Saturday, 28 July 2012

Time flies...

Whoa, Summer is almost over... Its almost August. Results are on the 13th, and it seems like its just around the corner. And maybe I'm scared, or maybe I dont feel it. Or maybe I'm trying to hard to not be scared so I can't feel it.Whatever it is, I hope it goes okay.And I JUST got used to the summer, it just flew by like it was nothing.

Time really does fly, and I believe its not just when you’re having fun, its also when you’re REALLY busy throughout, and when you’re drowned in errands and tasks to complete, whether they’re enjoying or not. Its just like when we’re in an exam that involves a lot of writing, and there’s a LOT of allotted time. We dont realize, and suddenly, 5 minutes are left. Ofcourse, the exam wouldn’t particularly be enjoying, but it would require a lot of attention, concentration and work.

I just hope this year wouldn’t be as busy, strenuous, and tense as the previous one… I want this year to be relaxing, and lucky for me. I hope I do well on my O’ Levels, and live with satisfaction through this year… I hope A Levels go well too and the new college I'd be in, no matter which one (thought I really do hope I get into the one i want). I don't want anything special, anything but disappointment.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ramadan Kareem!

Hello everyone! It is finally that time of year again when we all become good boys and good girls. No parties, music, movies, bad language or anything that us teenagers have the tendency of doing. Well, for at least a month. Then, sadly we'd all be back to our normal routines where all of that is included. Haww.

Yesterday being the first day of Ramadan, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Especially because its the summer and the heat can be excruciating. But it went quite well, Alhamdulillah. And like last year, I plan to finish the Quran! Also, the best part about this year is that I dont have school in Ramadan! Isn't that awesome? Since I'm going to start A levels now, colleges open after Eid! So, waking up at 2 in the afternoon after Sehri? Hell yes.

Anyway, Ramadan Mubarak to all of you! Have a happy, holy month and enjoy the amazing delights of Iftaari that we never have for the rest of the year, haha!

Monday, 16 July 2012

The New Spidey: Better or Worse? And Something Completely Irrelevant.

Hey guys! So, as you can see from the title, you'll probably presume that I have watched the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman. Recently I've seen loads of people argue about the fact that Andrew Garfield was better or Tobey Maguire was better and blaaah blaaah blaah. So I decided to give my view. Most of the people who have said that Andrew Garfield was better, were girls that were infatuated by the apparent heartthrob, Andy Garfield. And ofcourse, the classic and loyal fans of the Spiderman Trilogy will continue to support Mr. Tobey. As a neutral watcher of all of the four movies, I'd have to give it to Mr. Garfield. Yes, his acting was superb. He presented the idea of a 'geek' excellently, being so nervous each time he spoke to his crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Just his overall representation of Spiderman was very similar to the good old comics and the cartoons. No doubt, Tobey Maguire was great as well, but Andy did a fantastic job as the new Spidey.

And in terms of the movie, I really enjoyed it. That too, in 3D. The action scenes, the Lizard Man, everything   impressed me and exceeded my expectations. I really thought that it would be an average movie since the whole cast was replaced. But I was really impressed.

The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Anyway, for all those who havent watched it, I suggest you do asap! You'll have a heck of a time, trust me.

Well, now its time for the 'Something Completely Irrelevant' part of the post.

Have any of you guys EVER traveled in a public bus? It is a HECK of an experience. I nearly died had a heart attack the first time. Its crazy! I wanted to try it for the heck of it. Guys seriously have to JUMP onto the bus to get on. It doesn't stop. It just slows down and you have to literally run after it and JUMP on it. And sometimes, its SO crowded. People have to freaking climb the bus and sit on the roof, its hilarious! And  SO, SO dangerous!

Haha, it was a lot of fun. And its the same case while getting off. You have to jump off like some sort of stuntman in an action scene from a movie. Ok maybe thats an exaggeration, but you DO have to jump off a moving vehicle! And the people on the bus, they are usually ones who are manual labourers or are looking for cheap transport, so they really STARE at people like me, dressed in western clothes. And something hilarious happened with me as well.

I was standing at the exit of the bus, where I was getting ready to jump off as it slows down. I had my headphones plugged into my phone, and my phone was in my pocket. As soon as the bus slowed down, I felt a slight tug on the wire coming out of my pocket. I quickly turned and looked at it, and I saw a random hand grabbing the wire. I honestly was confused, and realized it was a pick-pocket! So I looked up, but the person, as cunning as a fox, quickly took back his hand immediately, and I couldn't recognize the thief. The bus was SO crowded, it could've been anyone's hand. So I just jumped off quickly, and checked my pockets. Thank God, nothing was missing.

Just LOOK at that! Those people climbing the bus, they're climbing it while its MOVING. Oh how I love my country and its people, haha.

What an experience, honestly.

Success Kid - Traveled in a Bus in Karachi Came out Alive. Oh yes.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Sometimes, people complain about how lonely they feel. Or how alone they are in life, and that they have no one to socialize with or to interact with.Well, yeah I do agree that it kind of sucks at times. When I moved here, I was like any new guy would be. I didn't have friends, I didn't know anyone and I had no social life. I hated it. But the only thing that helped me survive before I made friends, were my TRUE friends. Books, the internet, movies, video games and TV. Yes. My true friends. Things that never leave me ( thank God for that).

In two years time, things got back to normal. I went to school, started making friends from everywhere and I got back to the busy life schedule that I had. Only then, I truly realized the amazing feeling of solitude. Being alone isn't always so bad, I mean only if you know that you're not friendless, but yeah, being alone can be really great.

Firstly, its SO relaxing. Simply lying there on your bed or on the sofa, listening to your favourite music and relaxing your muscles feels awesome. Its like, one of my favourite things to do. I dont know about everyone else, but try it. Just clear your mind once, and lie down, listen to music and just relaaaax. It relieves mental stress, tension and anxiety as well.

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Also, reading is one of the few awesome parts of solitude. Im guessing that most people who blog, and read blogs also read novels. Being alone, and reading an awesome novel is a LOT of fun. Especially novels like Harry Potter. I remember before when I read The Deathly Hallows, I used to be SO indulged in it that an actual illustration would play in my head as I'd read the book, and I would be completely isolated from whatever was around me. I wouldn't even be able to hear my parents call me. It was SO intriguing.

And all the other stuff too, surfing the internet and watching all the random and funny videos on Youtube, watching movies, watching TV, doing all of these things alone can sometimes be MUCH more fun rather than doing them with friends. Its because you can do as you please, and you feel relaxed about not having any commitments (this only works if you're on vacation, haha).

Also, praying can really calm your mind. And doing it alone. Asking God for what you want, and praying to Him makes you feel very relaxed as well.

So yeah, being alone isn't as bad as they all say. You just need to embrace what you have and learn to use it for your own good, and it usually turns out to be quite awesome.

So true.