Friday, 8 April 2011


I know you guys may be going like, WTF? WHAT THE F**K? Is this guy demented? o: Its *CARTOGAPHY*, not Kartography psh o: Well, only people who’ve read the book, Kartography, would understand. You know, I wouldnt call it the best piece of Literature that I’ve had my hands on, but its definitely a book with which I can relate myself. For you people out there from Karachi, well, WOW, if you havent read this book, you should. No matter how difficult it may be for you to get it, GO OUT THERE AND GET IT. READ IT FOR GODSSAKE. No seriously, read it. Its just, all so true, so “OMG I KNOW THOSE PLACES THAT THE AUTHORS MENTIONING” or, “I KNOW THE SLANG WORDS SHES USING ! I USE THEM!” So yeah. A person who’s been to Karachi would like it too. Not just that though, the story itself is VERY interesting.

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