Thursday, 23 June 2011

Irrevocably. Pissed. Off.

First of all, I'd really like to apologize about being inconsistent while blogging. But honestly, it isn't my fault. As much as I wanted to blog, and as much as I wanted to be very creative and entertain you guys, I didn't get the chance to, thus, the pissed off-ness, as you can see by the blog title.

I am currently feeling like this.

The reason why I'm pissed off as fuck would probably be known by the people who live in Phase 6, Khayaban-e-Muhafiz. Some people might call what happened with me, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', but this isn't fucking Lemony Snicket's book. This is real life. Shit like this ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

Ok, anyway. Coming back to my senses, (im not really back to my senses, that was a formality) it all started 2 days and 3 nights back. It was 9pm, and the load shedding was expected. So, as usual, the electricity went out. No panic, just the usual; walk to my lawn, and turn on the generator. Guess what? Its not working. And for some stupid reason, the generator mechanic person is unavailable, apparently because its around 9:10 at night. So, we decide to call him the next day, since the electricity only goes out for about an hour, and it would be back at 10:15 tops. But this isn't supposedly called 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' for no reason. Its 'A Series'. So, the electricity didn't show its precious ass until 3:30 am at night.
Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't care because the TV would be on, I wouldst be bored as hell, and I wouldn't feel like melting, because the generator would be ON. But now, it wasn't. And ofcourse, after so many hours, the UPS (Urgent Power Supply) ran out of battery. How convenient isn't it? Well anyway, when the electricity did finally show up at 3:30 am, it stayed till exactly 3:31 am. Yes. Im not kidding. I dont kid when I'm pissed. IT GAVE ME UNNECESSARY HOPE.

Then it finally came (for good) at 4:40 am. I hadn't slept at all till then. Since I can't sleep in this summer heat. I doubt any of you can. Anyway, I finally walked into my room, exhausted, closed the door, turned on the fan, and finally, switched the AC on. I lied down, feeling all cozy and comfy. I didn't realize until fifteen minutes after that it was STILL extremely hot. I wondered why. So, I managed to get out of bed, which is REALLY difficult when you're all cozy. I reached out for the place where the air came out of the AC. The air was room temperature. I found out it wasn't working.

Honestly, if you think the fuckery is over, its not.

I then slept in my parents room on a mattress on the floor, EXTREMELY restlessly. I ended up waking up at 9 am, having just four hours of sleep. The next day, I hoped to nap in my parents room on their actual bed, but the stupid electricity went out at 12pm. Right after breakfast. And it didn't show up until 4 pm. AND the generator mechanic was STILL unavailable. So anyway, barely awake, I crawl into my parents bedroom, and take a short nap of only an hour, and realize what wakes me up is the electricity gone, again. Unbelievable, I know. It ends up coming at 8, and then goes at 9 again. And then it comes at 1 am. I then finally sleep, again on a mattress in my parent's bedroom, on the floor, feeling extremely uncomfortable.
I wake up at 6 am, realizing that the electricity had gone again, and at this point, I seriously felt like blowing KESC (Karachi Electricity Supply Company) up. The electricity finally came at 1pm, but I couldn't sleep because I had chores and housework to do. And yes, to whoever who thinks its lame, I dont give a shit. Its my responsibility that I HAVE to carry out. Otherwise my parents will be on each and every nerve of mine. And trust me, humans have loads.
Anyway, I was finally free at around 6 pm. I turned on the computer after almost 2 whole days, and as soon as it turned on, BANG, POOF. Its all dark again...again...AGAIN! GAH.

Anyway, it finally came at 8. And then went again at 9. And then came at 10. Then went at 10:40. Hope you're following me. Then it goes till 12 am. Then I finally lie down, relax for about half and hour, and put on a movie on TV. It almost about an hour and a half into it, near the climax. And then POOF. Lights out again. This was the worst. Because it didn't come until 12 the next day. Which means it was out for 11 hours. ELEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS. So basically, I had no sleep.And then, I slept at 12, and woke up at 3.

And then I slept again at 5 and woke up at 8. The generator mechanic finally comes at 9pm, AFTER 3 days. THREE WHOLE DAYS. And then, as soon as he comes, fixes the generator, the electricity doesnt go at all. Now, I'm extremely glad and thankful it doesn't. HONESTLY I AM. But what the fuck? Seriously? So basically, this is what happened: There was no electricity for the 3 days in my life when my generator wasn't working. Our of 365 days, the 3 days where there was no light all night everyday had to be the 3 when my generator wasn't functioning.
Speaking of torture...

Anyway. I shall probably sleep now while I have the chance to. Goodnight people!