Monday, 3 September 2012

I'll Miss You More Than Anything. Ever.

Hey guys, this post is entirely for the girl I love. So please, dont mind if I've been a little off in it and if I haven't paid attention to any of you.

*                                                                 *                                                                     *                      

Can you believe it? How everything happened and turned out so perfect, yet now you have to go? I cant either. I was in denial for the past few weeks. It hit me today. When I realized I was seeing you for the last time before you go. Hopefully not forever.

You know I wont leave you right? I hope you do. After all that we've been through. After all that has happened. I cant. Even if I tried I wont be able to. Its just not possible. You've changed my life. And I know I've changed yours too. It was never meant to be, really. But its funny how it completely turned itself around, and now its anything but 'not meant to be'. Yeah, all of this may sound a little cliched. But I dont care because I cant think straight right now. The thought of you 'going away forever' has been torturing me ever since I knew. And now its right in my face.

I FINALLY found someone who I KNOW I can go a long way with. But now she has to go away. Why? This is so unfair. Very unfair.

Ofcourse we can make this work. Ofcourse we can! Its the same country. Its not like you're going to the other end of the world. Even then I guess we could. I just dont want you away from me. I'm so used to being around you. Your aura, I love it. I love your sweet scent. Your touch. Those are the things without which I'll feel incomplete.

Technology has moved so forward now, I can see you through my Tab. While walking around at home! But its the fact that I wont be able to hug you. Or hold you or tickle you to make you laugh haha...

I love you and everything about you and nothing can change that. No person, thing or place can. No distance can. I'll always be with you. <3

I know today was 'apparently' the last time we met in Karachi. But lets not call it that. Lets be optimistic. I'll see you again. I know I will. Somehow I'll come to you or you'll come to me. Just never give up on me. I'll miss your amazing smile. That face you make when we look at each other, its so cute! I'll miss it. All of it. So much.

People say long-distance never works out. But I think its time to prove them wrong. What we have. Its special. And oh God. All the stuff you made for me. NOBODY has ever done so much. You have no idea how special you make me feel. You made me cards and a 100 page BOOK! I cant believe it.

Your amazing stuffff:

I loved this card. To bits and pieces.

The card you made for our 5th month. <3
And the stuff you gave meee <3

The book you made for me. I have no words for this. So much effort. Wow.

Our amazing Photobooth session! <3

I'll keep all of this forever and everrrrrrrrrrrr! And I hope you liked what I made for you too, it was the best I could do. <3 :*

I will never forget all the memories. They're printed in the back of my mind and will always stay there. Best days of my life I've had. With you and only with you.

Love you forever. <3

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I am officially a SHARK!

By looking at the title of this post many of you can probably guess that I got into Nixor College! Yes, I'm officially a Shark. Couldn't be happier! Plus, I got in on a scholarship *huge smile*. Anyway, there's a lot of catching up to do, isn't there? Im blogging after nearly a month. Didn't get time during Ramadan, and Eid, but I hope all of you had a great Ramadan and Eid! Because I know I did. 'Twas awesome!

Well, the first and most important day that came since I blogged was 13th August, 2012. Yes, the day many call Judgement day. I was rather excited though, but scared at the same time. Though the fact that it was THE DAY that decides our future, didn't hit me yet. I only realized how important, serious and how nail-biting the situation was when I actually got to my school.

I was anxiously waiting, but when my principal finally told me the result, I was filled with joy. My principal told me that I got 11 straight As, out of which 6 were A*s. I got the highest grades overall in my whole school! :D I was quite happy.
Funny and unexpected part is, my name was all over in Karachi. I came in the news paper on 19th August, in Dawn. My name was also on billboards! It was surprising when my friends told me that they saw my name  on billboards and in the newspaper. 

So after results, it was time to make one of the most important decisions in my life. I had to pick which college I had to go to. I applied to Nixor College and was offered a scholarship, based on the grades. Many people told me to go to KGS. But I didnt because the majority of the people I know take tuitions at KGS. Im the kind of person who never takes tuitions. I mean, whats the point? You pay so much tuition fee at school, and being a good student, you end up taking tuitions yourself? Why not just do everything privately then? At Nixor, students aren't allowed to take tuitions in the first place. And without tuitions, they still end up getting really good grades. Nixor is a world of its own, a place where you can be social and participate in every extra-curricular without being afraid of losing time to study. Thats the kind of school I want and the kind of school I like. So I went for it, and now, I'm officially a SHARK! :D

Just yesterday I went to the Meet and Greet event. It was awesome! The atmosphere was great and everyone was very friendly!

Anyway, its nice to post here again and I'm glad I'm a Shark!

Take care people!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Time flies...

Whoa, Summer is almost over... Its almost August. Results are on the 13th, and it seems like its just around the corner. And maybe I'm scared, or maybe I dont feel it. Or maybe I'm trying to hard to not be scared so I can't feel it.Whatever it is, I hope it goes okay.And I JUST got used to the summer, it just flew by like it was nothing.

Time really does fly, and I believe its not just when you’re having fun, its also when you’re REALLY busy throughout, and when you’re drowned in errands and tasks to complete, whether they’re enjoying or not. Its just like when we’re in an exam that involves a lot of writing, and there’s a LOT of allotted time. We dont realize, and suddenly, 5 minutes are left. Ofcourse, the exam wouldn’t particularly be enjoying, but it would require a lot of attention, concentration and work.

I just hope this year wouldn’t be as busy, strenuous, and tense as the previous one… I want this year to be relaxing, and lucky for me. I hope I do well on my O’ Levels, and live with satisfaction through this year… I hope A Levels go well too and the new college I'd be in, no matter which one (thought I really do hope I get into the one i want). I don't want anything special, anything but disappointment.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ramadan Kareem!

Hello everyone! It is finally that time of year again when we all become good boys and good girls. No parties, music, movies, bad language or anything that us teenagers have the tendency of doing. Well, for at least a month. Then, sadly we'd all be back to our normal routines where all of that is included. Haww.

Yesterday being the first day of Ramadan, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Especially because its the summer and the heat can be excruciating. But it went quite well, Alhamdulillah. And like last year, I plan to finish the Quran! Also, the best part about this year is that I dont have school in Ramadan! Isn't that awesome? Since I'm going to start A levels now, colleges open after Eid! So, waking up at 2 in the afternoon after Sehri? Hell yes.

Anyway, Ramadan Mubarak to all of you! Have a happy, holy month and enjoy the amazing delights of Iftaari that we never have for the rest of the year, haha!

Monday, 16 July 2012

The New Spidey: Better or Worse? And Something Completely Irrelevant.

Hey guys! So, as you can see from the title, you'll probably presume that I have watched the new Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman. Recently I've seen loads of people argue about the fact that Andrew Garfield was better or Tobey Maguire was better and blaaah blaaah blaah. So I decided to give my view. Most of the people who have said that Andrew Garfield was better, were girls that were infatuated by the apparent heartthrob, Andy Garfield. And ofcourse, the classic and loyal fans of the Spiderman Trilogy will continue to support Mr. Tobey. As a neutral watcher of all of the four movies, I'd have to give it to Mr. Garfield. Yes, his acting was superb. He presented the idea of a 'geek' excellently, being so nervous each time he spoke to his crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Just his overall representation of Spiderman was very similar to the good old comics and the cartoons. No doubt, Tobey Maguire was great as well, but Andy did a fantastic job as the new Spidey.

And in terms of the movie, I really enjoyed it. That too, in 3D. The action scenes, the Lizard Man, everything   impressed me and exceeded my expectations. I really thought that it would be an average movie since the whole cast was replaced. But I was really impressed.

The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Anyway, for all those who havent watched it, I suggest you do asap! You'll have a heck of a time, trust me.

Well, now its time for the 'Something Completely Irrelevant' part of the post.

Have any of you guys EVER traveled in a public bus? It is a HECK of an experience. I nearly died had a heart attack the first time. Its crazy! I wanted to try it for the heck of it. Guys seriously have to JUMP onto the bus to get on. It doesn't stop. It just slows down and you have to literally run after it and JUMP on it. And sometimes, its SO crowded. People have to freaking climb the bus and sit on the roof, its hilarious! And  SO, SO dangerous!

Haha, it was a lot of fun. And its the same case while getting off. You have to jump off like some sort of stuntman in an action scene from a movie. Ok maybe thats an exaggeration, but you DO have to jump off a moving vehicle! And the people on the bus, they are usually ones who are manual labourers or are looking for cheap transport, so they really STARE at people like me, dressed in western clothes. And something hilarious happened with me as well.

I was standing at the exit of the bus, where I was getting ready to jump off as it slows down. I had my headphones plugged into my phone, and my phone was in my pocket. As soon as the bus slowed down, I felt a slight tug on the wire coming out of my pocket. I quickly turned and looked at it, and I saw a random hand grabbing the wire. I honestly was confused, and realized it was a pick-pocket! So I looked up, but the person, as cunning as a fox, quickly took back his hand immediately, and I couldn't recognize the thief. The bus was SO crowded, it could've been anyone's hand. So I just jumped off quickly, and checked my pockets. Thank God, nothing was missing.

Just LOOK at that! Those people climbing the bus, they're climbing it while its MOVING. Oh how I love my country and its people, haha.

What an experience, honestly.

Success Kid - Traveled in a Bus in Karachi Came out Alive. Oh yes.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Sometimes, people complain about how lonely they feel. Or how alone they are in life, and that they have no one to socialize with or to interact with.Well, yeah I do agree that it kind of sucks at times. When I moved here, I was like any new guy would be. I didn't have friends, I didn't know anyone and I had no social life. I hated it. But the only thing that helped me survive before I made friends, were my TRUE friends. Books, the internet, movies, video games and TV. Yes. My true friends. Things that never leave me ( thank God for that).

In two years time, things got back to normal. I went to school, started making friends from everywhere and I got back to the busy life schedule that I had. Only then, I truly realized the amazing feeling of solitude. Being alone isn't always so bad, I mean only if you know that you're not friendless, but yeah, being alone can be really great.

Firstly, its SO relaxing. Simply lying there on your bed or on the sofa, listening to your favourite music and relaxing your muscles feels awesome. Its like, one of my favourite things to do. I dont know about everyone else, but try it. Just clear your mind once, and lie down, listen to music and just relaaaax. It relieves mental stress, tension and anxiety as well.

Add caption
Also, reading is one of the few awesome parts of solitude. Im guessing that most people who blog, and read blogs also read novels. Being alone, and reading an awesome novel is a LOT of fun. Especially novels like Harry Potter. I remember before when I read The Deathly Hallows, I used to be SO indulged in it that an actual illustration would play in my head as I'd read the book, and I would be completely isolated from whatever was around me. I wouldn't even be able to hear my parents call me. It was SO intriguing.

And all the other stuff too, surfing the internet and watching all the random and funny videos on Youtube, watching movies, watching TV, doing all of these things alone can sometimes be MUCH more fun rather than doing them with friends. Its because you can do as you please, and you feel relaxed about not having any commitments (this only works if you're on vacation, haha).

Also, praying can really calm your mind. And doing it alone. Asking God for what you want, and praying to Him makes you feel very relaxed as well.

So yeah, being alone isn't as bad as they all say. You just need to embrace what you have and learn to use it for your own good, and it usually turns out to be quite awesome.

So true.

Friday, 29 June 2012

The Best Day Of My Life? Probably.

You know, its not about where you spend your day or how you spend it. Its about who you spend it with. Whether it may be with yourself (alone time), with your friends, your family, or your lovers, thats what matters. Who you spend it with.

Last Thursday, what would've seemed like a mediocre 'time out with friends' ended up being the best day of my life. Probably.

We didn't do much, other than hang out. It was just a few friends, and someone that was more than a friend. Yes people, since you wanted me to blog more about that special someone, and since I mentioned earlier that I will be seeing her more often, she came too. And she was the one who made my day. Well, she makes my day everyday. So nothing big there. But something was special about last Thursday. Something that words simply cant describe. Or maybe my vocabulary isn't as capacious for me to explain. But it was a day I probably wont forget.

She's so beautiful, you know? I mean, not just physically. As a person. She's a beautiful person. The extent that someone would go to just because they care about someone is limited, or so I thought it was. And I can't even begin to be thankful that I met her. Because it wouldn't be enough.

Anyway, we were supposed to go out to Cinnabon. I love their cinnamon rolls. Ever tried them? If not, PLEASE do. Its in Dolmen City, Clifton. You should try it asap!

Looks delicious, doesn't it? I love this stuff. Anyway, I got there a bit earlier, and waited. I was looking down from the first floor, and I finally saw her arrive. And my oh my, did she make my jaw drop. I was flabbergasted.

Anyway, I said my hello's and hi's to my friends, and we proceeded to Cinnabon. We had great laughs, and enjoyed every bit of it. We then walked around the mall, acted foolish and went into Hyperstar. There, some of my friends wanted to try the food (for some odd reason, haha).

After having a good time at Dolmen, we went to get some fresh air. Yes. We went to Hilal Park. Now here is where we got kind of retarded. We started playing truth or dare, and dared eachother ridiculous things. We dared two girls to give flowers to two random guys. It was hilarious, haha. And we dared a guy to hug a random child, and that little kid started crying when he approached him! It was so funny. He probably thought that he would be kidnapped.

Well, then we said our goodbyes, and eventually went home. But it was a great day, a great way to start the forever-awaited-summer.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hello everyone! Guess what?

I feel so free. Like a bird. If only I could fly...

I feel like doing exactly this:

Its such an awesome feeling. Most of you probably know how its like. It feels as if you can do anything you want, whatsoever, and no responsibilities, commitments or tasks are stopping you from doing so. You finally get to do what YOU want, not what you should. And best of all, this time around, schools AFTER EID! HELL TO THE YES. I am so happy. And what a way to end the day, I had math! And it was a quite good paper for me!

Anyways, most of you are also free, or are on the verge of freedom, so please do tell me your plans for the summer!

I plan to do many things! I want to continue my football and Muay Thai training, my nani is coming from Dubai this summer (YAY!), and lastly, im going to spend as much time as I can with someone who's just simply amazing. Exams have been really annoying, and I haven't been out with her for quite a while now. But I shall meet her tomorrow, and I cant wait!

Oh and I also plan on catching up with all the awesome movies I missed out because of the intense time I spent  doing nothing  studying. Let me know of some good movies in the comments!

Anyways, I shall be blogging more often now since I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

For now, take care people! Ceeeya.

Friday, 20 April 2012

What a Day.

Today was officially my last day at school. And to be completely honest, no matter how crappy my school was, I'll miss it. Well, not the school or the teachers or anything, but the experiences I've had through the school. The friends. All that. I dont know how I felt today after I walked out through the school gates for the last time. It was hard to believe that I probably wouldnt walk through that door the next morning, or even for weeks.

I'll miss school life. How its so easy, without as much work to do. But hey, everyone grows up eventually, don't they?

Its all SO good...


I didn't want to blog about my last day today. I wanted to write about something else. About someone I know. Someone who I haven't known for long, but perhaps, maybe I've known her forever. From some other life. Or maybe from some other dimension. Must be something. No one can just click so fast. There must be something, some sort of connection.

It all happened so fast, and is happening fast. I don't know if I can control it, or even if I want to. Who knows of tomorrow? Live like there's no tomorrow. Make the most out of any opportunity you get. You never know, tomorrow may be something you never expected.

Yeah, I'm never expressive face-to-face. Not as much anyway. But here is one place where I can let it all out. Emotions, feelings, blaaah deee booo. Everything. All I want to say right now, is that what happened today is indescribable. I don't know if there are words. If there are, I wish my vocabulary was that widespread, so I'd be able to describe it. Or maybe the words just haven't been invented yet.

I just know that I loved every bit of it.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Cant Wait...

One of the most anticipated things of this year for me has ALMOST arrived. Almost. It makes me annoyed, irritated and stressed to see the word 'almost' flash over and over again in my head. But yes, sometimes, even when something is SO close, it seemingly takes ages, or EONS (yes, exaggeration does leave an impression of how serious the matter is) for it to actually arrive.

I cant wait till it ends. Till its all over. Till I'm done with this school. With my O' Levels. I'm tired of doing what I dont want. Tired of studying unnecessary subjects. Tired of focusing on what I'm NOT supposed to focus. Most importantly, I'm GLAD that I'm done with this God forsaken school. Yeah, I admit I'll miss my friends from my apparent, 'new' school. But that's it. The system, facilities (Psh, as if there were any), faculty (maybe except one, or two) is something I most definitely WONT miss.

What I miss is my school back where I used to live. It was perfect for me. But lets not let nostalgia take over once more. Yeah, I'll obviously miss the kind of life I have at school. Easy, very few responsibilities, causing trouble with my friends. I know I'll miss these days as the "good ol' days".
 My point is, after I'm done, what awaits is something known as College Life. Yeah, I've heard a LOT about it. Parties, fun, socializing, blaaah dee boooo! Whatever it is, I cant wait for something new. Something non-monotonous. I'm exhausted of the same sickening routine every f***ing day. Seriously. And the worst part is, the days pass by SO slow.

I'm tired of studying all day. Sitting on the same table, staring at the same textbook I've been staring at for 3 years, and reading the same chapter over and over again, causing a meltdown in my head. I just hope I get into the A level school I want. Cant wait till these exams are over, and I get my results so I can apply!

Oh and, before results, and after exams. SUMMER HOLIDAYS. CAN NOT WAIT. I have SO many things planned. I shall continue my Muay Thai training, since Ive been on a break recently. I'll watch SO many movies that I need to catch up on. Read all the books that I was planning to. Best of all, I'll NOT study. The joy of even the mere thought makes me want to cry of happiness. Makes me shed tears.

Anyway, I just hope time flies. I mean, im  NOT having fun. But still. Hope it does anyway.
Well, hope you guys have been having a great time! Ciao!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Dimension. A Different World.

Time for another movie influenced post? Yes!

Recently I just went to watch this kick-ass movie, called John Carter. Have you guys watched it? If no, watch it. Now. Just do it. It leaves you thinking. Besides, when does Disney ever make anything that isn't worth watching?

Its basically about this warrior who was in the army, and gets sent to another planet by accident. Pretty good movie, but I didn't want to blog about the movie. It was the thought of being in a different world that came to me, and made me think

Imagine. You are suddenly transported to a totally world that would be totally unapprehended? It could be anything. Another dimension. Planet. Galaxy. Solar system.

Things like these make me ponder about the Bermuda Triangle. Black holes. Where did all those ships go? Where are those people now? Maybe the supernatural things, that are out of our comprehension and are without explanation really exist. Maybe there IS life on mars. Maybe half-nude aliens, running around with sticks and four arms DO exist? (Movie reference. Do not think im crazy!).

Imagine if we actually met them. I'd probably run away. Sometimes, I actually feel like going to places like the Bermuda Triangle. But then you never know what'd happen to you. So it just seems REALLY scary.

What if there were monsters? Monsters that destroyed anything that seemed alien to them. What if there were human-like figures who loved feasting on humans?

Eventhough it sounds ridiculous, we all think about it. Freaks. Monsters. New dimensions. Anti-gravity. Witches under our bed. A face on the window at night, before going to bed. The supernatural will always be interesting, and will not go out of fashion until we completely figure it out. Which is never.

Anyway, hope you liked this post. It was relatively short, because of my relatively short amount of free time. I dont even think I HAVE free time. But I felt like I had to post something. And because a special someone was missing my blogs. So hope you like it!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

But You Didnt Have to Cut Me Out, Make Out Like It Never Happened and That We Were Nothing.

We all have that one friend, or maybe more than one if we're that unlucky, who sooner or later becomes one of the closest people to us. But then, something unfortunate, unintentional, and extremely stupid happens that leads to that friendship meaning NOTHING.

Yeah, some of you may know what I'm talking about, but those who don't, well, you're really lucky. And always be ready. It can happen at any time, any place, or any moment.

The thing is, its happened too many times now. I don't know who to trust anymore. My best friend drowned with his girlfriend's infatuation, and after their break up, he was back to normal. Quite miserable really, until he got over her. He came running back to us then, his ACTUAL friends.

Now, hes got another girlfriend.And hes turning into the same person he was before. We try to tell him. Try to give him advice. We aren't his toys, that he'd just throw away for a girl.This is just ONE situation, and that too, quite minor.

My other friend, who I knew for 4 years, completely erased me from her life just because her boyfriend was against it. Guess those four years of friendship didn't mean shit.

So yeah, we all have those kind of friends. Friends that were never really friends. And to be honest, it hurts. It really does.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Anyway, take care, be happy!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A True Story.

Hey everyone! Hope you've all been awesomely awesome as usual! And hello to my new followers! I know I've probably had a bad impression on all of you by being so inconsistent, but thats only because i've been studying like crazy for my final O' Levels. I just hope I get through with good grades.

Anyway, the reason why I'm especially taking time out today to blog is to update my page AND to give you guys a good post to read. Also, because of a little story my mother told me.


In the present day, fortune-telling has become an industry. In many places, you find these weird people with long beards and eccentric clothes, uttering out crap thats basically staged, over and over again. Women with stupid magic 'balls', cards that would predict the future, etc. These are all scams to earn money. I mean, for entertainment's sake its acceptable, but being accustomed to it? I mean come on. Do you really think if these people would be able to see the future and contact the 'dead', they'd be sitting in a caravan or in a circus, taking money from people to look into their future? People can be so stupid.

I mean seriously, look at that retarded woman. Do you really think she would be able to tell you about your future? All these people do is tell you things that are very obvious and apparent, and fool you with their flattery and end up taking shit loads of money from you.

Anyway, its time for the scary side. I myself never believed in predicting the future until my mom told me a story. A story about one of our own family members, a very old one actually, who had weird visions and was said to be crazy. She was my grandmother's cousin who was orphaned at a young age. What happened was, she started living with my grandmother's family. One night, when she was around seven or eight, she went out to take some water out of the well. Somehow, she fell in. The next day, no one could find her anywhere. People looked everywhere, and my great grandfather was very worried. So my grandmother herself went to the well to get water for him, and found her cousin there, stuck inside, fainted. She quickly ran and called for help. They took her out. Since that day, she started acting very oddly. I mean, she was still normal, but sometimes she had attacks of trauma and panic, and had fits. My mom told me that something weird happened to her that night. Whenever she uttered weird things out of her mouth, people thought it was only because of the severe trauma she faced as a child.

Now, here's what the weird part is. When my mom got engaged to my dad, he went to my grandmother's house to meet the family, etc. He met my grandmother's cousin too. As soon as she saw my dad, she started crying. And everyone was shocked, they kept asking her what was wrong. All she said was 'Nahi, kuch nahi hai. Mujhe chor do.' (Nothing, nothing happened. Leave me alone) With sobs. My mom was really confused.  Soon, she told my grandmother a few days later that the man that she saw was going to be very sick, and his life would never be the same. And my grandmother told her she was crazy, and was just being absurd. Well, in a few weeks my dad had to go to Seychelles for a business trip. There, he was in a huge accident. He lost his front teeth, his knee broke, so did his femur. And this was in 1989, when artificial joints weren't there. He had 18 operations, and more than 150 stitches all over his body. Now he walks without a knee in his right foot.

No matter how hard he'd try, he could never have the same life. He was an amazing sportsman.Used to be a 100m champion, a great cricketer too. But I could never see it. I could never see him run, or sit comfortably. I guess God has His reasons for everything He has done, but I just wished I would have seen my father as he really was. Energetic, alive, vibrant. Ive seen his pictures. Whenever I wanted to go on a rollercoaster, or to play a family game, or whenever there was a Parent's race on sports day, I always saw his face. It wasn't anger or disappointment. It was was plain longing to be able to do something like that. Every man wants to be involved in sports with his son. Its every man's dream, even mine. I would love to spend quality time with my son, if I'd have one, doing sports. But I guess my dad didnt get that chance. Anyway, I just want to say that I love you dad. Regardless of whatever has happened, you are the most awesome dad anyone can ever have. And Im sorry if I was ever rude to you, or mean.

Anyway, coming back to fortune telling. She was right. He was in bed rest for 6 months. I dont know how she saw it. Maybe something hit her right there, something that made her confident that my dad's future was going to be changed.

Doesnt it make you wonder? It certainly made me wonder.

Anyway, hope you liked this post, after so long! Take care!

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Millions of people in this world probably have this resolution for 2012; to keep fit/to become fit or fitter. Being fit is one of the very few things that are extremely essential for life. And everyone has their own way of doing it. Many people resort to the gym, people jog in the mornings, people join fitness clubs, health clubs, or even join YOGA. Believe it or not, yoga keeps you extremely fit, slim and increases your flexibility by a huge margin. Many people start various sport activities, like football, squash, tennis, or badminton. Being more fit is one of my few new year resolutions, so, I started a little thing known as Muay Thai.

I dont expect most of you to know what it is, but in common words, Its Thai Kickboxing. Yes, a martial art. I used to do Kickboxing back in Dubai from the eighth to the tenth grade, and I stopped because I was moving here. I've been out of practice for over a year, but I've finally decided to continue and pursue this passion! Not just to stay fit, but to continue the sport. I started it around a month back, yes, well before 2012, but that was just so I could get into the rhythm. From now on, its going to be a routine! Along with football, kickboxing too was a passion of mine, but I unfortunately had to stop due to the unavailability of the sport. But luckily I found myself a park here, in Karachi, where they have a gym, a running track and everything you need to work out. So, my friends and I decided to go to it every now and then to work out and train amongst ourselves with guidance from people who have experience in the sport.

Believe it or not, its an excellent way to keep fit. I've lost some weight over the past month, and can already see the difference in myself. Its quite excellent, to be honest.

Most of you may think that its a horrible sport, it involves blood, breaking each other's bones, etc etc. Well, I beg to differ. Yes, it may involve those things, but sometimes, considering where we live, we HAVE to know how to protect ourselves. The world as it seems, is not a very nice place.
Also, its not just about self-defence, its about keeping fit, and mainly for men, its a pride thing. To be tough, to be able to protect. I'm not going to be subtle about this, yes, every man wants to be able to protect, to be able to defend and to be tough. Its in our nature, its how we were created.

Besides, it gives you a great physique, and builds your core. It makes you resistant to pain and it makes you patient. Patience is something I need DESPERATELY. I am one of the most impatient individuals you will ever come across, believe me.

Also, it makes you learn cool things like this:


Cool, yes? Haha, I know how to do most of this. Awesome, right? Well, school re-opens tomorrow! Wish me luck! Gah, same old waking up in the morning... How sad. Anyway, see you guys later!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The First Post of 2012!

Heyyy everyone! How have all of you been? I have been drowned with exams and competitions and I have had NO time for anything else. Im finally on winter break, and got some time for sharing some of the recent things with you guys. I hope all of you understand and aren't sick of my inconsistency!

Let me use a picture to explain things more clearly:

As you can see, social life AND good grades, means NO sleep, or in other words, no time for anything else. I  currently got my grades too. And can you believe I got a ninety-nine in my chemistry mock? I could't believe it myself. Heck, I STILL cant believe it. I've never seen a 99 written on any exam of mine. It was amazing.

Anyway, leaving that aside, I remember the last thing I blogged about was the day before my MUN experience. Yes, I went to Szabist Model United Nations. I have only one word for it: EPIC. It was the social extravaganza. Seriously, the amount of friends, and the KIND of friends I made out of it, undescribe-able.

The country that my delegation was given was USA, and dont think that I'm extremely lucky to get that. USA is the WORST country you can get. Why? Because everything is SO transparent. The whole world knows what USA is upto, and when the time to criticize comes, its so easy to pick on the poor delegate who has USA, AKA, me. Everyone attacked me SO much, and thats the main reason why the debating was SO hectic. Also, the whole crisis session was about USA, and how USA was going to carpet bomb a nation. So, in the end, since I was in SO much crap, I ended up getting only an Honorary Mention. If I would've been more experienced and if I wouldve been able to defend myself as USA, I probably would've gotten Outstanding Diplomacy. Oh well, there's always a next time!

On a brighter note, we had four AMAZING social events. The conferences, however, were the usual. Intense, fierce, competitive, and fun. The social events were loads of fun.

The first was the Global Dhamaal, which was basically a global village, where people set up stalls according to their respective countries.

The UAE stall. *Sigh* Nostalgia struck me there.

Bhangra guys. We bhangra-ed like retards! And this was just the first night.

The second event was the formal dinner, Black Label. It was AWESOME. It was SUPPOSED to be a formal dinner, where people would sit down, and have dinner like normal people, and we did exactly that on the other hand, MADE it into another dance party by randomly dancing to the music. This is what I wore:

Imagine dancing in THAT. FUN, but difficult. Anyway, the third event was a Qawwali, which was fun too, but unfortunately, I dont have any pictures of it.

Finally, the last event was the disco party, Discomacy. It was CRAZY. Everyone was going nuts, dancing like there was no tomorrow. There were some break dancers too who performed, it was a lot of fun.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I took these in a hurry while dancing like a maniac with my dumb phone, to have atleast something from the event, since I did NOT want to risk getting my camera.

All in all, it was an awesome experience, and now I'm really looking forward to more MUNs that will be coming next month and this month!

*              *                *               *                 *               *                 *              *               *                  *

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Do tell me how you spent your New Year's Eve, because all I did was get bored at home. I got invited to this awesome party at my friend's place, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed by my parents. *Sigh*. It was horrible. Hopefully your New Year's Eve wasn't totally boring and uneventful like mine.

And whats worse, is that SCHOOL re-opens tomorrow :'(... Just when I was beginning to get used to sleeping at 4 AM, and getting up at 2 everyday, it just HAD to happen. But hey, on a brighter note, Its my birthday in 14 days! And that means GIFTS. Ohyes. Ive been waiting for this for a long, LONG time. And im going to be eighteen years old! That means, hello adulthood? Wow. I remember my fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays like they were only a few days ago. And now, I'm almost an adult.

Time really does fly...

Well, I need to get going now, I have to go to a friend's birthday! Lets see how that goes. Anyway, goodbye people! Enjoy your days off while they last!