Friday, 8 April 2011

Buuurrrrrrrrjjjjjjjj Dubaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii



This man-made phenomena is something I wanted to visit SO BAD. I JUST HAD TO MOVE TO PAKISTAN. -___________-


I know you guys may be going like, WTF? WHAT THE F**K? Is this guy demented? o: Its *CARTOGAPHY*, not Kartography psh o: Well, only people who’ve read the book, Kartography, would understand. You know, I wouldnt call it the best piece of Literature that I’ve had my hands on, but its definitely a book with which I can relate myself. For you people out there from Karachi, well, WOW, if you havent read this book, you should. No matter how difficult it may be for you to get it, GO OUT THERE AND GET IT. READ IT FOR GODSSAKE. No seriously, read it. Its just, all so true, so “OMG I KNOW THOSE PLACES THAT THE AUTHORS MENTIONING” or, “I KNOW THE SLANG WORDS SHES USING ! I USE THEM!” So yeah. A person who’s been to Karachi would like it too. Not just that though, the story itself is VERY interesting.


Yes yes, we are ALL familiar with this what seems to be just a title. To many of us, actually, ALMOST ALL of us, music is a necessity in life. Whether it may be rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, rap, techno, or even something as shitty as jazz, people MUST listen to it, have preferred artists and bands, preferred musical instruments and preferred genres. I, particularly, like rock, to be more precise, Alternative Rock. And to me, music is just like food, breathing, a necessity in life. If I dont listen to music for more than a day, well, crankyness takes over, and shit you dont wana know.
Many people though, only listen to music to just enjoy the music itself rather than listening to its lyrics. I dont particularly appreciate that, because music isn’t just about its beat, rhythm or its flow, ofcourse, without that its nothing, but music is also about its message and what its about. Without good lyrics, no matter how good the beat would be, the song would be quite shitty. So I believe that, a song with a proper message, and people who listen to music for its beat should try concentrating on its lyrics too. Sometimes, it may change your life, your views, or it may open your mind to something. Music has done that for me, and for many people I know, and have known.

A Blessing In Disguise?

You know that feeling you get when you’ve planned to do something with your friends, whether it may be watching a movie, hanging out, going to each other’s house, or whatever it may be, it would be a plan with friends, and your PARENTS ruin it by not allowing you in the last minute, or by making some family plan and forcing you to go instead? Yeah yeah, THAT feeling, I know what you’re thinking. THAT feeling right there, its a mixture of well, anger, annoyance and irritation. Something similar happened with me, not to long ago.
I was supposed to be at a football match with my friends, and following the match, we would go to a cafe to hang out. We’d planned this for quite a while now, and I was looking forward to it. When the day finally came, well, you can guess now cant you? I was forced to go to this lame-ass park with family instead. Now dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if cousins my age were coming, but NOOOO. You know who came? My old aunts and uncles, the REALLY old ones, and then cousins who were not more than eight or nine years old. Now bear in mind, I’m almost seventeen, what on earth would I DO? I got really annoyed, complained a lot, but I was STILL forced to go, I still dont understand why I had to.
Anyway, I became really negative about everything during the trip, I kept saying, oh this sucks, oh that sucks. Obviously, because I was so angry. I was SUPPOSED to be out with my friends. When we finally got to the stupid park, I realized it was quite rushed and full. GREAT. I would LOVE a park full of random people and annoying kids around me. But, I didn’t see how beautiful the park itself was, and how huge it was, I could go on exploring myself, with my headphones on, to escape from the world. So I went for a walk, the weather was nice too, so my bad mood wore off, and I started to notice spots on the park where I could lie down and relax, after so much fatigue due to stupid school. I found a high point, sort of a hill, where I lied down on soft grass, and gazed at the sky thinking about stuff, relaxed. The smell of the trees, flowers, and basically the fresh air made me want to close my eyes, and smile. Surprisingly, I had a good time… I didnt know I would, I actually counted on having a really bad time, but I didnt. I actually enjoyed relaxing in the outdoors in nature.
So, the catch is, never be SO negative about something I guess, you never know, there may be a blessing in disguise, waiting for you.