Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Exceeds Expectations?

Today was quite... how should I describe it? It was quite odd, shocking, and fun at the same time. Some of you may already know that I went on a family picnic today, again.

It started when I was forcefully woken up at 7 AM, when my dad said that I should wake up if I want to have the time of my life. To be honest, I HATE waking up early, and sleeping early. Its in my nature to sleep and wake up late. Dont know why, but that's how I roll. So, anyway, I decided to stay in bed until like, 7:30, obviously, since 'the time of my life' didn't interest me at all. That was when my dad threw a tantrum, because apparently I usually have 'no interest' in family. I DO. Thing is, I think going for a picnic in the middle of nowhere is pointless. We can easily go to a farmhouse in Karachi, or the outskirts, instead of all the way to Gharo. But anyway, it was going to happen, and I had to go, so I decided on getting up, and getting ready etc.

After we left, the ride wasn't as long and as terrible as I thought it would be, because I managed to take a nap for about an hour :D. Soon, we got to the place. It was... not as bad as I thought it would be. Since my expectations were SO low, the actual place seemed nice, and not a place where I would get bored. It had a cricket pitch with a ground (sand, ofcourse), it had large empty rooms, sofas, beds, a fridge and a dining table too.
I went there with my Khala (Aunt-Mom's sister) and Khalu (Her husband) and with a few of my cousins. They weren't annoying children, so my time there wasn't as bad.

But. Something over there was just excruciating. What I saw, what I then did after seeing what I saw. My goodness... I still can't believe I did.
Dont know what I'm talking about? Ofcourse you dont. Ever seen an extremely filthy swimming pool? Yeah you can guess by now.

Disgusting much?!

Ergh... After I saw it, I was like, "There is no way in hell that I am going to touch this water. No. NEVER."
Next thing you know, I see my Khalu and Uncle diving in. But ofcourse, not immediately. It was filtered a little more. A LITTLE. For me, this... this... THING needed to be completely drained and refilled. But apparently that would take too long. And my relatives couldn't wait. This pool was SO maila, I wouldn't even want to know of what would have been in there. I mean, it was GREEN for Godssake! Gah...

Anyway, MY DAD soon went in. It was horrible. Then my brother... my cousins... I was extremely shocked at the comfort of everyone in there. Including my DAD. And my brother, who I thought was LIKE me, until that very moment. Soon, I could hear people saying, "Asif is a wussy! Asif is a wussy!"
And things like:
"Oye! Get your ass in here! Its not as bad as you think. Dont be a pussy man!"
"If you dont get in here now, we'll MAKE YOU."

None of those worked though... except when someone said,
"Omg, dude, I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO GET IN HERE." And, after that, I almost had enough. I decided against my will, and got into my shorts. Finally, I jumped in.

It was cold. So, so, SO cold. I was freezing, and I couldn't see ANYTHING under water. Nothing. Which scared me more. Who knows what kind of crap would be down there, literally? Anyway, after my emergence, (Cant believe I actually said ''my emergence'', LOLOL) I started getting used to the coldness, but not the 'Yuck-ness'. Although I couldn't see anything particularly dirty besides the gruesome green colour, I was still freaked out. Maybe it was because while it was being drained, a dead centipede was taken out. A CENTIPEDE.


But the cleaner-person-man said that now it was perfectly clean and it was only green because of the translucent roof which was green. Pretty scientific for a cleaner-person-man.
So, after a few laps, and a bit of swimming, I was relaxed, and I actually started to enjoy myself. Surprising.
After swimming, we ate BEEF KARAHI :D One of my favourite dishes. Which really made me happy.


And since the weather was getting better, my mood got better. Soon after lunch, we played cricket, which was a lot of fun too since everyone played; my uncles, my dad, my cousins, my brother, and myself.

After that, we got really dirty, and sweaty and stuff, so we jumped in the yuck pool again! Which was apparently supposed to make us clean? Oh, the irnoy.

When it was around 4 30 pm, we had showers, and left. I slept throughout the return trip, and had a good time. I had Chai (Tea) at one of those Dhabas (Small-Tea-Cafes?) too. And I NEVER have tea. I guess today was just weird, wasn't it?

At the end of the day, I had a REALLY great time. I guess my dad was right after all. I probably didn't have the time of my life, but it was a hell of a picnic, and I enjoyed myself more than I had ever imagined.

And to think of being exhausted, psh. I got home at around 7 15, and almost immediately, I went to my football training at the Rahat Stadium, came home at 9 45, and slept at 2.

All in all, great day. And now, I leave you with this...