Friday, 15 July 2011

My Most Fatal Injury

I was reading some random blogs a while back, and I came across this post about the most fatal injury of your life. So, I decided to blog about mine too.

It was quite a few years back, I was around eleven I think, or twelve maybe. Nevertheless, I was in South Africa, for vacations. The place is REALLY beautiful, and its a LOT of fun to go there for a holiday. The people are really nice and friendly, and the weather is really good, since summer there is in OUR winter, and winter is in OUR summer. So, in May/June/July, its WINTER. Isn't that awesome?

Beautiful, isn't it?

Anyway, back then, and even now, I loved Quad Bikes. If you dont know what a Quad Bike is, its something like this:

Bad Boy 125cc Quad Bike
Awesome, isn't it?

So anyway, I wanted to ride this on a resort, it was basically in the middle of the forest, meant for safaris. And these Quads aren't meant for grass, they're meant for sand and the dunes. Like, you CAN ride 'em on grass, but then you've got to be careful.
So, I got on it, and started driving. Ofcourse, if you dont go fast, then whats the fun? So, I drove faster and faster and faster...
I heard my mom scream, "Asif! Slow down!"

But, I just ignored, and just went on. I made a sharp turn, and then everything went black.

The next time I regained consciousness, was when a South African ranger was carrying me to his jeep, and we were driving back to the resort. Bear in mind, that this was in the middle of a FOREST. So only the first aid was present, a hospital was miles away. And then, I was unconscious again.

Soon, or I dont know when, I was conscious on a bed, in the resort's clinic, and I could see my mom, my dad, and my brother, looking really worried. I asked them what happened and where I was, which scared them more, specifically my mother, because she thought I had lost my memory. And for a second, I really couldn't remember where  I was and what happened to me. I guess it was because I was emphatically bewildered.
A few minutes after that, I started remembering that I was in South Africa, and the last memory conscious memory I had was me on a Quad Bike...
So, then I asked if I was in an accident, and my mom said yes, and she said not to worry because apparently no bones were broken! Thank God for that. But, it wasn't like I wasn't injured.
I had severe pain on the side and back of my head, on my ribs, my shoulder and basically the entire right side of my body. When I asked my mom what had happened to me, she explained that I took SUCH a sharp turn, the Quad flipped sideways, throwing me off. She said I was airborne for a few seconds, and when I hit the ground, my head directly hit a large rock, and the Quad fell on me, bounced, and fell on me AGAIN. Harsh, isn't it? Haha, but fortunately, I was all right.
My injuries? Well, I had blood patches all over my head, it was all soggy. Plus, the right side of my body was completely bruised, especially my knee, shoulder and my ribs. I was vomiting all over the place because of the pain, and remember, I was only eleven. I had a pain killer injection taken, AND an anti-nausea injection taken.

But anyway, thank God, since it could have been much worse, I was fine in just a matter of a few weeks. AND, it didn't have any affect on my confidence. A few weeks later, after I was all right, I was up again, riding these enjoying Quad Bikes. But ofcourse, with more caution.

So anyway, I'd like to know about your worst injury! Blog about it, if you'd like, and let me know!

Btw, on a lighter note, have any of you heard of the new Social Networking website, Google+?

 Its pretty cool, sort of like Facebook. I really think it could be big. If any of you need an invite, type your emails in the comments and I'll send you all invites! And we could be super best friends there. Yeah, I'm lame.


Yours Truly said...

OUCH! that sounds like some BADD ASS injury. You described it pretty well! You should be more careful!
haha! I don't think I've never had any BIG injuries. Which is a good thing alhamdulilah according to my parents. But according to my always falling and crashing sister, it's because I don't take enough risks in my life. 8-)

Have a lovely weekend. x

the other side of me said...

gosh,thank God you escaped with 'minor' injuries,although it doesnt sound like minor to me..

Anyways,i had it once, when I accidently placed my hand into a running blender, you noe right what to expect, but thank God..all my five fingers function perfectly:):)

Red Handed said...

Ouch! That was a furious one!
Nd u were on tht bike when u were 11?

I hav already blogged abt mine like 3 mths back. :p

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

OMG. That might have hurt a lot. My worst accident was a when my car over turned. All I got was a scratch.=D
Lucky me.
Amazingly I have never been afflicted with any serious ailment or I never had a fracture, though I have always wanted to have one. Looks cool.
You know, having a huge heavy bandaged arm, then having all your friends write 'get well soon' msgs on the plaster=D Kindda fun =D

WOW,I want to got to S.A now.=D

Guy From Karachi said...

@Yours Truly: Thanks :D
Ohh, well you're lucky then! Be grateful :D

Thanks, you too!

@the other side of me: Haha, well compared to what it COULD have been, it was actually minor :P
Oh, that must have been excruciatingly painful...but thank God you're ok :)

@Red Handed: Yeah I was :P Or maybe 12. Cant remember so well.

@Hamza: I did hurt :P Whoaa! Lucky, I guess :P
Thats good :P Trust me, yo do NOT want a fracture. It hurts a LOT D:

Hahah its awesome there.

Mehwisky said...

Okay. So, this one time, my cousins' parrot bit my toe.
Does that count as an equally badass injury?
Err, guess not.
And have you, sir, been introduced to this amazing invention called a helmet? :p
Following. :)

Guy From Karachi said...

Hahaha, well it is badass. But maybe not fatal. I've had a parrot bite me pretty bad too. I was bleeding :( Hahaha

LOL. Yes, I have, but unfortunately I wasnt wearing one. But y'know, if I WAS wearing one, I wouldnt faint, and then I'd FEEL the pain of the bike falling on me. So I guess thank God? Haha

Yay :)

ovais said...


Please tell me that someone took a video of you during your accident.

Sorry about it, but hey-at least you managed something that movies have to try hard to do perfectly. :o

Guy From Karachi said...

Hahaha, naah unfortunately no one had a camera at the time. And even if they did, they didnt think of it. Wouldve been a youtube hit.

Hahahah yeah.

Ezazi said...

Are you really sending out Google+ invites? *stares suspiciously*

Because they won't allow me in =(


Uhh, okay now "I" sound lame... :P

Guy From Karachi said...

Yes I am :P Gimme your Gmail address and I'll send it :D

Anas Shafqat said...

That was some injury :0 I hope you're well now :P

And, I'm already on google + :P

Guy From Karachi said...

Im well, obviously. Im 17 now hahaha, been 5-6 years :P

Oh, cool! Anas Shafqat, is it? I'll add you to my circles :D

PurpleMist. said...

I was going to say the same thing as ovais, a video would have been awesome :P
Btw, I wrote about my 'most serious injury', is it lame for me to hope you got that idea from my post? :D
lol sorry, I love your blog too much :P

Guy From Karachi said...

Hahah i knowww. Sad there wasn't a camera present :P
Its not lame, because i DID get it from your blog :P Hahahah awww I love yours too <3

Anas Shafqat said...

Haha, good that you're well now :P

And yeah, its Anas Shafqat :D

Vice Versa said...

OUCH *winces*
that sounds painful.
especially the bit where you described the soggy bloody patches on your head.
quad bikes are still super cool :D

my cousin told me about the google+ thing but it just confused me.

Guy From Karachi said...

@Anas: Yeah :D

@Vice Versa: Haha yeah, it WAS painful :P
YES THEY SO ARE! I'd still ride them like crazy even now :P

Hahaha! Its not so bad, y'know?

eva626 said...

nice lucky to go on vacation though!!

Phoenix Injury said...

Some call it an ATV. I'm sorry to hear about your accident. A friend of mine broke his leg from it. I hope you're feeling better now.