Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Dream Girl?

Okay, so this is the so called 'creative' and 'constructive' post that I was about to post, which I highly doubt is as mentioned before. But it did take me time to finish this, so yeah. Plus, I posted about this because someone requested me too. Not just anyone, but a really close, awesome friend of mine :)

Well, most of you girls (no sexism intended) think that us boys usually prefer girls like these:

Most think that we prefer fake, plastic, drowned-in-make-up, slutty, curvy, cheerleader-ish type of girls. Well, that's where you are wrong. Yeah, I agree that many guys do like these type of girls, thus results in those girls dressing up like that, BUT, those guys are douchebags. If you want to see my blog about douchebags, click here. AND, not just douchebags, but perverts and immature guys love these kind of girls.

Honestly, that is just because they want to get with them, and because they are PHYSICALLY attracted to them. Yeah, there is NO doubt that all guys are a little perverted, a little flirty. Its in our NATURE. Nothing can change that, but reality will always be reality. Likes and dislikes will always remain the same.

Many guys, including me, don't really prefer them. Well yeah, OFCOURSE I think Megan Fox is hot. And yeah, she isn't a slut. She's married! BUT, apparently, girls of her sort (make-up, plasticness, fakeness) don't attract me. And im positive they dont attract many other NORMAL guys either.

I was going to title this post 'My Perfect Girl' before, but I thought that NO one, and nothing is perfect. The word perfect itself is just a hypothesis, it is just an adjective which can never be real. Ever. So, rather, I thought my dream girl, or the girl that would be just right.

Well, many people say that 'looks don't matter, only the personality does.'
... are you shitting me? First impressions are based solely upon looks, and looks only. It may be stupid, but reality bites. As a starter, looks ALWAYS matter. But, along the road of the relationship, whether its friendship, or commitment, the personality takes over. But, ofcourse, the looks dont have to be the cliched 'MODEL HOT' or 'STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL'. No. They depend on the person's opinion. A guy could have a good first impression of a girl for one thing and one thing only. That could be her smile, hair, skin, eyes, voice, whatever seems attractive to him.

So, looks DO matter, but only when the people are newbies to each other.
As for me, I dont demand the prettiest or most beautiful girl in the world. I dont demand someone really hot, someone who's all that. Yeah, it would be great if she's pretty, if shes got a cute laugh, a nice smile, things that are dreamy, not perverted.

But more importantly, someone who would be there for me. Someone who would understand my problems, my issues, someone who would like me for who I am. Someone who I could feel easy around. Someone who I could be myself with, and feel GREAT about it. Someone who would need me in her times of despair. Someone who wouldn't hesitate calling me in the middle of the night to tell me whats wrong. Someone who I wouldn't hesitate calling in the middle of the night either. Someone who wouldn't hesitate to express her emotions to me. Someone who I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with expressing myself. Someone who'd make me feel happy all the time, regardless about the fact that if she was physically present with me. I'd be happy because I'd KNOW that she would be mine. I'd know that she'd love me for being ME. Since I know how it feels like, to be loved for who you are, I think, it feels awesome. It just feels like everything is right, everything is fine just the way it is. It feels great. It makes you feel satisfied with yourself.

All of that may sound really far-fetched, but I believe it IS possible. Heck, I've seen it. I know people who are couples. I know how they feel, well, from what they've told me. Yeah, they have their problems, they have their issues. Which couple doesn't? Its part of a relationship. But all in all, they seem really happy, and they seem like they're on top of this world, just because of their significant other.

Someone famous has quoted that, "Sometimes, dreams that come true are dreams you never even knew you had." - That is so brilliant. So, maybe I've dreamed about my just-right girl, and seen her too, but never knew.

I guess that's it for this post. I hope you're satisfied, person-who-requested-for-this-post :P
Oh and, sorry if I wasn't my usual comical and retarded self in this post. I thought of trying something different for once.

Anyways, as always, I shall leave you with a lolcat. Have a nice day!

Courtesy, the person who requested for this post.