Sunday, 25 September 2011

Was it a dream? No... It couldn't have been.

Yesterday was magical. Amazing. Awesome. The best. Like a dream come true. If you're reading this, I know you're probably not, but IF you are, you are the most amazing person I have ever known. Ever. I like you VERY VERY much and I really do hope that I see you again as soon as possible, because I miss you. I miss you already. Even though we just met yesterday, for many hours, though they seemed few, because time is hard to keep up with when I'm with you. I want to see your beautiful face again. I cant wait. Cant wait till I see you one more time.

Its hard to describe how I felt when I got home yesterday. That was ofcourse, when I got to my senses. During the experience, I was probably completely out of my mind. Because I couldn't think of anyone or anything except you. The movie we watched, I cant even remember its name or what happened. Who'd watch a silly movie when you're there, sitting right next to me? Im not usually like this. Im not always this emotional or affectionate. I dont know what you've done to me. Im losing my head. Losing my mind.

It most definitely, wasn't a dream. I know it wasn't.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Best Experience of My Life. Ever.

I guess it would be quite difficult for most people to pick a single experience as their 'best ever' experience of their whole life. But for me, out of the seventeen years and nine months, I can easily pick my best experience. 'Best' being amazing, enjoying, enlightening, exciting, competitive, awesomesauce, and all of the positive things anyone could EVER think of.

And that experience everyone, was the Southshore Model United Nations 2011. Yes, ShoreMUN Invitational 2011. I attended two training sessions, and then participated in four sessions of 8 hours of serious debating.
The country I was assigned was India, I was in the Disarmament and International Security Committee, and our topic was Nuclear Terrorism.

Basically, to sum it up, the whole experience of socializing with new people, being competitive about having the best resolutions, debating, replying, the entertainment session, everything!
To add to the happiness, I was also awarded. In the end, there was in award for ''The Best Delegate". AND I WON. The moment my name was called out for the award, how I felt, can't be described. It was much more than satisfaction. Satisfaction is nothing compared to what I felt. After hours and hours of research and hard work, it felt amazing to be credited for it.

Me getting the award with a large smile :D

I got a shield, with my name printed on it! And that wasnt it, the friends I made were amazing.

Heres a group photo, dare you to spot me:

If you found me, great, if you didnt, look below.

Yup. I was sort of demented at that time.

Nevertheless, after the awards and closing ceremony, we ALL went to McDonalds to celebrate, which was also A LOT of fun.

I really hope I get to hang out with the same people again, and I am DEFINITELY taking part in more MUN's now, since this was my first.

Anyway, toodles! See you guys laterr!

These NEVER get old.

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Long Awaited Blogger Meet Up

FINALLY. The perfect word to start off this post with. We'd been planning this meet up for several days, or even weeks now, and today, WE FINALLY had the chance to get to know and meet each other! All thanks to Russian Bear and Teenage Mutiny, I'd say. Two awesome people, they are.

Anyway, it started off pretty late for me because of the traffic. I was SUPPOSED to be there by 5 40 ishh, 'there', being Dunnkin Donuts, but I was really late because I had to wait for my driver to come pick me up from his errands.

Anyway, I finally got there at around 6 35, and the location shifted to the Forum Mall, right next to Dunkin. So, that was when I saw the all so famous bloggers I knew only through the internet. And they pretty much turned out to be much, much awesomer than they are on blogger. I met Furree, Russian Bear, Teenage Mutiny, Ateeq Mughal and Moonie. Unfortunately, since I was late, I couldnt meet Furby Esvee and Aaishah

So, after the hi's and the hello's, we walked around the mall, cracked jokes, took pictures, and all that. It was so much funnn. We went to this toy store for children, and got told off for taking pictures because we apparently weren't supposed to? How stupid, but we took them anyway because we're evil brave! Anyway, then we went to this cafe, dont remember its name, since I went to it for the first time, ever. There, we sat and talked and had loads of fun. I had chocolate chip/Vanilla ice cream! It was SO awesome. We took pictures with these funny stick-on mustaches with which I had an epic fail, and posed like retards, the usual stuff y'know? (Not really...)

We went to a bookstore as well, and got told off for being too loud? I mean come on, how stupid right? Well, couldn't care less, haha. That sort of sums it up!

Honestly, it was one of the best days I've had in Karachi so far. With high fives, low fives, laughs, mockery, poking, dumb poses and much more, we made the most out of our meet up. I really hope we have one very soon and not in like, a million months.

Oh and, I personally REALLY appreciate Russian Bear, Ateeq Mughal and Hamza for coming from SO FAR. You guys are awesome.
Moonie, you are hilarious, and a total gooooth. Hahahah! Furree, you are the life of the party! Well, not party, but y'know whamsayin.

Anyway, it feels awesome to blog again. I reallllyyyy miss you guys, and your comments and your posts and commenting on them. I promise to try my best to stay consistent! Alright then, blog-ya-laterrr!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Been too long.

It definitely HAS been SO long. HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN? I missed you guys so much. Honestly, i havent been reading or posting at all because of grade eleven. I had NO idea it would've been SO busy, and I have to be extremely industrious to keep up with the pace. And its ONLY been 2 months...

Its also because I have a Statistics exam in October, so I have classes. Plus I have a total of 8 subjects this year... Gah!

Anyway, enough about school. Ramadan was amazing, I finished reading a whole Quran! I felt so proud of myself, because I dont read it quite often, and I know I should, but I tried my best to finish it, and I did! *HUGE SMILE*

Eid was REALLY eventful. The first, second AND third days were FULL of dawats, and I got RICHER.


Anyway, I shall have a long post posted in a day or two! Bye everyone!