Monday, 3 September 2012

I'll Miss You More Than Anything. Ever.

Hey guys, this post is entirely for the girl I love. So please, dont mind if I've been a little off in it and if I haven't paid attention to any of you.

*                                                                 *                                                                     *                      

Can you believe it? How everything happened and turned out so perfect, yet now you have to go? I cant either. I was in denial for the past few weeks. It hit me today. When I realized I was seeing you for the last time before you go. Hopefully not forever.

You know I wont leave you right? I hope you do. After all that we've been through. After all that has happened. I cant. Even if I tried I wont be able to. Its just not possible. You've changed my life. And I know I've changed yours too. It was never meant to be, really. But its funny how it completely turned itself around, and now its anything but 'not meant to be'. Yeah, all of this may sound a little cliched. But I dont care because I cant think straight right now. The thought of you 'going away forever' has been torturing me ever since I knew. And now its right in my face.

I FINALLY found someone who I KNOW I can go a long way with. But now she has to go away. Why? This is so unfair. Very unfair.

Ofcourse we can make this work. Ofcourse we can! Its the same country. Its not like you're going to the other end of the world. Even then I guess we could. I just dont want you away from me. I'm so used to being around you. Your aura, I love it. I love your sweet scent. Your touch. Those are the things without which I'll feel incomplete.

Technology has moved so forward now, I can see you through my Tab. While walking around at home! But its the fact that I wont be able to hug you. Or hold you or tickle you to make you laugh haha...

I love you and everything about you and nothing can change that. No person, thing or place can. No distance can. I'll always be with you. <3

I know today was 'apparently' the last time we met in Karachi. But lets not call it that. Lets be optimistic. I'll see you again. I know I will. Somehow I'll come to you or you'll come to me. Just never give up on me. I'll miss your amazing smile. That face you make when we look at each other, its so cute! I'll miss it. All of it. So much.

People say long-distance never works out. But I think its time to prove them wrong. What we have. Its special. And oh God. All the stuff you made for me. NOBODY has ever done so much. You have no idea how special you make me feel. You made me cards and a 100 page BOOK! I cant believe it.

Your amazing stuffff:

I loved this card. To bits and pieces.

The card you made for our 5th month. <3
And the stuff you gave meee <3

The book you made for me. I have no words for this. So much effort. Wow.

Our amazing Photobooth session! <3

I'll keep all of this forever and everrrrrrrrrrrr! And I hope you liked what I made for you too, it was the best I could do. <3 :*

I will never forget all the memories. They're printed in the back of my mind and will always stay there. Best days of my life I've had. With you and only with you.

Love you forever. <3