Friday, 10 June 2011

Summer Plans; Football, Friends, and more.

Ever since the 24th May (Day of my freedom), I have been immensely excited and tumultuous about the summer, and what I'd do in it. So, I shall blogz about it, so you guys can know about it too, and so I can sort all of these planned activities out.

First of all, as soon as the minute hand of the clock hit 3:30, there was an enormous smile on my face, regardless of how Islamiat paper 2 went. Sort of like this:

Oh and, if you're thinking this smiley face is winking, its not. I was practically twitching with excitement.
I knew instantly, that I MUST party to celebrate. I MUST. So I decided to go out with my friends to the beach! We had fun there, then went to a cafe, and chilled for a few hours. It was good fun! Especially because it was just the good friends together, the ones with which you'd be able to talk about personal stuff *wink*.

Anyway, now to talk about what I PLAN to do. What I was most excited about was football. Its my favourite sport, pastime, hobby, or whatever you may call it. I LOVE it. Its loads of fun, good for fitness and stamina, and where I play, you could probably make really good, new friends.
So anyway, I joined Zamzama United a few months back, but I was off for study leave. But since the summer started, I started training again. And mind you, it has been SO much fun. So basically, I plan to continue it for the rest of the summer, since there will be tournaments, and more matches against other clubs. Its only the 9th June, and I've already played so many matches. Its exciting!

(Click the picture to see it enlarged, and read what it says!)

Alright, next is the friends coming here, to Karachi. Particularly, my best friend from Dubai, where I moved here from without choice. Ive known him since the 6th grade, and its been a whole year, and I haven't hung out with him. Its going to be so much fun, since we live in the same area! Co-incidence? I think not!
Its going to be great I hope, because I drive, and I can show him around, and we can have fun, like old times again! :D
Also, a couple more of my friends are coming in July, which will ALSO be a lot of fun.
Last, but definitely not the least, my Nani (Grandmother) and my favourite, and only Mamu (Uncle) are going to come! I havent seen them either for a whole year. Ah, when was summer ever this exciting?

Other random things that MIGHT happen this summer, include; me giving tuitions. Basically, I want to make some money during this summer. Make it fruitful y'know? And I like kids :D So I wont mind teaching them either. Thing is, very few people send their kids for tuitions during the summer, so I wont have so much of an opportunity. So, if any of you know any kids who need tuitions, tell me in the comments!
Also, I'm not at all sure about it, but I might go to Lahore. I just might. I eavesdropped on one of my parent's conversations *teeeheee*, and I heard them talking about visiting Lahore! And Ive heard its a pretty nice place, so I wouldn't mind going there at all. Last time I went there, I was around nine, so I dont remember that much.

So yeah, thats pretty much all of it. OH and, people, we need a blogger meet up! Us teens only! Lets plan this and make it as much fun as possible!

I shall now leave you with this super inspirational, awesome picture.