Monday, 25 July 2011

Thank You

Hey everyone! If you expected something creative from me today, sorry to disappoint you, because this blog will be mostly about random stuff, and you guys, however maybe the awards might grasp your attention...

Anyway, firstly, OMG 45 followers! Only 5 more to my first milestone! Wow. And in almost no time. I remember when I thought of blogging, and started it just for the fun of it, and I didn't care about what people thought, etc, but now, I WANT to entertain you guys, to give you something interesting to read, something funny sometimes, something serious sometimes because you guys are different; you CARE about what I have to say, and that makes me feel... well, it makes me feel quite excellent. Love you guys!

You know, many bloggers say that they're more open to their blogger friends than their real friends, and I agree. There are many things I have mentioned and blogged about here, many things I've shared. And the way I blog, the style of my writing/conveying my message is completely different to how I am with my friends. I mean, ofcourse, I'm still myself, but I guess everyone has a way of communicating to different kinds of people. Although when I speak to my closest friends, I speak in the same way I'd speak to each and every one of them.
You guys make me want to be creative, you guys motivate me to produce posts and create innovative ideas in my head, and that has helped me quite a LOT in my life too. And I've made a few couple of really cool friends through blogger too! I never really thought I'd ever feel truly happy after moving to Pakistan, but now I do. With things in my family working out, with me making new friends at my football club, and with you guys cheering me up with your amazing comments all the time, I've gotten much better. And all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Anyway, I finally got my FIRST AWARD :D

Thank you SO much Furbee esvy! She blogs at The world inside my head.

And now, I shall pass these awards along to...

Hamza who blogs at Teenage Mutiny

I doubt you haven't heard of him, since he has like 120+ followers, but he's a great blogger who basically blogs about random stuff, but its extremely interesting, and sometimes quite funny. But ALWAYS entertaining and interesting. Be sure to check him out :D

Furree who blogs at Furree Katt

You probably know her, so yeah. Since she has like 320+ followers!

Vice Versa who blogs at Cryptic Crap

Shes an awesome blogger who's Paint Skillz are magnificent. Seriously, check it out. Plus, her posts are LONG, which I like, and they're the long kind which remain interesting. Quite rare, I tell you.

Aaishah who blogs at Typing To The Beat Of My Heart

Shes a very sincere blogger who blogs about herself, its quite interesting. Do check it out.

Anyway, thats all for the awards. I'm probably going on another family picnic tomorrow, but its not going to be as bad at the one before, because its actually at a FARMHOUSE WITH AC. Plus, my cool cousins will be there :D I shall probably blog about that, if it turns out to be interesting.


Asma Khan said...

Congrats for having award.... :)

ME said...

awieeeee mubarakan mubarakan.:p

Yours Truly said...

Congratulations on the award!:D
Keep posting the lovely stuff! x

the other side of me said...

Hey congratz on the awards part,
and yeah i do agreed on the friends part,there are lots of cool people around here..and u are one of them:):):)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Congratulations on the award!

THANK YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!
Thank you so very much for the award !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so so so Happpppyy!

I always wanted to be the first one to award you but I was too lethargic to post the award-related post.
Anyways,watch out for the next post on my Blog!

Baqi awardies to meri taraf se mubarik hO=D

Have a great week ahead.

aaishah said...


I agree with you about being ore open to blogger friends than others. Happens with me too. ANDD I was about to give the same award to you today! Just now! Oh well =p I shall mention it nonetheless :D

And you MUSTTT post about the picnic NO MATTER HOW IT GOES! K?k. bai. :D

Ezazi said...

Hahaha aww congratulations!=D hope you get the 5 more needed in a jiffy!=)

PurpleMist. said...

CONGRATULATIONS for your first award! :D
Have fun at the farmhouse, after reading that I started missing my cool cousins and the picnics we used to have :P

Mehwisky said...

I started blogging on random too a month ago and I know what you mean, it's like this crazy awesome feeling when someone totally random likes what you write and follows you! Considering, they aren't your friend so their critique will be much more honest compared to your friends'. xD
Good job on the blog and good luck. :)

Furree Katt said...

i totally get what you mean. i'm so glad i found your blog, you're so NIIIIICEEEE :D
i'm also really happy that things are working out for you in terms of your family stuff and moving back to Pakistan. and also for making friends :D

YAYYYYY CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE AWARD :D you totally deserve it. *highfive*
and thank you so much for awarding meeee *massive hug* and hahahah it's really really uplifting to know that you think that people probably know me. i feel so special :3
the lolcat at the end is super cute!

ovais said...

Congrats on the five-to-go!

And your watermark background almost gave me a heart attack ._.

Guy From Karachi said...

@Asma: Thankss :D

@ME: Thanks :D

@Yours Truly: Thanks, and awww, you're too nice :D

@the other side of me: Thanks :D AND AWWWW. You're so sweet, thanks.

@Hamza: Thanks, and no prob! You deserved it :P
Haha really? Ok, waiting :D
Thanks man :)

@Aaishah: Thanks, and no prob :D <3
Really? Aww thanks :D
Haha I will soon :D

@Ezazi: Thanks, I hope so too :D

@PurpleMist: Thanks, and I did have fun :P I shall blog about it soon.

@Mehwisky: YEAH IKR? You feel so awesome, and you're totally right about the critique part!
Thanks so much :D

@Furree: Haha, im glad too! Seriously, if it wouldn't be for you, I probably wouldn't have had any followers at all.
Thanks :D
Aww, thanks. And no problem :D You ARE special :D

@Ovais: Thanks man :D

Vice Versa said...


i love you, truly i do.

first, congratulations on the award :D
you totally deserve it cuz your blog is awesomer than awesome :D

I'm really glad you've started liking Pakistan and made so many friends :)

and oh em gee *valley girl squeal*
thankyouuu <3
I love that stuff you've written, you make me feel ispeshal. :D
If I could, i'd give you the award right back.
actually, i think i will :D

Have fun at the picniccc :)

uglyduckling91 said...

If you want more followers, turn into a girl! Worked for me!
Congratulations on the followers and the awards, and good luck with blogging!

Guy From Karachi said...

@Vice Versa: Haha, aww. <3
You're so sweeeet. Love you too!
Hahahaha, you ARE espeshial! Haha yay :D

@uglyduckling91: LOL. Man... Sex changes are expensive. How'd you get it done?
Thanks man :D

eva626 said...

congrats on your first award!!!