Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Dimension. A Different World.

Time for another movie influenced post? Yes!

Recently I just went to watch this kick-ass movie, called John Carter. Have you guys watched it? If no, watch it. Now. Just do it. It leaves you thinking. Besides, when does Disney ever make anything that isn't worth watching?

Its basically about this warrior who was in the army, and gets sent to another planet by accident. Pretty good movie, but I didn't want to blog about the movie. It was the thought of being in a different world that came to me, and made me think

Imagine. You are suddenly transported to a totally world that would be totally unapprehended? It could be anything. Another dimension. Planet. Galaxy. Solar system.

Things like these make me ponder about the Bermuda Triangle. Black holes. Where did all those ships go? Where are those people now? Maybe the supernatural things, that are out of our comprehension and are without explanation really exist. Maybe there IS life on mars. Maybe half-nude aliens, running around with sticks and four arms DO exist? (Movie reference. Do not think im crazy!).

Imagine if we actually met them. I'd probably run away. Sometimes, I actually feel like going to places like the Bermuda Triangle. But then you never know what'd happen to you. So it just seems REALLY scary.

What if there were monsters? Monsters that destroyed anything that seemed alien to them. What if there were human-like figures who loved feasting on humans?

Eventhough it sounds ridiculous, we all think about it. Freaks. Monsters. New dimensions. Anti-gravity. Witches under our bed. A face on the window at night, before going to bed. The supernatural will always be interesting, and will not go out of fashion until we completely figure it out. Which is never.

Anyway, hope you liked this post. It was relatively short, because of my relatively short amount of free time. I dont even think I HAVE free time. But I felt like I had to post something. And because a special someone was missing my blogs. So hope you like it!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

But You Didnt Have to Cut Me Out, Make Out Like It Never Happened and That We Were Nothing.

We all have that one friend, or maybe more than one if we're that unlucky, who sooner or later becomes one of the closest people to us. But then, something unfortunate, unintentional, and extremely stupid happens that leads to that friendship meaning NOTHING.

Yeah, some of you may know what I'm talking about, but those who don't, well, you're really lucky. And always be ready. It can happen at any time, any place, or any moment.

The thing is, its happened too many times now. I don't know who to trust anymore. My best friend drowned with his girlfriend's infatuation, and after their break up, he was back to normal. Quite miserable really, until he got over her. He came running back to us then, his ACTUAL friends.

Now, hes got another girlfriend.And hes turning into the same person he was before. We try to tell him. Try to give him advice. We aren't his toys, that he'd just throw away for a girl.This is just ONE situation, and that too, quite minor.

My other friend, who I knew for 4 years, completely erased me from her life just because her boyfriend was against it. Guess those four years of friendship didn't mean shit.

So yeah, we all have those kind of friends. Friends that were never really friends. And to be honest, it hurts. It really does.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Anyway, take care, be happy!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A True Story.

Hey everyone! Hope you've all been awesomely awesome as usual! And hello to my new followers! I know I've probably had a bad impression on all of you by being so inconsistent, but thats only because i've been studying like crazy for my final O' Levels. I just hope I get through with good grades.

Anyway, the reason why I'm especially taking time out today to blog is to update my page AND to give you guys a good post to read. Also, because of a little story my mother told me.


In the present day, fortune-telling has become an industry. In many places, you find these weird people with long beards and eccentric clothes, uttering out crap thats basically staged, over and over again. Women with stupid magic 'balls', cards that would predict the future, etc. These are all scams to earn money. I mean, for entertainment's sake its acceptable, but being accustomed to it? I mean come on. Do you really think if these people would be able to see the future and contact the 'dead', they'd be sitting in a caravan or in a circus, taking money from people to look into their future? People can be so stupid.

I mean seriously, look at that retarded woman. Do you really think she would be able to tell you about your future? All these people do is tell you things that are very obvious and apparent, and fool you with their flattery and end up taking shit loads of money from you.

Anyway, its time for the scary side. I myself never believed in predicting the future until my mom told me a story. A story about one of our own family members, a very old one actually, who had weird visions and was said to be crazy. She was my grandmother's cousin who was orphaned at a young age. What happened was, she started living with my grandmother's family. One night, when she was around seven or eight, she went out to take some water out of the well. Somehow, she fell in. The next day, no one could find her anywhere. People looked everywhere, and my great grandfather was very worried. So my grandmother herself went to the well to get water for him, and found her cousin there, stuck inside, fainted. She quickly ran and called for help. They took her out. Since that day, she started acting very oddly. I mean, she was still normal, but sometimes she had attacks of trauma and panic, and had fits. My mom told me that something weird happened to her that night. Whenever she uttered weird things out of her mouth, people thought it was only because of the severe trauma she faced as a child.

Now, here's what the weird part is. When my mom got engaged to my dad, he went to my grandmother's house to meet the family, etc. He met my grandmother's cousin too. As soon as she saw my dad, she started crying. And everyone was shocked, they kept asking her what was wrong. All she said was 'Nahi, kuch nahi hai. Mujhe chor do.' (Nothing, nothing happened. Leave me alone) With sobs. My mom was really confused.  Soon, she told my grandmother a few days later that the man that she saw was going to be very sick, and his life would never be the same. And my grandmother told her she was crazy, and was just being absurd. Well, in a few weeks my dad had to go to Seychelles for a business trip. There, he was in a huge accident. He lost his front teeth, his knee broke, so did his femur. And this was in 1989, when artificial joints weren't there. He had 18 operations, and more than 150 stitches all over his body. Now he walks without a knee in his right foot.

No matter how hard he'd try, he could never have the same life. He was an amazing sportsman.Used to be a 100m champion, a great cricketer too. But I could never see it. I could never see him run, or sit comfortably. I guess God has His reasons for everything He has done, but I just wished I would have seen my father as he really was. Energetic, alive, vibrant. Ive seen his pictures. Whenever I wanted to go on a rollercoaster, or to play a family game, or whenever there was a Parent's race on sports day, I always saw his face. It wasn't anger or disappointment. It was was plain longing to be able to do something like that. Every man wants to be involved in sports with his son. Its every man's dream, even mine. I would love to spend quality time with my son, if I'd have one, doing sports. But I guess my dad didnt get that chance. Anyway, I just want to say that I love you dad. Regardless of whatever has happened, you are the most awesome dad anyone can ever have. And Im sorry if I was ever rude to you, or mean.

Anyway, coming back to fortune telling. She was right. He was in bed rest for 6 months. I dont know how she saw it. Maybe something hit her right there, something that made her confident that my dad's future was going to be changed.

Doesnt it make you wonder? It certainly made me wonder.

Anyway, hope you liked this post, after so long! Take care!