Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I... can never ever be the same.

You know, sometimes you have that ONE experience that changes you forever. No matter how big or small of an experience it may be, sometimes, it can completely change you. It can be anything... Something someone said to you (HAS to be very effective and meaningful for you), an event, maybe something life risking, a girl...
"Im caught inside the memories, our promises, our yesterdays, and I belong to you
I can never be the same, not after loving you"
Maybe love, but yeah. My point is, sometimes experiences can change you into who you are now. Happens way too often...

Weird ass feeling.

Argh. Ive had this feeling for ages now. Its so goddamn weird. Its like, I WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. But then, I dont. I dont because its so... time consuming, but then again. Its worth it if the persons alright. But the fact that you dont know for sure is a little disturbing. It makes you hesitant. Its also hectic to be so... committed to one person the whole time, isnt it? I mean, most people want all the attention to themselves. People dont want their partner being with anyone else more than themselves, which is so annoying and wrong. I mean, its not like you'll leave your friends just because of your girlfriend or boyfriend... right? Its socially wrong. Your friends would them start drifting away, and they'd hate you. I mean, I haven't had a girlfriend for over a year now. Im 17.
But wow, the feeling when you know you have someone who likes, or even loves you for who you are is awesome. It makes you feel special. Knowing that when you're hurt, or in pain, you can call that one person and know that she'll/he'll understand you makes you feel fine all the time.
I could go on for ages, but then I dont have the time. Rofl.

Breaking Benjamin

This band, for many of you may be very aggressive, scream-o-type, but for me, its neither. Its a band that displays anger, emotion and deep meaning through their songs. Read between their lyrics… You’ll most probably find something that you can relate with, I’ll bet you a 100 bucks on that, because anger, hate, aggression, rage, etc is something experienced by every person on this planet, no matter how calm. EVERY ONE OF YOU must have felt like breaking something, or someone someday, and after listening to ANY Breaking Benjamin song, you’d probably feel better.
IF you dont listen to their music, please do, especially if you like rock.
Whenever I’m depressed, upset, angry, or sad, listening to their songs ALWAYS cheers me up, it makes me feel better. Rather than going to that best friend first for advice, I go to my MP3 player, and plug in a Breaking Benjamin song, like Dear Agony, Give Me A Sign, What Lies Beneath, etc, which calms me down.

I Like Chocolate Milk

First ever concert experience...

Believe it or not, my first proper concert experience was just a few days ago. I went to a Linkin Park concert when I was 11, but then I was a kid, so it doesnt count. Now, at 17, i went to my first proper concert. And all I can say is, fucking wow. The whole feeling of just standing there, screaming out the lyrics at the top of your lungs in hopes that people know that you know the lyrics, is fucking awesome. Plus, watching a live celebrity sing your favourite songs, its so amazing. And the whole experience lasts for such a short time, you always wana go again and again and again...
And the crowd that comes, its just the kind of people who you can relate to and you can have fun with. Its because they like the kinda music you like, and music makes weirdass connections between people, which are usually the type where people find many things in common with each other.
All in all, LOVED IT.

Screw Stereotypes

I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Simple as that.