Saturday, 9 April 2011


You know, there's always something in our lives that makes us relax, feel better and it makes us enjoy ourselves quite a lot. Well for me, its football and blogging. Life's not at its best these days, and the only thing that does cheer me up is football and blogging. Mostly football. Dont get me wrong though, I LOVE blogging, but football's just different. Its an amazing game. Also because im a sports-a-holic, I like many other sports. But football's my favourite.
Just recently, I joined ZU. Its a football club in Karachi. Loads of fun. Thing is, whenever I'm angry, pissed off or upset, I play football or blog. Blogging kinda lets me let out all the anger/sadness and transfer it to the PC in text form. Football just makes me feel better all around. So yeah. OH and almost forgot, Music does that too :P I just plug in my headphones, and when my favourite music is on, the world doesnt matter.

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