the world was a very dark place, life was scarce and survival was difficult, a gift was sent down to man by the Gods above. The sky was full of light, there was a whiteout and an object resembling very much to a  fireball, crashed to the surface of the earth. When man discovered this mysterious object, all that was left of it was a simple rock.
The old man who had found it decided to keep it, since it was the only rock present in an enormous crater. After days of having it in his possession, he discovered that his sickness had gone. He never felt pain and didnt get any sort of injury no matter what happened. He realized that it was the stone that caused this; ever since he possessed it, he had become invincible. He decided to keep it; with zeal, he fixed it into a necklace and never took it off.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I am his descendant. I, am the emperor of my kingdom and the Necklace of Immortality had been taken from my grandfather. It has been a century since it was taken, and our attempts to earn it back have all ended in failure. The man who wrongfully took it from my grandfather is still very much alive and kicking. He is still the ruler of his kingdom, and he has been emperor since before my grandfather's death.
I too, wanted to know how it felt like to be indestructible, to be incorruptible, to be the master of all. Most importantly, I wanted to regain my forefathers' glory. I wanted my family to be pompous of what we once had. Therefore I took an oath to spend my entire life trying to regain the glory we had in the past.
Our land, our empire, used to be more vast than any other, but since we lost the necklace, the empire shrunk to nothing but a few miles of land, which too was in danger.

Every morning, when my eyes opened, I woke up with determination to develop my grand plan to earn back the necklace. Unlike Zheng, the wrongful owner, I will not steal it. I will win it back, with honour, even if I die trying. My advisers kept telling me it was impossible, he was immortal and he forgot what death or even pain was.
I did not listen; I knew that nothing was impossible. If such a necklace could exist, and if it could be stolen, there was no reason why it couldn't be earned back.
Rumour had it that the only reason Zheng had not destroyed my empire completely was because he was in love with my sister, Julia. My advisor had shown me written evidence, and I couldnt resist but come up with the most brilliant plan. My secret agent had retrieved one of Zheng's old journals, which he took secretly from him. It had said that he only took off the necklace before his sleep, because if he wore it during his sleep, he would lose his sense of humanity. It had also said that he would only wish to die with Julia, because of his love for her.
Upon hearing this, Julia did not hesitate; she traveled to Zheng's empire. She too, was as determined as I was to earn our pride. She wrote letters every month, telling me the progress of how close she was to our goal. For six long months, I had my army ready. My whole army; the old, the young, the experienced and the new, were looking forward to give their contribution in establishing our old empire. It had taken her six months to earn Zheng's trust. She mentioned that even though he loved her more than anything in the world, he needed to see if she wouldn't betray him. She had told him that she ran away from my empire because she too, was in love with him. He believed her after six months of observing her and spending time with her, and now, I was extremely close to regaining the necklace, I could feel it...

One night, I found my agent breathless, knocking on my door. He informed me that Julia was planning to replace the necklace with an identical one that night. I made up my mind before he could continue speaking. I got my army ready in three hours, and I did not march, but I traveled quietly with my men, hiding our equipment. The element of surprise was all I had if my sister would fail.

It was very dark when we arrived. Everyone was asleep, the whole empire was silent. Taking out the night guardians secretly, was simple. As soon as we managed to climb the walls and infiltrate their palace,  I knew that we weren't going to fail. No one would have expected this... It was perfect.
We raided the rooms, my men started brutally killing everyone. I, on the other hand, waited patiently for Zheng to come out. His army tried to fight back, to resist, but the element of surprise was overwhelming. They were unprepared, and they wouldn't expect such an inferior empire to attack such a powerful one.
Finally, I heard the General, Kahn, scream, "Master Zheng! We are all saved!"
I saw him, standing in only his clothes for sleeping. What a fool he was, I thought to myself. I saw the brilliant replica of the necklace my sister had made, hanging from his neck, all the way down to his chest. With no hesitation, I lifted my spear, and threw it straight at him, with all my might. He smiled, and didn't move an inch, because he was so confident that the spear could do him no harm.
After the spear pierced his skin, his facial expression completely changed. He lost his facial colour, became pale and expressionless. In awe, he slowly looked down and saw the thick red liquid ooze out of his wound. He then slowly looked at his palace, and a tear dropped down from his eye. He fell, almost suddenly, and was lifeless.
With pride, glory and great self-motivation, I hurried up the castle. My mission was yet to be successful. As I opened Zheng's door, I saw Julia, sitting on the bed, smiling with a silver ornament in her hand. It was the necklace, the goal that I had achieved. My life's mission was over. I was now, finally, master of all.

Hope you like it :)