Friday, 27 May 2011


We all have that one person who co-exists among us; that person who loves bragging, boasting, and well, bullshitting. That very person, my friends, is known as a Douchebag. Its usually a he, so I'm going to refer to the general 'Douchebag' term, as a he in this post.
Douchebags sometimes exist peacefully among us, but sometimes they dont. They often get REALLY annoying, but then they are sometimes humorous. If you still dont know who I'm talking about, its that person who would ALWAYS be there, trying to butt in, act cool, show off, and ALWAYS try and make themselves look more important... Yes, whoever you're thinking of now must be the Douchebag who exists in your life; there may be more than one, though. These attention seekers should not be trusted, neither should they be given any further attention too, because all that motivates them is the attention they are getting.

Their attention seeking, false experiences may be interesting, but after a point, it gets SO irritating, you feel like punching them in the face. These Douchebags brag about how they've had a million girlfriends, how they've been with the hottest girls, how they are so 'FILTHY' rich and own their own car, they boast about how they're so tough and have beaten up 10 guys at once with one hand tied behind their back. (I MAY be exaggerating a little bit, but its because of my annoyance.)

Example 1: (At school)

Dude 1: Hey! Duude listen, I was at the cinema, watching Inception yesterday, and I saw Rose, that hot girl from our class. She said HI to me, and we had a long conversation! :D I didnt even think she knew I existed!
Dude 2: WOW, really? Shit man thats awesome :O
Dude 1: I know ri-
Douchebag *Interrupting*: Psh, you mean that girl with the brown hair?! Man, I dated her for 7 months. You guys REALLY need a move on.
Dudes 1 and 2: -___-... Yeah man... Totally.

Example 2: (In college)

Dude 1: Man, my dad just bought me a new car! Im so happy! My first car ever!
Dude 2: Damn! You're lucky man. Im still trying to get my licence. Which car did you get?
Dude 1: A brand new Honda Civic man! Isnt that awesome?
Dude 2: Whoa! Thats so good for a firs-
Douchebag *Interrupting*: A CIVIC? Dude I drove that car when I had my licence a year back. Im driving a BMW 7 series. Check it out sometime eh ;)
Dudes 1 and 2: ...

And, whenever they interrupt like that, you feel like doing this to them:

I hope you get the metaphor.

I hope you guys get the picture now. And the unfortunate fact is that, these Douchebags are impossible to avoid, or to change. Being how they are is in their nature. Why they exist though, no one will ever know.

Oh and, watch this video, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Haha