Thursday, 5 January 2012


Millions of people in this world probably have this resolution for 2012; to keep fit/to become fit or fitter. Being fit is one of the very few things that are extremely essential for life. And everyone has their own way of doing it. Many people resort to the gym, people jog in the mornings, people join fitness clubs, health clubs, or even join YOGA. Believe it or not, yoga keeps you extremely fit, slim and increases your flexibility by a huge margin. Many people start various sport activities, like football, squash, tennis, or badminton. Being more fit is one of my few new year resolutions, so, I started a little thing known as Muay Thai.

I dont expect most of you to know what it is, but in common words, Its Thai Kickboxing. Yes, a martial art. I used to do Kickboxing back in Dubai from the eighth to the tenth grade, and I stopped because I was moving here. I've been out of practice for over a year, but I've finally decided to continue and pursue this passion! Not just to stay fit, but to continue the sport. I started it around a month back, yes, well before 2012, but that was just so I could get into the rhythm. From now on, its going to be a routine! Along with football, kickboxing too was a passion of mine, but I unfortunately had to stop due to the unavailability of the sport. But luckily I found myself a park here, in Karachi, where they have a gym, a running track and everything you need to work out. So, my friends and I decided to go to it every now and then to work out and train amongst ourselves with guidance from people who have experience in the sport.

Believe it or not, its an excellent way to keep fit. I've lost some weight over the past month, and can already see the difference in myself. Its quite excellent, to be honest.

Most of you may think that its a horrible sport, it involves blood, breaking each other's bones, etc etc. Well, I beg to differ. Yes, it may involve those things, but sometimes, considering where we live, we HAVE to know how to protect ourselves. The world as it seems, is not a very nice place.
Also, its not just about self-defence, its about keeping fit, and mainly for men, its a pride thing. To be tough, to be able to protect. I'm not going to be subtle about this, yes, every man wants to be able to protect, to be able to defend and to be tough. Its in our nature, its how we were created.

Besides, it gives you a great physique, and builds your core. It makes you resistant to pain and it makes you patient. Patience is something I need DESPERATELY. I am one of the most impatient individuals you will ever come across, believe me.

Also, it makes you learn cool things like this:


Cool, yes? Haha, I know how to do most of this. Awesome, right? Well, school re-opens tomorrow! Wish me luck! Gah, same old waking up in the morning... How sad. Anyway, see you guys later!