Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We all love horror movies, dont we? If any of you dont, well its probably either because you're too scared to go through one, or because you're just boring. No offense. And I'm not talking about those lame horror movies with  lame concepts of terror and fear. Movies like Dreamcatcher aren't real horror. Im talking about The Exorcist (the old one), Paranormal Activity, The Grudge, etc. Currently, I am sitting in a dark room, at 3 am, refusing to look behind me because my mind is flooded with pictures of those movies, screenshots of fear. And yeah call me a wussy as you may, but honestly, these kind of movies, IF taken seriously, can really scare the shit out of you.
And the worst part is, the movie you watched can never be forgotten. The whole concept of 'scare' and all of those scenes where you'd pop open your eyelids and drop your jaw would still be imprinted in your head.

 I remember I watched Paranormal Activity alone, in the dark, on a flat-screen TV, a big one that is, at 2 am. I mean, whats the fun in watching a horror movie without it being dark and late at night? Doesn't have to be alone though. You could watch it with a couple of friends or cousins. But a dark and 'late-night' atmosphere MUST be maintained. So anyway, I WAS ALONE. And yeah, whenever something crept up the couple's bed, it felt like something was touching me gently too. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I take these things wayy too seriously. And then, the usual, not-being-able-to-sleep-because-the-troll/monster/ghost-under-my-bed-will-eat-me-if-my-eyes-are-not-open follows.

Also, The Exorcist was something that surprised me, and exceeded my expectations. Since it was released in 1973, my parents ALWAYS spoke about it, and they always said that no movie could ever match its concept of fear and scaring people. I always disagreed, making the excuse that the effects will be dumb because its an old movie. So, we decided to watch it one day. Ofcourse, the dark, late-night atmosphere was maintained. I was feeling just like this:

But after I started watching the movie, I started to feel like this:

So yeah, the movie did really impress me, and scare the shit out of me. Mainly because its the sort of horror which is POSSIBLE in real life. People DO get possessed. Ofcourse, there's no such thing as souls possessing them, its Jins.

Also, The Grudge was also one of the scariest movies Ive seen. Its also pretty realistic, because there is a such thing as a haunted house. The whole idea of the ghost haunting you until you die, no matter where you go, is REALLY scary.


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Kiran Ashraf said...

I am a Big horror movie fan n my mom really hates this thing about me :) cuz i make her watch some horror movies too...although she also has her favrioutes but she hates the gore blood bath scenes. I have watched all the movies u have mentioned but my personal fav is grudge.

Smokey_Cat said...

I love horror movies!

But I am such a 'phattoo' I can never, ever, ever watch them alone.

I have seen the movies you mentioned.Just thinking about 'Paranormal Activity' gives me the heebie jeebies.

Haha, I think everyone's parents have talked about how scary exorcist was. :P

AZ said...

I can't watch horror movies. Period. Once I saw a movie in which this shadow thingie kills people and I slept with my lights on... I can't watch em even with friends. I'm the most phatoo of all phatoos :P

Furree Katt said...
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Furree Katt said...

I LOVE THE GRUESOME HORROR FILMS WITH LOADS OF BLOOD! especially 30 days of Night, now that was all GORE ♥ and Scream 1, 2, 3, and 4, ALL THAT STABBING AND BLOOD AND BETRAYALLLLLL. *shivers in excitement* and Final Destination 1, 2, 3 and 4. everyone dies in such horrific ways :O
my mum always and forever talks about The Exorcist and how scary it is. i have no plans to watch it :P
i heard The Ring was pretty terrifying too. i wouldn't mind seeing The Grudge, though definitely with loads of people :D
that cat picture made me LOL.

Maryam said...

All the movies Furree mentioned are so awesome and the ones you mentioned too. :D

chocolatemilk said...

@Kiran: Hahah the gore and blood bath is only good if its realistic!
Haha cool, I loved the Grudge tooo.

@Smokey_Cat: HAHAHA, phattoo haha. Nice way to put it :P
Exorcist IS scary yaar. Seriously D:

@AZ: Hahah awww, yeah I know many people who cant either :P

@Furree: Hahah yeah! But 30 days of night was like, childish :P Same old vampires killing people, not close to reality :P
But Scream IS reallyyy freaky. And awesome tooo.
Final Destination isnt really pure horror, but yeah, its still really awesome. IVE WATCHED THE RING. ITS SO FREAKY. Haha

@Mariam: Haha wow, you really do like gore. xD

ovais said...


I could barely watch The Fog, Seconds Apart, Nightmare on Elm Street (the new one), Orphan, House of Wax, Wake Wood, Silent Hill (the only horror movie I can watch again and again), and Coraline.

Those are ALL the horror movies i'm EVER going to watch.

And I hate them because I dream of the movies after I see them ._.

Chely Boy said...

To be honest, Im not a big fan of horror movies, Paranormal Activity made me behave paradoxically for a few days, At times I was actually checking my closet before going to sleep, And well I actually considered filming my sleep too. And since then I stopped watching horror movies.

I would rather watch something that tickles my funny bone like an Adam Sandler movie or a Jim Carey movie or something that has Vin Diesel blowing up cars just because he can. :)

Peachyyy said...

I screamed my lungs out in Exorcist :D
Also, I love the Superman logo on the left.

Anas Shafqat said...

You've penned down all the horror movies that I love and get scared by :D

chocolatemilk said...

@Ovais: Haha house of wax, and silent hill were REALLY freaky. But I still really enjoyed them :P They didnt tear my insides out, which the rest did. xD HAHA yeah omg nightmares about them... Shit.

@Chely Boy: HAHAHA. Yeah Paranormal Activity was really scary. One of the most scary movies ever released. XD HAAHA sounds badd man :P

Haha, I'd rather watch a comedy too, especially a movie with Seth Rogen. That guy is fucking hilarious. But sometimes you want some seriousness y'know? haha

Peachy: LOL. IKR? The Exorcist WAS pretty badd.
xD Haha, yeaah superman rules.

@Anas: Haha, thats awesome :P

Kanwalful said...

Great blog. I LOVE horror movies. Absolutely addicted to them. Although I like ones with supernatural stuff better than gore.

chocolatemilk said...

Haha thanks! I LOVE THEM TOO! :D
YEAH! The gore is too... Unrealistic :P

Follow me! :D

Red Handed said...

Horror Movies are just awesome aint it!!!

i hate grudge though..the long hair chick doesnt get on my system...

i love the old exorcist and paranormal activity...part two sucked camel balls though~!

Did you catch up with the RITE..starring ANthony hopkins! Watch it just coz he is thr!!

chocolatemilk said...

Hahah yeah they're cool :P

LOL. She IS pretty freaky. Haha the old exorcist was much better, because it was original!

Nope. I'll check it out.