Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Timeline (Phases & stuff too)

Okay, so most of you probably know what a timeline is. Since I think you should get to know me better, I've set up a timeline of myself! And, being adolescents and stuff, we have our phases. Some embarrassing, some cool, some lame, some funny. Here are most of the phases I had. Hope you enjoy it :)

Okay, so this picture is of when I was born. This is my grandmother! (For the Pakistanis, my Dadi.)

This picture is from when I was around 9-10 months old. Yes, I was very, very chubby. And huge.

Growing up. I think this is one of the only pictures of myself in Kindergarten that I have. Oh, and the other kid, hes my younger brother :) Im on the right, btw.
(7 years old)

My first spiky haircut! (13 years old)

Bangs Phase. Lol, I actually thought this looked good. All i can say is, I was really dumb. Thank God a friend of mine, who I've blogged about here, made me get out of this phase hahaha. (Fourteen years old)

The Hoodie Phase. I got my first ever awesome hoodie as a birthday gift, and I suddenly started to fancy them a lot. Err... yeah dont ask. Lol.

Okay, now, comes a phase which is extremely hard to explain. Do any of you know what Parkour is? Yeah. I had a Parkour phase too. For those of you who dont know, its basically being all daredevil-ish and doing stunts to get past things. Also jumping up and down walls. Yes, pretty much sounds like what a monkey does, but hey, Youtube it, its really cool.

This is a picture of when I was fifteen, from my building, back in Sharjah, UAE.

Okay, now along with the Parkour phase, I had another phase too. This was the "BMX Phase". Now for those of you who dont know what a BMX is, its a stunt bicycle on which you jump things and do cool stuff. Yeah, those were the good old days :/
This was also, when i was fifteen.

Okay, so this is from when I started liking messy hair. Plus, my first shave ! :D

MY FIRST HUUUUUUUGE SLIDE! This was in Atlantis, the best waterpark everrr.

Okay, now comes the time when I got my braces. Yes, its ugly. Its horrifying. Its freaky. But dont worrry, I dont have them anymore, and I now have STRAIGHT teeeeth :D Eeeeh. And yes, the colour is reedddd :D Hahahah

Moving on, the next phase was my "Lame Edits Phase"

Now, this phase took quite a while to go. I dont know why I liked this, but it was REALLY lame.
I think this was when I was about to be 16 in a few weeks.  I also owe my realization of this being lame to the friend I mentioned earlier. :P

Along with my lame edits phase, also came the Beanie Phase. Now, I didnt think it was half bad? Tell me about it in the comments !

Ok, so AFTER this whole phase of the Lame Edits, the Parkour Phase returned! But only for a while. It was when I was in the gym phase too ! But I dont have any gym picturess. But I do have a picture of me jumping over something quite high :) This was when I was sixteen !
Superman Tee Shirt Phase. To be honest, I STILL havent got over this. I love superman shirts. And Superman IS most certainly the greatest fictional hero. :D

The next phase is one of my favourites ! Its the Nerdy Glasses phasee ! :) Haha

Now comes the DSLR Phase. I just started to LOVE the amazing picture quality of the DSLR Camera :P

I am currently still in this phase. Sort of. I mean, I prefer a DSLR now, over any camera. :)

Another one of my phases was the Funny Shirt Phase. Now, I STILL have this shirt. And I HAVE worn it in public :) Its really cool.

The Cowboy-hat Phase ! This only lasted for 3-4 days though lol.

Now comes the Aviators phase. I love these sunglasses ! :D
PS, the guy on the right is a friend of mine :) butt you probably wouldve figured that out. Lol

And lastly, me now, in my sideburns phase. Oh, and I still fancy aviators ! :D

Oh well, thats the end of it finally ! Haha. I hope you liked it ! And please, comment telling me which was your favv phase/timeline picture and why ! Thanks :D


Shahana said...

i love the dslr phase....huge fan of photography!!the nerdy glasses....luks cool :)

Mishi said...

Omg. I remember every phase of your life.
- Almost :P.
You're welcome for getting you out of your horrible phases. Now you have that lame forward messaging phase. Get over it, right now.

chocolatemilk said...

@Shahana Thanks hahaha xD Yeah, I love that cameraa!

@Mishi Lol :P haha xD
Haha, thats not a phase :P I only do it when im bored and have nothing better to do. :P So dont worry, im not accustomed to it. <3

Eeshie said...

Dawwwww....your bangs weren't THAT bad...

And dang. You've always looked older than your age. That's cool...


chocolatemilk said...

Haha, really? xD Thanks :P

Lol well, im 17 now. How old do I look? xD

Followww meee :)

Jen Eat World said...

hahaha Parkour!!! Those pictures are hilarious!! I tried Parkour once but it didn't turn out well lol
Love your blog!! That's so cool that you're from Pakistan!! I've always wanted to go there!! I'm from the States, and it's super boring here, so yeah.
Following you now!!
--- Jen

chocolatemilk said...

Haha thankss :)
Wow, really? First time Ive seen someone who wants to come here :P
Boring in the States? Really? I doubtt thaaat haha.
Yay :)

Furree Katt said...

i missed you!
you were a cute baby. that picture of your Dadi and you is veryyy adorable. i don't have one like that with my Dadi :(
well i think all your phases were normal for the ages that you were when you went through them.
the editing one was too good, 'Asiff' hahaha
red and white shorts = AWESOME
jumping over pillows = AWESOME
superman tee = AWESOME
nerd glasses = AWESOME
sideburns = AWESOME
you are awesome, ya hear me?

i thoroughly enjoyed this post.

chocolatemilk said...

Hahah I missed you too ! :D
Lol haha yeaah I guess :P

Lol haha seeeee :( I miss it toooo.

Thanksss Furrreee. You're wayy awesomerr.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Loved the 'OH SHIT' T-Shirt :p

chocolatemilk said...

Thanks man :P

cricketfreak said...

I liked the bangs phase. and you're right, the DSLR camera takes the best photos. :)

chocolatemilk said...

Haha thanks :)
Yeah it does! :)