Monday, 6 June 2011


By reading the title of my blog, screenshots and clips from the movie "Limitless" must probably be popping in your head, thats IF you have seen the movie. If you haven't, I recommend, actually, no, I ORDER you to see it NOW. Well, after reading my post (no spoilers).


Have you ever imagined how it would be? To be the best possible version of yourself? I have. It feels like it would be amazing. To never lose concentration, to have a HUNDRED percent efficiency. To never make a mistake. To never be confused. To be able to access ANY part of your mind, at any given situation. To know what to do, whenever, wherever, without error.

And you may think that all of that sounds robotic, BUT, watch the movie. Its nothing like that. And to think of the fact that we only access around 10-15% of our brain. I dont even know if thats an indubitable fact. Thing is, it MUST be true, because every few seconds, we DO tend to forget about what we JUST planned to do, maybe its just me, but its odd how people sort of saunter away from what they were just thinking about.
And, this ability to access everything in your brain, isnt being a super genius who'd know everything. Its just being the perfection version of yourself. Its just knowing every single thing you've ever seen, studied, read or even glanced at in your life. Its about remembering everything you have come across in your life. No superpowers, just a key to unleash your mind.

Super brains ftw

 I, to be honest, would LOVE it. I would love to be able to speak my mind, and to be 100% efficient. Because I believe that each and everyone of us is smart. Its just the things that we are interested in differ. The whole stereotype of being smart just because you get grades is absurdity. Everyone is smart in their own way, its just that some people dont have the confidence or the memory to express what they know. I think it would be brilliant if we would be able to do so.
 I would love to be able to grasp new and difficult things with great ease; many people say that its always hard to learn a new language when you're old. Thats because when we get old, we get used to the things that we do quite commonly in our lives, i.e. speak. Children on the other hand, can easily learn a new language. Imagine, being able to learn something so difficult, with no problems.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

ALSO, one more thing I was just wondering about. I was just watching Back To The Future a few days back. In part 2, they show the people who went to the future, and saw flying cars in 2011 and 2012. Odd isn't it? We are SO close to getting flying cars and all of that futuristic crap (Insert sarcasm here). I hope flying cars are invented during some point in my life. Imagine driving something like this:

Wow? I know. *Sigh* Ah, sad, how we always want what we dont have, and how we get sick of what we do have.


AZ said...

some scientists think that it's only a myth that we use only 10% of our brain but it would be just so cool to be super smart!
Flying cars would be super awsm! people are doing research on hovercrafts already the results better show up fast before we are dead......

CATGIRL !! said...

aah! i wud really love to take control of my mind..i wud always prefer my mind ruling my heart though- being a virgo it's justified!

Kiran Ashraf said...

yea kids learn more easily then adults. A reason to it is maybe cuz they are always eager to try new things n never think of the consequences. But as we grow older, we start thinkng about what wld happen if i do this, wld i be able to learn it, its impossible i cant do it etc.
Somedays back i saw a video on youtube where 2 guys have actually invented a flying car..i dont really know where they were from but it was really awesome to see a car flying!!! my mom dosent even let me drive a car on the road cuz of all those accidents she witnessed n heard about so i doubt she wld ever let me drive a flying car so flying cars in good news for me. great post :)

Furree Katt said...

I WANT TO SEEEEE LIMITLESS :D it would be pretty cool to use the entire brain :O but then won't that make us totally easy targets for the government to use use as part of their intelligence or whatever :O
i really want to be around when they invent flying cars. and teleporters B)
and the last line of your post was very true.

ovais said...

I saw the trailer for limitless :o
I haven't even seen the movie yet, but I NEED THAT PILL. I could finally find out how to have a migraine and ignore it, find the cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and, most importantly, build that time machine i need so much!

I love what I have and hmm..
Bleekh, I want to help people. Gimme that pill. NOW. ._. :p

ovais said...

Oh, and no one would know that I'm using my entire brain ._.
Cause I'm not going to tell anyone. ._.

chocolatemilk said...

AZ: Yeah, thats why I said that I dont know if the fact is authentic lol.
Yess hovercrafts have already been invented, but im talking about cars with wheels but with flying abilities too! They should be cost-effective, quiet, and they should have a proper engine. How awesome would that be :p

Catgirl: Haha, trust me, with that much control over yourself, you'd accomplish just about anything.

Kiran: Yeah, I guess thats true.
Hahah I doubt that! The video is probably fake :P Or else they'd be on TV! Lol. Aww, how old are you? Thankss! :D

Furree: SEE IT! :D Download it. The government cant target us if we keep it a secret ;) Haha. OMG YEAH, Teleporting, awesome. One minute you're in Pakistan. The other you're in Dubai.

Ovais: Hahaha! Watch it man. And yeah, what a pill that is. Magical.
Haha, exactly :D Thanks for the follow!

Kiran Ashraf said...

@Asif:)yeah maybe the video was just fake but still it was real cool to see a flying car!! i am 20 n turning 21 on 12 june :)

chocolatemilk said...

Kiran: Ooh, okay :P Wow, you're old enough to drive! Im only 17 and I drive haha.

Vice Versa said...

I haven't seen Limitless, but it does sound really awesome. It's on my to-watch movie list for this summer now.

I dunno about the super brain thing though. although i admit it would be awesome to not make any mistakes, or say or do anything stupid (and i say A LOT of stupid things) it doesn't sound like it's such a good idea. without mistakes, how would anyone learn? of course.. with a super brain, you'd know everything anyway.

I want to be around for the invention of a flying car.. that would be beyond cool. and then i'd tell my kids that in my zamana, there was no such thing as flying cars, and we had to drive on the ground, any they'd be all shocked like we were when our grandparents first told us they didn't have tv :p

chocolatemilk said...

Haha, but in Limitless, he learned 3 languages in 4 days. So, you become prone to learning anything and everything with SUPER ease, and you get to use all the knowledge you have perfectly already.

HAHAHA, yeah and when our grandparents told us that they didnt have INTERNET. IMAGINE. LIFE WITHOUT INTERNET O_O...