Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thats Not Why I Love You.

Okay, first off, i haven't blogged in weeks. Thats because of stupid exams. But currently, im up at 3 am, with something on my mind which i cant keep locked in. I MUST let it out.
I MUST. Hahaha

So, before you read the rest, YOU MUST listen to this song first. You MUST. Im being way too persistent, right?

Okay, now, AFTER listening to this song and possibly paying attention to the lyrics, you will probably understand the point of this blog. Its ok if you still dont though.

Alright, now, Im going to be frank, being 17 years and 5 months old, my hormones are being very very annoying. They're getting out of control as we speak. Or as I write.

I dont know if I love her, but the whole cliche of loving someone because of their looks, appearance, smile, height, weight is stupid. At least thats what I think. Let me know if you think differently. But anyway, after listening to the song, and the lyrics, I can relate to it, and most probably loads of people can too. When you love or like someone, its not because of one particular trait. They may be beautiful, nice, have a great smile, have great gestures, may be cute, etc, but a person who truly likes someone else wouldn't LOVE another for the mentioned reasons. Love is something that builds up over time, a LONG period of time. All that you've been through, all that happened between the two, and how they experienced things together would lead to it. Being yourself around everyone is also a reason.

Personally, whoever Ive liked, it wasn't for their looks. It was because of the fact that they'd like the real me, they'd like me because of who I am. They find my funny, they find me attractive. Which makes me feel exactly like this:

:D happy Face

So yes, and not just that, it happens over the development of time. And yes, I know its hard to not appreciate someone and become obsessed because they're stunning, but beware, you are NOT in love. Crushes and love is VERY different.

Being kids, most people wouldn't understand. When I was 13, 14-ishh, I was pretty shallow too. I guess everyone does grow up at a certain point. The reason im blogging about this is that sadly, theres still people as old as me, and possibly older, who break hearts, play around with their partner, which is just depressing and upsetting. I personally have experience, and know people who've been through it.

SO PEOPLE. Hear me out. Whenever someone tells you they love you, dont believe them straight out. See how long you've known them. Dont be bamboozled by their appearance or flattered by their way of persuasion of how being with them would be so perfect. Think for a second, before you do anything. Dont be a mere fool, if he says he loves you in 3 days and you believe him, you, just like him, are not cool. Yes, I couldn't resist. Sorry. Hahaha, its 3 30 am. What can one expect. Well, hope you get the point of this.

Okay, take care people... Dream within a dream, HERE I COME.


Jen said...

Love the blog's new name!! And great post, so true!!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Ha ha Mr 17 and 5 months old,you seem like a very passionate wooer.And yes,you are 1000% right that love isn't all about weight,figure, complexion and stuff but it's about the person,how much you know them,or how much good time you have spent with them.I can't relate to it,as I have had obsessions,crushes, lusters* but no 'real'love.:D

BTW,your spectrum upon attractions,emotions are quite wide, impressively.Been able to differentiate between obsessions,crushes and love at 17 is simply awesome.Because at this stage this is just like been able to tell the difference b/w a gay and Justin Bieber :D

This is my second visit to your blog,and I like it.REALLY.
And thanks for following my Blog -__-

Furree Katt said...

i like the new blog name :D
so yeah, Hamza's comment basically summed up what i wanted to say.
*imagining someone saying 'i love you' only after three days* LOLLL

Anum said...

Hi :)
This is my 2nd visit to your blog too; 2nd comment as well. :D Your post is spot on! Eventhough, you know, looks play a big part in forming an impression when you first meet someone, it kind of wavers off after a while if they don't have a good persobnality.
And aaaahhh I'm taking my O levels too! :( Ugh. Which subjects do you have? It sucks when you've been studying something for 3 years and you mess up in the FINAL exams. I've started ranting and whining too much. Not good. Anyway, good luck!

That Middle Eastern Chick said...

I love that song... Btw, I like the name That Guy From Karachi XD

-That Middle Eastern Chick ;)

chocolatemilk said...

Jen : Thanks!

Hamza: Haha, thanks maan! That means a lot to me. And yeah, being 17 I guess it is kind of early. But Ive had loads of experiences... So yeah =/

Furree: Hahah HII :D Thankss :P Im not sure if I love... Cant say, cuz im not sure.

Anum: Haha thanks so much! Im taking the sciences! Aww, dont worry, it well all be well hopefully :)

Middle Eastern Chick: Haha thanks :)

Dodi said...

love is when u cant live without the person, love is liking that person no matter what flaws he/she is feeling the pain when he/she is in pain, love is not giving up on them..
btw im new to blogging, i get weird thoughts about life/love at night too and this looks like a cool idea...blogging lol

chocolatemilk said...

Hahah yeah, some of your points are very true.

Maryam said...

iCame. iRead. iLike. iLove. iComment. iFollow. iLeave.

chocolatemilk said...

Hahaha! Seems like you love Apple :P

ChickLitGirl said...

Aaaaaaw that is SO SWEET!
If you read my blog, you'll know, im a hopeless romantic.
Guys like you, ftw.

chocolatemilk said...

Haha thank you!

Yeah, I shall visit your blog :D

Haha aww, thanks.
Comments like yours, ftw. Made my day :D