Thursday, 30 August 2012

I am officially a SHARK!

By looking at the title of this post many of you can probably guess that I got into Nixor College! Yes, I'm officially a Shark. Couldn't be happier! Plus, I got in on a scholarship *huge smile*. Anyway, there's a lot of catching up to do, isn't there? Im blogging after nearly a month. Didn't get time during Ramadan, and Eid, but I hope all of you had a great Ramadan and Eid! Because I know I did. 'Twas awesome!

Well, the first and most important day that came since I blogged was 13th August, 2012. Yes, the day many call Judgement day. I was rather excited though, but scared at the same time. Though the fact that it was THE DAY that decides our future, didn't hit me yet. I only realized how important, serious and how nail-biting the situation was when I actually got to my school.

I was anxiously waiting, but when my principal finally told me the result, I was filled with joy. My principal told me that I got 11 straight As, out of which 6 were A*s. I got the highest grades overall in my whole school! :D I was quite happy.
Funny and unexpected part is, my name was all over in Karachi. I came in the news paper on 19th August, in Dawn. My name was also on billboards! It was surprising when my friends told me that they saw my name  on billboards and in the newspaper. 

So after results, it was time to make one of the most important decisions in my life. I had to pick which college I had to go to. I applied to Nixor College and was offered a scholarship, based on the grades. Many people told me to go to KGS. But I didnt because the majority of the people I know take tuitions at KGS. Im the kind of person who never takes tuitions. I mean, whats the point? You pay so much tuition fee at school, and being a good student, you end up taking tuitions yourself? Why not just do everything privately then? At Nixor, students aren't allowed to take tuitions in the first place. And without tuitions, they still end up getting really good grades. Nixor is a world of its own, a place where you can be social and participate in every extra-curricular without being afraid of losing time to study. Thats the kind of school I want and the kind of school I like. So I went for it, and now, I'm officially a SHARK! :D

Just yesterday I went to the Meet and Greet event. It was awesome! The atmosphere was great and everyone was very friendly!

Anyway, its nice to post here again and I'm glad I'm a Shark!

Take care people!