Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Dream Girl?

Okay, so this is the so called 'creative' and 'constructive' post that I was about to post, which I highly doubt is as mentioned before. But it did take me time to finish this, so yeah. Plus, I posted about this because someone requested me too. Not just anyone, but a really close, awesome friend of mine :)

Well, most of you girls (no sexism intended) think that us boys usually prefer girls like these:

Most think that we prefer fake, plastic, drowned-in-make-up, slutty, curvy, cheerleader-ish type of girls. Well, that's where you are wrong. Yeah, I agree that many guys do like these type of girls, thus results in those girls dressing up like that, BUT, those guys are douchebags. If you want to see my blog about douchebags, click here. AND, not just douchebags, but perverts and immature guys love these kind of girls.

Honestly, that is just because they want to get with them, and because they are PHYSICALLY attracted to them. Yeah, there is NO doubt that all guys are a little perverted, a little flirty. Its in our NATURE. Nothing can change that, but reality will always be reality. Likes and dislikes will always remain the same.

Many guys, including me, don't really prefer them. Well yeah, OFCOURSE I think Megan Fox is hot. And yeah, she isn't a slut. She's married! BUT, apparently, girls of her sort (make-up, plasticness, fakeness) don't attract me. And im positive they dont attract many other NORMAL guys either.

I was going to title this post 'My Perfect Girl' before, but I thought that NO one, and nothing is perfect. The word perfect itself is just a hypothesis, it is just an adjective which can never be real. Ever. So, rather, I thought my dream girl, or the girl that would be just right.

Well, many people say that 'looks don't matter, only the personality does.'
... are you shitting me? First impressions are based solely upon looks, and looks only. It may be stupid, but reality bites. As a starter, looks ALWAYS matter. But, along the road of the relationship, whether its friendship, or commitment, the personality takes over. But, ofcourse, the looks dont have to be the cliched 'MODEL HOT' or 'STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL'. No. They depend on the person's opinion. A guy could have a good first impression of a girl for one thing and one thing only. That could be her smile, hair, skin, eyes, voice, whatever seems attractive to him.

So, looks DO matter, but only when the people are newbies to each other.
As for me, I dont demand the prettiest or most beautiful girl in the world. I dont demand someone really hot, someone who's all that. Yeah, it would be great if she's pretty, if shes got a cute laugh, a nice smile, things that are dreamy, not perverted.

But more importantly, someone who would be there for me. Someone who would understand my problems, my issues, someone who would like me for who I am. Someone who I could feel easy around. Someone who I could be myself with, and feel GREAT about it. Someone who would need me in her times of despair. Someone who wouldn't hesitate calling me in the middle of the night to tell me whats wrong. Someone who I wouldn't hesitate calling in the middle of the night either. Someone who wouldn't hesitate to express her emotions to me. Someone who I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with expressing myself. Someone who'd make me feel happy all the time, regardless about the fact that if she was physically present with me. I'd be happy because I'd KNOW that she would be mine. I'd know that she'd love me for being ME. Since I know how it feels like, to be loved for who you are, I think, it feels awesome. It just feels like everything is right, everything is fine just the way it is. It feels great. It makes you feel satisfied with yourself.

All of that may sound really far-fetched, but I believe it IS possible. Heck, I've seen it. I know people who are couples. I know how they feel, well, from what they've told me. Yeah, they have their problems, they have their issues. Which couple doesn't? Its part of a relationship. But all in all, they seem really happy, and they seem like they're on top of this world, just because of their significant other.

Someone famous has quoted that, "Sometimes, dreams that come true are dreams you never even knew you had." - That is so brilliant. So, maybe I've dreamed about my just-right girl, and seen her too, but never knew.

I guess that's it for this post. I hope you're satisfied, person-who-requested-for-this-post :P
Oh and, sorry if I wasn't my usual comical and retarded self in this post. I thought of trying something different for once.

Anyways, as always, I shall leave you with a lolcat. Have a nice day!

Courtesy, the person who requested for this post.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Acknowledgments and half-century!

Alright, so I was planning to make a constructive and creative blog about something else, but first I HAVE to make these acknowledgments. Since something so pleasantly surprising has happened in the past couple of days.

I received 3 awards in just 2 days, I think. So, I shall acknowledge them, and pass them, but first of all, I want to say that... 50 FOLLOWERS. AAAAH :D I feel awesome. Half-century! *raises bat* Im so happy. I never expected to have 50 followers in just 3 months... Wow. Special shout out to Hamza Hameed and Reanne Anad, for being my 50th and 51st followers. You guys are super awesome. :D Hamza follows through mail, and Reanne occasionally reads my blogs :)

Anyway, first off, my award from Teenage Mutiny.

Since I had to write 7 things about myself in his rules, I shall.

1.) I LOVE sports. Football. Basketball. Cricket. ANYTHING that involves physical energy being used.
2.) I used to bite my nails. Used to.
3.) I wish I was taller, eventhough I'm taller than most of the people in my family. Being a few inches taller wouldn't hurt.
4.) My favourite genre of music is rock, and any sort of music you can dance to. But rock is love.
5.) I HATE math, eventhough I always get good grades in it. I HATE it.
6.) My favourite/most desired item of technology is an iPhone/iPod 4
7.) Being a guy, I admit im sort of sensitive to certain things, emotionally.

Phew. Now that I got that over with, lets get on with what this post is meant for.

He gave me the Stylish Blogger award, as you can see, and mentioned some really nice things about me. Thank you SO much Hamza Bin Laden. :D You're the best. Seriously, go check out his blog NOW.

So, I'd like to pass this award to:

Mariam from Rants and Rambles:

I think she's a really nice blogger, who creates innovative posts with great style, therefore the award. Do check her blog out.

Fatimaa S. from And When I Pop These Bubbles Words Come Out:

The way she writes is really stylish, in my opinion. Plus, her blog layout is too, reaallly nice, which is why she deserves this award :D Check it out!

Peachyyy from Upside Down Cheesecake:

Her blogs are written with great versatility, and with a really nice dialect. Therefore she is also, a stylish blogger! Check it out :)

Anyway, my next award was from Bhadra's blog, BhadRawr.

Thanks! Im really glad you think so, because whatever I blog about to you guys is truly from the depths of my heart.

I shall pass this award to:

Furbee Esvy who blogs at The World Inside My Head:

I love her blogs. She was the first one to give me an award too! And, she always blogs frankly, and in a straightforward manner. Which is really awesome. Its what blogging is all about! Check her blog out! :D

Aaishah from Typing To The Beat Of My Heart:

Ive already awarded her with the I love This Blog award, and thats because her blogs are truly from her heart, and they are really interesting too. Visit her blog!

So, moving on to my next award. I received it from Vice Versa who blogs at Crypticcrap.
Thanks SO MUCH! Honestly, I love her blog. I awarded her a while back too. Her blogs are really funny and interesting. They're long too, which I enjoy thoroughly.

Since I already gave this award previously, I'm not going to pass it.

Anyways, Im off! See you guys later :D

And as always, this has become sort of a signature of mine. I must leave you with a lolcat!

Basically describes how I feel

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Exceeds Expectations?

Today was quite... how should I describe it? It was quite odd, shocking, and fun at the same time. Some of you may already know that I went on a family picnic today, again.

It started when I was forcefully woken up at 7 AM, when my dad said that I should wake up if I want to have the time of my life. To be honest, I HATE waking up early, and sleeping early. Its in my nature to sleep and wake up late. Dont know why, but that's how I roll. So, anyway, I decided to stay in bed until like, 7:30, obviously, since 'the time of my life' didn't interest me at all. That was when my dad threw a tantrum, because apparently I usually have 'no interest' in family. I DO. Thing is, I think going for a picnic in the middle of nowhere is pointless. We can easily go to a farmhouse in Karachi, or the outskirts, instead of all the way to Gharo. But anyway, it was going to happen, and I had to go, so I decided on getting up, and getting ready etc.

After we left, the ride wasn't as long and as terrible as I thought it would be, because I managed to take a nap for about an hour :D. Soon, we got to the place. It was... not as bad as I thought it would be. Since my expectations were SO low, the actual place seemed nice, and not a place where I would get bored. It had a cricket pitch with a ground (sand, ofcourse), it had large empty rooms, sofas, beds, a fridge and a dining table too.
I went there with my Khala (Aunt-Mom's sister) and Khalu (Her husband) and with a few of my cousins. They weren't annoying children, so my time there wasn't as bad.

But. Something over there was just excruciating. What I saw, what I then did after seeing what I saw. My goodness... I still can't believe I did.
Dont know what I'm talking about? Ofcourse you dont. Ever seen an extremely filthy swimming pool? Yeah you can guess by now.

Disgusting much?!

Ergh... After I saw it, I was like, "There is no way in hell that I am going to touch this water. No. NEVER."
Next thing you know, I see my Khalu and Uncle diving in. But ofcourse, not immediately. It was filtered a little more. A LITTLE. For me, this... this... THING needed to be completely drained and refilled. But apparently that would take too long. And my relatives couldn't wait. This pool was SO maila, I wouldn't even want to know of what would have been in there. I mean, it was GREEN for Godssake! Gah...

Anyway, MY DAD soon went in. It was horrible. Then my brother... my cousins... I was extremely shocked at the comfort of everyone in there. Including my DAD. And my brother, who I thought was LIKE me, until that very moment. Soon, I could hear people saying, "Asif is a wussy! Asif is a wussy!"
And things like:
"Oye! Get your ass in here! Its not as bad as you think. Dont be a pussy man!"
"If you dont get in here now, we'll MAKE YOU."

None of those worked though... except when someone said,
"Omg, dude, I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO GET IN HERE." And, after that, I almost had enough. I decided against my will, and got into my shorts. Finally, I jumped in.

It was cold. So, so, SO cold. I was freezing, and I couldn't see ANYTHING under water. Nothing. Which scared me more. Who knows what kind of crap would be down there, literally? Anyway, after my emergence, (Cant believe I actually said ''my emergence'', LOLOL) I started getting used to the coldness, but not the 'Yuck-ness'. Although I couldn't see anything particularly dirty besides the gruesome green colour, I was still freaked out. Maybe it was because while it was being drained, a dead centipede was taken out. A CENTIPEDE.


But the cleaner-person-man said that now it was perfectly clean and it was only green because of the translucent roof which was green. Pretty scientific for a cleaner-person-man.
So, after a few laps, and a bit of swimming, I was relaxed, and I actually started to enjoy myself. Surprising.
After swimming, we ate BEEF KARAHI :D One of my favourite dishes. Which really made me happy.


And since the weather was getting better, my mood got better. Soon after lunch, we played cricket, which was a lot of fun too since everyone played; my uncles, my dad, my cousins, my brother, and myself.

After that, we got really dirty, and sweaty and stuff, so we jumped in the yuck pool again! Which was apparently supposed to make us clean? Oh, the irnoy.

When it was around 4 30 pm, we had showers, and left. I slept throughout the return trip, and had a good time. I had Chai (Tea) at one of those Dhabas (Small-Tea-Cafes?) too. And I NEVER have tea. I guess today was just weird, wasn't it?

At the end of the day, I had a REALLY great time. I guess my dad was right after all. I probably didn't have the time of my life, but it was a hell of a picnic, and I enjoyed myself more than I had ever imagined.

And to think of being exhausted, psh. I got home at around 7 15, and almost immediately, I went to my football training at the Rahat Stadium, came home at 9 45, and slept at 2.

All in all, great day. And now, I leave you with this...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Thank You

Hey everyone! If you expected something creative from me today, sorry to disappoint you, because this blog will be mostly about random stuff, and you guys, however maybe the awards might grasp your attention...

Anyway, firstly, OMG 45 followers! Only 5 more to my first milestone! Wow. And in almost no time. I remember when I thought of blogging, and started it just for the fun of it, and I didn't care about what people thought, etc, but now, I WANT to entertain you guys, to give you something interesting to read, something funny sometimes, something serious sometimes because you guys are different; you CARE about what I have to say, and that makes me feel... well, it makes me feel quite excellent. Love you guys!

You know, many bloggers say that they're more open to their blogger friends than their real friends, and I agree. There are many things I have mentioned and blogged about here, many things I've shared. And the way I blog, the style of my writing/conveying my message is completely different to how I am with my friends. I mean, ofcourse, I'm still myself, but I guess everyone has a way of communicating to different kinds of people. Although when I speak to my closest friends, I speak in the same way I'd speak to each and every one of them.
You guys make me want to be creative, you guys motivate me to produce posts and create innovative ideas in my head, and that has helped me quite a LOT in my life too. And I've made a few couple of really cool friends through blogger too! I never really thought I'd ever feel truly happy after moving to Pakistan, but now I do. With things in my family working out, with me making new friends at my football club, and with you guys cheering me up with your amazing comments all the time, I've gotten much better. And all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Anyway, I finally got my FIRST AWARD :D

Thank you SO much Furbee esvy! She blogs at The world inside my head.

And now, I shall pass these awards along to...

Hamza who blogs at Teenage Mutiny

I doubt you haven't heard of him, since he has like 120+ followers, but he's a great blogger who basically blogs about random stuff, but its extremely interesting, and sometimes quite funny. But ALWAYS entertaining and interesting. Be sure to check him out :D

Furree who blogs at Furree Katt

You probably know her, so yeah. Since she has like 320+ followers!

Vice Versa who blogs at Cryptic Crap

Shes an awesome blogger who's Paint Skillz are magnificent. Seriously, check it out. Plus, her posts are LONG, which I like, and they're the long kind which remain interesting. Quite rare, I tell you.

Aaishah who blogs at Typing To The Beat Of My Heart

Shes a very sincere blogger who blogs about herself, its quite interesting. Do check it out.

Anyway, thats all for the awards. I'm probably going on another family picnic tomorrow, but its not going to be as bad at the one before, because its actually at a FARMHOUSE WITH AC. Plus, my cool cousins will be there :D I shall probably blog about that, if it turns out to be interesting.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I iz NO satisfied :(

As you can see by the frustration on the title of this post, I can't think straight. Or couldn't think straight at the time.

Yesterday, I woke up at around two-thirty pm. Pretty late, I know. I went downstairs to have some food, but my parents didn't end up being home. Now remember, yesterday was 'Shabe-baraat' which is a special day for us Muslims; its when our future income/food etc is decided by God for the following year. On this day, we pray a lot, and have 'Halwa' which is a really nice sweet dish.

Anyway, my parents weren't home, so I decided to have breakfast at two-thirty pm instead, and continued watching TV and being lazy with my daily routine. My parents ended up getting home at five pm, and at the time, I was exorbitantly hungry. I complained to them that I had nothing to eat; NOTHING. All they said now was to wait till dinner. I accepted. I knew it was 'Shabe-Baraat' so there would be something intriguing on the menu tonight.


And mind you, I am a person with a HUGE appetite. Dont really know where it all goes, but I eat like a cow bull. So anyway, I waited patiently, and at six-thirty pm, my stomach felt like it was going to shrink to nothingness. At that time, we had to go to the graveyard to visit my grandfather's grave, and then to the mosque to pray Maghrib, which we did. After Maghrib, we prayed to God for our future, and then, it was FINALLY FOOD TIME. At this point, I was the epitome of hunger.

WE WANT FOOD. WE WANT FOOD. It was just me but... you get the point.

So, finally, when I sat on the table, thinking that I would see something like this:

I see this instead:


At that point, I was so hungry, I could eat anything. Even Paalak (Spinach), which I HATE. I never eat vegetables except for cucumbers, carrots, Lady Fingers and potatoes. Besides the fantastic four, I dont eat ANY vegetables. Especially spinach... and I dont like qeema either.

I had the food, my hunger was over, but I WAS NOT SATISFIED. It was like having warm water. Your water needs are fulfilled and your thirst is quenched, sort of, but you dont feel satisfied at ALL D:

Now, look at the irony. I'm fasting today.

This ever happen to any of you? Let me know in the comments :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Most Fatal Injury

I was reading some random blogs a while back, and I came across this post about the most fatal injury of your life. So, I decided to blog about mine too.

It was quite a few years back, I was around eleven I think, or twelve maybe. Nevertheless, I was in South Africa, for vacations. The place is REALLY beautiful, and its a LOT of fun to go there for a holiday. The people are really nice and friendly, and the weather is really good, since summer there is in OUR winter, and winter is in OUR summer. So, in May/June/July, its WINTER. Isn't that awesome?

Beautiful, isn't it?

Anyway, back then, and even now, I loved Quad Bikes. If you dont know what a Quad Bike is, its something like this:

Bad Boy 125cc Quad Bike
Awesome, isn't it?

So anyway, I wanted to ride this on a resort, it was basically in the middle of the forest, meant for safaris. And these Quads aren't meant for grass, they're meant for sand and the dunes. Like, you CAN ride 'em on grass, but then you've got to be careful.
So, I got on it, and started driving. Ofcourse, if you dont go fast, then whats the fun? So, I drove faster and faster and faster...
I heard my mom scream, "Asif! Slow down!"

But, I just ignored, and just went on. I made a sharp turn, and then everything went black.

The next time I regained consciousness, was when a South African ranger was carrying me to his jeep, and we were driving back to the resort. Bear in mind, that this was in the middle of a FOREST. So only the first aid was present, a hospital was miles away. And then, I was unconscious again.

Soon, or I dont know when, I was conscious on a bed, in the resort's clinic, and I could see my mom, my dad, and my brother, looking really worried. I asked them what happened and where I was, which scared them more, specifically my mother, because she thought I had lost my memory. And for a second, I really couldn't remember where  I was and what happened to me. I guess it was because I was emphatically bewildered.
A few minutes after that, I started remembering that I was in South Africa, and the last memory conscious memory I had was me on a Quad Bike...
So, then I asked if I was in an accident, and my mom said yes, and she said not to worry because apparently no bones were broken! Thank God for that. But, it wasn't like I wasn't injured.
I had severe pain on the side and back of my head, on my ribs, my shoulder and basically the entire right side of my body. When I asked my mom what had happened to me, she explained that I took SUCH a sharp turn, the Quad flipped sideways, throwing me off. She said I was airborne for a few seconds, and when I hit the ground, my head directly hit a large rock, and the Quad fell on me, bounced, and fell on me AGAIN. Harsh, isn't it? Haha, but fortunately, I was all right.
My injuries? Well, I had blood patches all over my head, it was all soggy. Plus, the right side of my body was completely bruised, especially my knee, shoulder and my ribs. I was vomiting all over the place because of the pain, and remember, I was only eleven. I had a pain killer injection taken, AND an anti-nausea injection taken.

But anyway, thank God, since it could have been much worse, I was fine in just a matter of a few weeks. AND, it didn't have any affect on my confidence. A few weeks later, after I was all right, I was up again, riding these enjoying Quad Bikes. But ofcourse, with more caution.

So anyway, I'd like to know about your worst injury! Blog about it, if you'd like, and let me know!

Btw, on a lighter note, have any of you heard of the new Social Networking website, Google+?

 Its pretty cool, sort of like Facebook. I really think it could be big. If any of you need an invite, type your emails in the comments and I'll send you all invites! And we could be super best friends there. Yeah, I'm lame.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Guess Who's Back? :D

Hey everyone! To start off, im really sorry that I haven't posted in so many days, its been almost two weeks. I was having what I call, 'Blogger's Block'. Ofcourse, most of you can assume that its just the same as a 'Writer's Block', except with blogs. AND, I've got a few relatives here, so I've been quite busy lately!
BUT IM BACK. Sort of. I still have blogger's block. But I thought I should at least UPDATE my blog.

So, anyway, how've you guys been? Recently I've had my grandmother (Nani) over at my house, all the way from Dubai! So its been fun lately. Plus, some of my friends are going to be in Karachi in just a FEW DAYS! Eeeeeh. *Jumps out the window*

I cant wait.

Anyway, speaking of impatience, I CANT WAIT TILL I GET A NEW PlayStaion 3! Aaaah. Ive had an old, 60GB Model, for four years! It stopped working last year, and its been like that since :( It got the infamous, 'Yellow Light Of Death', which is when your motherboard malfunctions.

But soon, I'm probably getting a 160 or 120 GB Slim PS3 pretty soon. CANT WAIT.


Anyway, a few days back, I had to go on this LAME family picnic trip thing, where some of my cousins DID come, but the oldest one was twelve. TWELVE -__- IM SEVENTEEN. The boredom I experienced during that trip was like no other.
We were going to a place called 'Keenjhar Lake' for a picnic. It was WAY past Gharo and Thatta, which are basically areas in Sindh. So, just the drive was for 2 hours and 30 minutes, approximately. So, I wasted 5 hours of my life in a car. Sitting down. Listening to the same music over and over and over...

Yes, that is EXACTLY how I was feeling. Irritated. Annoyed. Disturbed. Frustrated. Bored. Uncomfortable. Numb. Fatigued. And ALL of that was pointless and worthless.

Anyway, I say it was pointless and worthless was because when we arrived to the so called, 'Keenjhar Lake',   all we did was have lunch, and go on a LAME boat ride on that lake. THEN WE WENT HOME. WHAT THE FUCK? I mean, you drive ALL day just for that? Dude. I can go on a boat ride on SEAVIEW. Close to where I live. WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT KEENJHAR LAKE? Anyway, my lame side of the family planned it. And I apparently HAD to go, or they'd be offended. Yeah, they're weird like that.

This is Keenjhar Lake

Oh, and it may look really interesting and intriguing, but it was SO hot that day, that nothing was fun. Not even having TANDOORI CHICKEN. IMAGINE. Gah.

Anyway, I shall blog very soon, again caz IM BACK!
Oh, it feels SO good to blog again...