Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Random Post: Underage technology, award, followers.

A kid with an iPhone. 
You know, I have ALWAYS wondered, thought, pondered, speculated, that WHY is the generation of today so much more privileged than us when we were their age? I guess the answer is, however, right in front of us. Development of technology. Yes, we didnt have iPhone 4's or, Blackberrys or iPads or Playstation 3s or Xbox 360's or Facebook or Twitter or anything of that sort when we were ten. Or even twelve. These things came now, when we're apparently at the acceptable, responsible age to own those extravagant devices, or have accounts on social media.  The question is, WHY do eight year olds of today own MP3 players, or iPods, or Blackberrys, or even have a Facebook acocunt? WHY? I dont get it. When we were their age, we never owned such expensive novelties. Seriously.
 Just a few days back, a 9 year old cousin of mine was BEGGING me to make her a Facebook account. I honestly thought, that WHAT would a nine year old do with a Facebook account? I dont get it. I had a Facebook account when I was 13. I think, let me know if you differ, but I think that a person should have a Facebook account around the age of 12, minimum. Getting into social media so early may be harmful and wrong for someone so young. And frankly, kids on Facebook annoy the crap out of me. Little kids go ON and ON and ON about how much they love Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus,  etc. and they try to PROVE that they are actually talented, and people love them. They also post annoying statuses which flood the newsfeeds. And why do I have them on my list? Because they are my cousins. Or because they are/were in my school, and begged me to add them so they could have more 'friends'. I dont get it; WHY does having more friends on Facebook apparently make you 'cooler' and more popular? Thats what stupid kids think. And hey, dont get me wrong, I dont hate kids or anything, they're hilarious, cute, and fun to be around, but when it comes to social media and technology, they're annoying as hell.

                                      I just dont get it.

I remember, a few days back, I was at my football stadium, where I train at, and these two kids were talking to eachother about their iPhones. At first, I thought they were just lying, and showing Douche-ism, but then, one of them took one out of their pockets. AN iPHONE 4. THATS SO EXPENSIVE. What kind of parents in their right minds would buy their 11 year old son an iPhone 4. Shit.
A younger cousin of mine, who is really rich, has apparently misplaced an iPhone 3gs, a Blackberry Curve, AND a Nokia C3. Hes only 12. AND FOR SOME REASON, his parents continue to buy him expensive phones, and he continues to be irresponsible.

Anyway, hope you get my point. Kids these days get way more than they can handle. We never got that much when we were their age. But these kids will probably also rant about how much more they should've gotten when they're seventeen when they see other twelve year olds get whatever they want. And people who were seventeen, and we were ten, probably ranted about us getting it all... how typical.

Oh and also, HELLO new followers :D Yayy, 18 followers! I never thought I'd get so many so fast :D I love you guys! And I promise I shall be consistent, and try my best to keep you entertained with my posts. *HUGE SMILE*

Oh and also, I'd like to give my first award. Its the "Best follower" award. And the award goes to...

Furree Katt !

A round of applause! Yes, and she gets this award because she IS the best follower. She herself has like a bazillion followers, but she is awesome enough to still keep up with everyone she is following, and that is A LOT of people. She was basically one of my first followers, and I credit most of my blogging interest and ideas to her! Be sure to check her out! You will never get bored reading her blogs, trust me.

Well, I best be going to sleep now. It is 3 48 AM, and I am barely awake. Bye! Take care people!


Vice Versa said...

oh my god, i was just talking about this exact thing with a friend a couple of days ago.
apparently, there are year olds with faceook accounts. that just completely shocked me. seriously, what would a four year old do on facebook? can four year olds even read?
i joined facebook when i was like 14, and i was forced by my friends.
and my phone is a bechara sa nokia wala, the back of which i have drawn on. i drop it fifteen times a day.
i don't understand the need for a fancy phone, honestly. all it does is create tension.
And i can't believe the parents either. those kids are gonna grow up so SPOILT.

and i completely agree with what you said about the cycle.
when i got my first cell phone at 14, my cousin (19) told me she didnt get hers till 18.


is this comment too long? i'll end it now :p

Aaishah said...

I debate about this with my mum all the time. Mostly about how my younger sister has more freedom than I do. Like she was allowed to go out with friends for lunch at age 10 and I had to have a grown up accompany my even at 14! Like wtff!? :O But I keep my siblings away from facebook *evil grin* I've told them they don't get an account until they are 14 or 15. :D :P

As far as parents who give iPhones to 12 year olds (and younger) are concerned I think they are just a victim of inferiority complex. They feel PRIDE in spoiling their children because either:
a)they want their children to enjoy the luxury their parents couldn't afford for them.
b)they want others(family, friends, relatives)to think highly of them caz they can afford it.
OR c)they try to buy their chld's love for them caz they don't know what else to do.

Basically immature people. And then they complain why their kids ditched them in old age. *sigh!*

Btw, did you participate in the debate competition held by your school in January? I'm asking caz I was there at the event. I'm an alumni of the school you go to. Graduated last year :)

Furree Katt said...

there's this student in my mum's class, he is 6. for his sixth birthday he got... AN IPHONE. i mean, what is that all about? WHAT'S A SIX YEAR OLD GOING TO DO WITH AN IPHONE?! i own a lame phone and i am completely happy with it haha.
i got my first email address when i was 9 (i still use that one). my first cellphone when i was 12. so far i've only owned like 3 cellphones in the span of 5 years. got my facebook account when i was 13. i don't even USE facebook that much!
honestly it disgusts me. these kids who i tutored are like 9 and they're always bugging me to add them on facebook. their parents give them everything they want. i blame EVERYTHING on the parents. you've made some totally valid points in your post.

and AWWWWWWWWWWW ♥ THANKS FOR THE AWARD! that really means a lot to me. you are so sweet. *hugs* i'm glad you're totally into blogging now! i love all my followers and all the blogs that i follow, lololol. they keep me sane and i never feel lonely whilst reading them :')

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

This make me think of this,

"Kids these days are so hooked onto much more important things than I was at their age. Really.

1) They feed cows and tend crops every six hours.
2) They run hotels and cafes in their free time. That is when they are not doing their school work.
3) And things like taxi racing etc.

See, they are SO responsible.
Was I? I watched cats chasing mice on tv, I read fairy-tales and played with teddy bears, I ate cake and threw tantrums and ate more cake.

Thanks to facebook, kids these days rule.

Nice post.And Congratulations to the Cute, deserving awardiee.Uff I also too have to have an award-related-silly-post on my blog soon thanks to Furree Kattt..:(

Kiran Ashraf said...

Thts soo true!!! i ddnt have that much techno stuff arround me when i was ten. There was no fb, iphone etc and even now as it exists..i still dont have an fb account or an iphone!! Just the other day my cousin was talking about the same thing again that kids on fb are soooo irritating. God knows why she had added some kids of 10-12 years on fb n her life has since turned hell cuz she is been sick to read status like "will u marry me miley?" or "justin's hair looks shooo cute"
even my own 10-11 year old cousins are dying to make a fb account jus to share pics with their frnds...gosh kids are becoming techno addicts.
great post n congrats u have earned a new follower :)

CATGIRL !! said...

yaaar,,,u were on Fb at 13...dat is still soooo young.... n the young lot getting expensive mob...ufff talk to me abt it...i deem teh parenst responsible....
n here u hav a new follower...who wants teh favour returned

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I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
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Best of Luck for ur blogging.

chocolatemilk said...

@ Vice Versa: Hahaha! Nooo you can comment as much as you want :D The more the merrier! AND YES. Some are spoilt already! And yes, the cycle will never stop :P Even our parents complain about us being more privileged.

@ Aaishah: HAHA YAY! Thats awesome :P and I believe the main reason is "b)they want others(family, friends, relatives)to think highly of them caz they can afford it." I doubt many parents would be the "a)" type, because many argue with us about us being priveleged :P And "c)" is usually the case of divorce-es :P AND YES! I participated in the declamation! :D

Furree: Hahah, awww. No prob! You deserved it :D


Kiran: Haha yess, its sooo annoying to have weird preteens on Facebook.
Yayy! Thanks :D

Catgirl: Haha yeah, 13 was still young! But my friends convinced me, so yeah. Didnt use it much till 15 :P
Yayy! Thanks, and i'll check out your blog! :)

Aaishah said...

Yeah, b) is the main reason but I was accounting for all sorts of parents so I added a) and c) too :P
Your speech was REALLY good. Reminded of me when I used to do declamations and all Lol =p

chocolatemilk said...

Hahah, im surprised you remember :P
Is that an indirect self-compliment? Hahaha im kidding, you probably must've been good too! What were you doing there though? :P

Anas Shafqat said...

You've said it, man. I was myself debating to write about this a coupla days back, but you said it all.

It is EXTREMELY annoying to have your younger cousins as friends on your account. The most annoying being the Farmville requests you get every 5 mins :/

And, btw your blog is awesome ^^

chocolatemilk said...

@Anas: Haha you write it too! I'd like to read your opinion on it :)

HAHA ikr? Stupid Farmville requests and Yoville requests. Dont they get it? WE DO NOT want to feed their sheep and milk their cows...

Thankss! Means a lot to me! :D

Anas Shafqat said...

Sure :)

Or hatch their eggs >.> Well, I just block the app requests now :P But it is irritating nonetheless.

You deserve it! :)