Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Friend #466325

I remember the first time I talked to you was back in '07 I think... It was when I randomly added you on Facebook, you were like 'um who r u' and I was like, 'someone :p' Lmao and I sorta freaked you out. But then I told you I was a guy from your class, and we started talking a bit. Then the funniest thing happened. A few months after I knew you, I sorta had a crush on you. And to be honest, I may say that it was a little crush but I like to sort of deny it :P Now that I remember properly, it was a huge crush hahah. Psh. But you rejectedd meee. Lol and it was mainly because at that time, I was sort of shallow. And you were super cute. Meh, who cares now though. We were kids rofl.
Anyway, upto around 2 years back, you werent so... idk, frank with me :P That was probably because well, idk, cuz we didnt know e.o for long. But now, well. I can say that I trust you quite blindly. I can and I do tell you everything without hesitation. You do too, I think :P I mean, Im so glad that you dont hesitate in telling me how you feel and your problems and stuff. I feel special, that you trust mee :), its been around 4 years now. So yeah, that was probably bound to happen. But see, the thing is, I knew loads of people back then too. But now, I dont even remember their names. You were one of the few who was a friend I was lucky to have, and thanks so much for being one <3
I just hope it would be possible for me to attend your engagement and wedding. It'll be such a special day for you AND me :') I'll be so proud. Lol, admit it or not, Ive ALWAYS been supportive throughout your relationship okay :P
And again, thanks so much for all the support you have given me too :/ I dont know if I would be the same, without you in my life :/ I just wish I was in Dubai again. I'd come to that sweet 16th you were planning. But I guess you couldnt call the people you wanted.
Oh and, COME TO KHI :P It'll be so awesome I swear. A levels with U know who hahaha. :) But oh well, life isnt that awesome :P
Anyway, I hope you like my blog about you. I meant every bit I said/wrote :)
P.S. you;re on the top 5 of the "awesomest people I know" which maakes you, pretty awesome.