Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Best Experience of My Life. Ever.

I guess it would be quite difficult for most people to pick a single experience as their 'best ever' experience of their whole life. But for me, out of the seventeen years and nine months, I can easily pick my best experience. 'Best' being amazing, enjoying, enlightening, exciting, competitive, awesomesauce, and all of the positive things anyone could EVER think of.

And that experience everyone, was the Southshore Model United Nations 2011. Yes, ShoreMUN Invitational 2011. I attended two training sessions, and then participated in four sessions of 8 hours of serious debating.
The country I was assigned was India, I was in the Disarmament and International Security Committee, and our topic was Nuclear Terrorism.

Basically, to sum it up, the whole experience of socializing with new people, being competitive about having the best resolutions, debating, replying, the entertainment session, everything!
To add to the happiness, I was also awarded. In the end, there was in award for ''The Best Delegate". AND I WON. The moment my name was called out for the award, how I felt, can't be described. It was much more than satisfaction. Satisfaction is nothing compared to what I felt. After hours and hours of research and hard work, it felt amazing to be credited for it.

Me getting the award with a large smile :D

I got a shield, with my name printed on it! And that wasnt it, the friends I made were amazing.

Heres a group photo, dare you to spot me:

If you found me, great, if you didnt, look below.

Yup. I was sort of demented at that time.

Nevertheless, after the awards and closing ceremony, we ALL went to McDonalds to celebrate, which was also A LOT of fun.

I really hope I get to hang out with the same people again, and I am DEFINITELY taking part in more MUN's now, since this was my first.

Anyway, toodles! See you guys laterr!

These NEVER get old.