Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Timeline (Phases & stuff too)

Okay, so most of you probably know what a timeline is. Since I think you should get to know me better, I've set up a timeline of myself! And, being adolescents and stuff, we have our phases. Some embarrassing, some cool, some lame, some funny. Here are most of the phases I had. Hope you enjoy it :)

Okay, so this picture is of when I was born. This is my grandmother! (For the Pakistanis, my Dadi.)

This picture is from when I was around 9-10 months old. Yes, I was very, very chubby. And huge.

Growing up. I think this is one of the only pictures of myself in Kindergarten that I have. Oh, and the other kid, hes my younger brother :) Im on the right, btw.
(7 years old)

My first spiky haircut! (13 years old)

Bangs Phase. Lol, I actually thought this looked good. All i can say is, I was really dumb. Thank God a friend of mine, who I've blogged about here, made me get out of this phase hahaha. (Fourteen years old)

The Hoodie Phase. I got my first ever awesome hoodie as a birthday gift, and I suddenly started to fancy them a lot. Err... yeah dont ask. Lol.

Okay, now, comes a phase which is extremely hard to explain. Do any of you know what Parkour is? Yeah. I had a Parkour phase too. For those of you who dont know, its basically being all daredevil-ish and doing stunts to get past things. Also jumping up and down walls. Yes, pretty much sounds like what a monkey does, but hey, Youtube it, its really cool.

This is a picture of when I was fifteen, from my building, back in Sharjah, UAE.

Okay, now along with the Parkour phase, I had another phase too. This was the "BMX Phase". Now for those of you who dont know what a BMX is, its a stunt bicycle on which you jump things and do cool stuff. Yeah, those were the good old days :/
This was also, when i was fifteen.

Okay, so this is from when I started liking messy hair. Plus, my first shave ! :D

MY FIRST HUUUUUUUGE SLIDE! This was in Atlantis, the best waterpark everrr.

Okay, now comes the time when I got my braces. Yes, its ugly. Its horrifying. Its freaky. But dont worrry, I dont have them anymore, and I now have STRAIGHT teeeeth :D Eeeeh. And yes, the colour is reedddd :D Hahahah

Moving on, the next phase was my "Lame Edits Phase"

Now, this phase took quite a while to go. I dont know why I liked this, but it was REALLY lame.
I think this was when I was about to be 16 in a few weeks.  I also owe my realization of this being lame to the friend I mentioned earlier. :P

Along with my lame edits phase, also came the Beanie Phase. Now, I didnt think it was half bad? Tell me about it in the comments !

Ok, so AFTER this whole phase of the Lame Edits, the Parkour Phase returned! But only for a while. It was when I was in the gym phase too ! But I dont have any gym picturess. But I do have a picture of me jumping over something quite high :) This was when I was sixteen !
Superman Tee Shirt Phase. To be honest, I STILL havent got over this. I love superman shirts. And Superman IS most certainly the greatest fictional hero. :D

The next phase is one of my favourites ! Its the Nerdy Glasses phasee ! :) Haha

Now comes the DSLR Phase. I just started to LOVE the amazing picture quality of the DSLR Camera :P

I am currently still in this phase. Sort of. I mean, I prefer a DSLR now, over any camera. :)

Another one of my phases was the Funny Shirt Phase. Now, I STILL have this shirt. And I HAVE worn it in public :) Its really cool.

The Cowboy-hat Phase ! This only lasted for 3-4 days though lol.

Now comes the Aviators phase. I love these sunglasses ! :D
PS, the guy on the right is a friend of mine :) butt you probably wouldve figured that out. Lol

And lastly, me now, in my sideburns phase. Oh, and I still fancy aviators ! :D

Oh well, thats the end of it finally ! Haha. I hope you liked it ! And please, comment telling me which was your favv phase/timeline picture and why ! Thanks :D