Saturday, 25 June 2011

Not Good Enough? I Dont Think So

When was the last time someone told you you're not good enough? When was the last time someone said they didn't like you because you're just not likable?
If you haven't been told that yet, well, excellent, but when was the last time you thought to yourself that you weren't good enough? Everyone has probably thought so, at some point in their lives.
I know how it feels like. It makes you feel empty inside. It makes you feel worthless, useless, hopeless. It makes you feel dumb, alienated and tense. I've thought so too. Think to yourself though, was it worth it? Was simply presuming and concluding that you're not 'good enough' worth all the stress? Of course, the obvious answer is no. It wasn't.

You ARE good enough. You ARE likable. No matter who you are.

Everyone in this world is imperfect. Its a fact. So, if you're looking for perfection, stop, because thats a never ending quest. I may sound ridiculous when I say this, but NO ONE is simply 'Not good enough'. The term of just not being good enough should be shunned! Seriously. These thoughts flood people's hearts and heads and lead to useless depression and long-term desolation.

Everyone is 'good enough.' Everyone.

You know, I used to like Lady Gaga before, when she released her top singles like 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face' etc. But I didn't like her since the 'Alejandro' phase. But now, after I heard 'Born This Way', well, it really put a huge smile on my face. We are ALL beautiful in our ways, because ofcourse, God can never make a mistake. So, so rightfully said.

Listen to it here:

  Download this mp3 from

So my fellow bloggers, please please never consider yourself as 'Not good enough', because to me, all of you are more than good enough. Everybody has something unique about themselves, something different. And they're all imperfectly perfect in their own way.

I just felt like letting this out. As usual, I MUST leave you with a picture.

Clearly, we all can see this cat is good enough for about almost everything. However, it curses all those who call it otherwise.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Irrevocably. Pissed. Off.

First of all, I'd really like to apologize about being inconsistent while blogging. But honestly, it isn't my fault. As much as I wanted to blog, and as much as I wanted to be very creative and entertain you guys, I didn't get the chance to, thus, the pissed off-ness, as you can see by the blog title.

I am currently feeling like this.

The reason why I'm pissed off as fuck would probably be known by the people who live in Phase 6, Khayaban-e-Muhafiz. Some people might call what happened with me, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', but this isn't fucking Lemony Snicket's book. This is real life. Shit like this ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

Ok, anyway. Coming back to my senses, (im not really back to my senses, that was a formality) it all started 2 days and 3 nights back. It was 9pm, and the load shedding was expected. So, as usual, the electricity went out. No panic, just the usual; walk to my lawn, and turn on the generator. Guess what? Its not working. And for some stupid reason, the generator mechanic person is unavailable, apparently because its around 9:10 at night. So, we decide to call him the next day, since the electricity only goes out for about an hour, and it would be back at 10:15 tops. But this isn't supposedly called 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' for no reason. Its 'A Series'. So, the electricity didn't show its precious ass until 3:30 am at night.
Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't care because the TV would be on, I wouldst be bored as hell, and I wouldn't feel like melting, because the generator would be ON. But now, it wasn't. And ofcourse, after so many hours, the UPS (Urgent Power Supply) ran out of battery. How convenient isn't it? Well anyway, when the electricity did finally show up at 3:30 am, it stayed till exactly 3:31 am. Yes. Im not kidding. I dont kid when I'm pissed. IT GAVE ME UNNECESSARY HOPE.

Then it finally came (for good) at 4:40 am. I hadn't slept at all till then. Since I can't sleep in this summer heat. I doubt any of you can. Anyway, I finally walked into my room, exhausted, closed the door, turned on the fan, and finally, switched the AC on. I lied down, feeling all cozy and comfy. I didn't realize until fifteen minutes after that it was STILL extremely hot. I wondered why. So, I managed to get out of bed, which is REALLY difficult when you're all cozy. I reached out for the place where the air came out of the AC. The air was room temperature. I found out it wasn't working.

Honestly, if you think the fuckery is over, its not.

I then slept in my parents room on a mattress on the floor, EXTREMELY restlessly. I ended up waking up at 9 am, having just four hours of sleep. The next day, I hoped to nap in my parents room on their actual bed, but the stupid electricity went out at 12pm. Right after breakfast. And it didn't show up until 4 pm. AND the generator mechanic was STILL unavailable. So anyway, barely awake, I crawl into my parents bedroom, and take a short nap of only an hour, and realize what wakes me up is the electricity gone, again. Unbelievable, I know. It ends up coming at 8, and then goes at 9 again. And then it comes at 1 am. I then finally sleep, again on a mattress in my parent's bedroom, on the floor, feeling extremely uncomfortable.
I wake up at 6 am, realizing that the electricity had gone again, and at this point, I seriously felt like blowing KESC (Karachi Electricity Supply Company) up. The electricity finally came at 1pm, but I couldn't sleep because I had chores and housework to do. And yes, to whoever who thinks its lame, I dont give a shit. Its my responsibility that I HAVE to carry out. Otherwise my parents will be on each and every nerve of mine. And trust me, humans have loads.
Anyway, I was finally free at around 6 pm. I turned on the computer after almost 2 whole days, and as soon as it turned on, BANG, POOF. Its all dark again...again...AGAIN! GAH.

Anyway, it finally came at 8. And then went again at 9. And then came at 10. Then went at 10:40. Hope you're following me. Then it goes till 12 am. Then I finally lie down, relax for about half and hour, and put on a movie on TV. It almost about an hour and a half into it, near the climax. And then POOF. Lights out again. This was the worst. Because it didn't come until 12 the next day. Which means it was out for 11 hours. ELEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS. So basically, I had no sleep.And then, I slept at 12, and woke up at 3.

And then I slept again at 5 and woke up at 8. The generator mechanic finally comes at 9pm, AFTER 3 days. THREE WHOLE DAYS. And then, as soon as he comes, fixes the generator, the electricity doesnt go at all. Now, I'm extremely glad and thankful it doesn't. HONESTLY I AM. But what the fuck? Seriously? So basically, this is what happened: There was no electricity for the 3 days in my life when my generator wasn't working. Our of 365 days, the 3 days where there was no light all night everyday had to be the 3 when my generator wasn't functioning.
Speaking of torture...

Anyway. I shall probably sleep now while I have the chance to. Goodnight people!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We all love horror movies, dont we? If any of you dont, well its probably either because you're too scared to go through one, or because you're just boring. No offense. And I'm not talking about those lame horror movies with  lame concepts of terror and fear. Movies like Dreamcatcher aren't real horror. Im talking about The Exorcist (the old one), Paranormal Activity, The Grudge, etc. Currently, I am sitting in a dark room, at 3 am, refusing to look behind me because my mind is flooded with pictures of those movies, screenshots of fear. And yeah call me a wussy as you may, but honestly, these kind of movies, IF taken seriously, can really scare the shit out of you.
And the worst part is, the movie you watched can never be forgotten. The whole concept of 'scare' and all of those scenes where you'd pop open your eyelids and drop your jaw would still be imprinted in your head.

 I remember I watched Paranormal Activity alone, in the dark, on a flat-screen TV, a big one that is, at 2 am. I mean, whats the fun in watching a horror movie without it being dark and late at night? Doesn't have to be alone though. You could watch it with a couple of friends or cousins. But a dark and 'late-night' atmosphere MUST be maintained. So anyway, I WAS ALONE. And yeah, whenever something crept up the couple's bed, it felt like something was touching me gently too. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I take these things wayy too seriously. And then, the usual, not-being-able-to-sleep-because-the-troll/monster/ghost-under-my-bed-will-eat-me-if-my-eyes-are-not-open follows.

Also, The Exorcist was something that surprised me, and exceeded my expectations. Since it was released in 1973, my parents ALWAYS spoke about it, and they always said that no movie could ever match its concept of fear and scaring people. I always disagreed, making the excuse that the effects will be dumb because its an old movie. So, we decided to watch it one day. Ofcourse, the dark, late-night atmosphere was maintained. I was feeling just like this:

But after I started watching the movie, I started to feel like this:

So yeah, the movie did really impress me, and scare the shit out of me. Mainly because its the sort of horror which is POSSIBLE in real life. People DO get possessed. Ofcourse, there's no such thing as souls possessing them, its Jins.

Also, The Grudge was also one of the scariest movies Ive seen. Its also pretty realistic, because there is a such thing as a haunted house. The whole idea of the ghost haunting you until you die, no matter where you go, is REALLY scary.


Ok bye :D

Friday, 10 June 2011

Summer Plans; Football, Friends, and more.

Ever since the 24th May (Day of my freedom), I have been immensely excited and tumultuous about the summer, and what I'd do in it. So, I shall blogz about it, so you guys can know about it too, and so I can sort all of these planned activities out.

First of all, as soon as the minute hand of the clock hit 3:30, there was an enormous smile on my face, regardless of how Islamiat paper 2 went. Sort of like this:

Oh and, if you're thinking this smiley face is winking, its not. I was practically twitching with excitement.
I knew instantly, that I MUST party to celebrate. I MUST. So I decided to go out with my friends to the beach! We had fun there, then went to a cafe, and chilled for a few hours. It was good fun! Especially because it was just the good friends together, the ones with which you'd be able to talk about personal stuff *wink*.

Anyway, now to talk about what I PLAN to do. What I was most excited about was football. Its my favourite sport, pastime, hobby, or whatever you may call it. I LOVE it. Its loads of fun, good for fitness and stamina, and where I play, you could probably make really good, new friends.
So anyway, I joined Zamzama United a few months back, but I was off for study leave. But since the summer started, I started training again. And mind you, it has been SO much fun. So basically, I plan to continue it for the rest of the summer, since there will be tournaments, and more matches against other clubs. Its only the 9th June, and I've already played so many matches. Its exciting!

(Click the picture to see it enlarged, and read what it says!)

Alright, next is the friends coming here, to Karachi. Particularly, my best friend from Dubai, where I moved here from without choice. Ive known him since the 6th grade, and its been a whole year, and I haven't hung out with him. Its going to be so much fun, since we live in the same area! Co-incidence? I think not!
Its going to be great I hope, because I drive, and I can show him around, and we can have fun, like old times again! :D
Also, a couple more of my friends are coming in July, which will ALSO be a lot of fun.
Last, but definitely not the least, my Nani (Grandmother) and my favourite, and only Mamu (Uncle) are going to come! I havent seen them either for a whole year. Ah, when was summer ever this exciting?

Other random things that MIGHT happen this summer, include; me giving tuitions. Basically, I want to make some money during this summer. Make it fruitful y'know? And I like kids :D So I wont mind teaching them either. Thing is, very few people send their kids for tuitions during the summer, so I wont have so much of an opportunity. So, if any of you know any kids who need tuitions, tell me in the comments!
Also, I'm not at all sure about it, but I might go to Lahore. I just might. I eavesdropped on one of my parent's conversations *teeeheee*, and I heard them talking about visiting Lahore! And Ive heard its a pretty nice place, so I wouldn't mind going there at all. Last time I went there, I was around nine, so I dont remember that much.

So yeah, thats pretty much all of it. OH and, people, we need a blogger meet up! Us teens only! Lets plan this and make it as much fun as possible!

I shall now leave you with this super inspirational, awesome picture.

Monday, 6 June 2011


By reading the title of my blog, screenshots and clips from the movie "Limitless" must probably be popping in your head, thats IF you have seen the movie. If you haven't, I recommend, actually, no, I ORDER you to see it NOW. Well, after reading my post (no spoilers).


Have you ever imagined how it would be? To be the best possible version of yourself? I have. It feels like it would be amazing. To never lose concentration, to have a HUNDRED percent efficiency. To never make a mistake. To never be confused. To be able to access ANY part of your mind, at any given situation. To know what to do, whenever, wherever, without error.

And you may think that all of that sounds robotic, BUT, watch the movie. Its nothing like that. And to think of the fact that we only access around 10-15% of our brain. I dont even know if thats an indubitable fact. Thing is, it MUST be true, because every few seconds, we DO tend to forget about what we JUST planned to do, maybe its just me, but its odd how people sort of saunter away from what they were just thinking about.
And, this ability to access everything in your brain, isnt being a super genius who'd know everything. Its just being the perfection version of yourself. Its just knowing every single thing you've ever seen, studied, read or even glanced at in your life. Its about remembering everything you have come across in your life. No superpowers, just a key to unleash your mind.

Super brains ftw

 I, to be honest, would LOVE it. I would love to be able to speak my mind, and to be 100% efficient. Because I believe that each and everyone of us is smart. Its just the things that we are interested in differ. The whole stereotype of being smart just because you get grades is absurdity. Everyone is smart in their own way, its just that some people dont have the confidence or the memory to express what they know. I think it would be brilliant if we would be able to do so.
 I would love to be able to grasp new and difficult things with great ease; many people say that its always hard to learn a new language when you're old. Thats because when we get old, we get used to the things that we do quite commonly in our lives, i.e. speak. Children on the other hand, can easily learn a new language. Imagine, being able to learn something so difficult, with no problems.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

ALSO, one more thing I was just wondering about. I was just watching Back To The Future a few days back. In part 2, they show the people who went to the future, and saw flying cars in 2011 and 2012. Odd isn't it? We are SO close to getting flying cars and all of that futuristic crap (Insert sarcasm here). I hope flying cars are invented during some point in my life. Imagine driving something like this:

Wow? I know. *Sigh* Ah, sad, how we always want what we dont have, and how we get sick of what we do have.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Random Post: Underage technology, award, followers.

A kid with an iPhone. 
You know, I have ALWAYS wondered, thought, pondered, speculated, that WHY is the generation of today so much more privileged than us when we were their age? I guess the answer is, however, right in front of us. Development of technology. Yes, we didnt have iPhone 4's or, Blackberrys or iPads or Playstation 3s or Xbox 360's or Facebook or Twitter or anything of that sort when we were ten. Or even twelve. These things came now, when we're apparently at the acceptable, responsible age to own those extravagant devices, or have accounts on social media.  The question is, WHY do eight year olds of today own MP3 players, or iPods, or Blackberrys, or even have a Facebook acocunt? WHY? I dont get it. When we were their age, we never owned such expensive novelties. Seriously.
 Just a few days back, a 9 year old cousin of mine was BEGGING me to make her a Facebook account. I honestly thought, that WHAT would a nine year old do with a Facebook account? I dont get it. I had a Facebook account when I was 13. I think, let me know if you differ, but I think that a person should have a Facebook account around the age of 12, minimum. Getting into social media so early may be harmful and wrong for someone so young. And frankly, kids on Facebook annoy the crap out of me. Little kids go ON and ON and ON about how much they love Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus,  etc. and they try to PROVE that they are actually talented, and people love them. They also post annoying statuses which flood the newsfeeds. And why do I have them on my list? Because they are my cousins. Or because they are/were in my school, and begged me to add them so they could have more 'friends'. I dont get it; WHY does having more friends on Facebook apparently make you 'cooler' and more popular? Thats what stupid kids think. And hey, dont get me wrong, I dont hate kids or anything, they're hilarious, cute, and fun to be around, but when it comes to social media and technology, they're annoying as hell.

                                      I just dont get it.

I remember, a few days back, I was at my football stadium, where I train at, and these two kids were talking to eachother about their iPhones. At first, I thought they were just lying, and showing Douche-ism, but then, one of them took one out of their pockets. AN iPHONE 4. THATS SO EXPENSIVE. What kind of parents in their right minds would buy their 11 year old son an iPhone 4. Shit.
A younger cousin of mine, who is really rich, has apparently misplaced an iPhone 3gs, a Blackberry Curve, AND a Nokia C3. Hes only 12. AND FOR SOME REASON, his parents continue to buy him expensive phones, and he continues to be irresponsible.

Anyway, hope you get my point. Kids these days get way more than they can handle. We never got that much when we were their age. But these kids will probably also rant about how much more they should've gotten when they're seventeen when they see other twelve year olds get whatever they want. And people who were seventeen, and we were ten, probably ranted about us getting it all... how typical.

Oh and also, HELLO new followers :D Yayy, 18 followers! I never thought I'd get so many so fast :D I love you guys! And I promise I shall be consistent, and try my best to keep you entertained with my posts. *HUGE SMILE*

Oh and also, I'd like to give my first award. Its the "Best follower" award. And the award goes to...

Furree Katt !

A round of applause! Yes, and she gets this award because she IS the best follower. She herself has like a bazillion followers, but she is awesome enough to still keep up with everyone she is following, and that is A LOT of people. She was basically one of my first followers, and I credit most of my blogging interest and ideas to her! Be sure to check her out! You will never get bored reading her blogs, trust me.

Well, I best be going to sleep now. It is 3 48 AM, and I am barely awake. Bye! Take care people!