Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Guess Who's Back? :D

Hey everyone! To start off, im really sorry that I haven't posted in so many days, its been almost two weeks. I was having what I call, 'Blogger's Block'. Ofcourse, most of you can assume that its just the same as a 'Writer's Block', except with blogs. AND, I've got a few relatives here, so I've been quite busy lately!
BUT IM BACK. Sort of. I still have blogger's block. But I thought I should at least UPDATE my blog.

So, anyway, how've you guys been? Recently I've had my grandmother (Nani) over at my house, all the way from Dubai! So its been fun lately. Plus, some of my friends are going to be in Karachi in just a FEW DAYS! Eeeeeh. *Jumps out the window*

I cant wait.

Anyway, speaking of impatience, I CANT WAIT TILL I GET A NEW PlayStaion 3! Aaaah. Ive had an old, 60GB Model, for four years! It stopped working last year, and its been like that since :( It got the infamous, 'Yellow Light Of Death', which is when your motherboard malfunctions.

But soon, I'm probably getting a 160 or 120 GB Slim PS3 pretty soon. CANT WAIT.


Anyway, a few days back, I had to go on this LAME family picnic trip thing, where some of my cousins DID come, but the oldest one was twelve. TWELVE -__- IM SEVENTEEN. The boredom I experienced during that trip was like no other.
We were going to a place called 'Keenjhar Lake' for a picnic. It was WAY past Gharo and Thatta, which are basically areas in Sindh. So, just the drive was for 2 hours and 30 minutes, approximately. So, I wasted 5 hours of my life in a car. Sitting down. Listening to the same music over and over and over...

Yes, that is EXACTLY how I was feeling. Irritated. Annoyed. Disturbed. Frustrated. Bored. Uncomfortable. Numb. Fatigued. And ALL of that was pointless and worthless.

Anyway, I say it was pointless and worthless was because when we arrived to the so called, 'Keenjhar Lake',   all we did was have lunch, and go on a LAME boat ride on that lake. THEN WE WENT HOME. WHAT THE FUCK? I mean, you drive ALL day just for that? Dude. I can go on a boat ride on SEAVIEW. Close to where I live. WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT KEENJHAR LAKE? Anyway, my lame side of the family planned it. And I apparently HAD to go, or they'd be offended. Yeah, they're weird like that.

This is Keenjhar Lake

Oh, and it may look really interesting and intriguing, but it was SO hot that day, that nothing was fun. Not even having TANDOORI CHICKEN. IMAGINE. Gah.

Anyway, I shall blog very soon, again caz IM BACK!
Oh, it feels SO good to blog again...



Furva said...

YAYY! :D welcome back! XD

Yours Truly said...

I like your blog.
lol! I think that is something that kind of runs in ALL desi families. Go out for a LOOOOOOONG drive to some ordinary place, eat, talk, relax and come home...and relax some more. Been there done that! Know exactly how you feeel!

=] x

Kiran Ashraf said...

:) i can understand cuz i have also been to alot of these lame family picnics with my *little* cousins.apparently my maternal side is kinda short of cousins of my age and that sucks especially when u go to picnics...n yea the offended part hate ittttt!!!

Red Handed said...

Welcome back

Furree Katt said...

i LOLed at *jumps out the window* ahahahaha
hurray for a PS3! i love mine ♥ but i think i have the old one. i'm bad with gaming technology, my brother would know :P
and lol i hate random trips with distant family members to places that i have never heard of nor have cared about.
like, i didn't even know of the existence of Keenjhar Lake till i read your post! :O

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Hahaha, This is the third post regarding gaming I have read today, First FK, then Maryam raza and now you!
Keenjar Lake? Never heard of it. Can you fish there? I'd love to go fishing.
Stuck with twelve year olds on a outdoor trip. O-o. You have my pity.
Thank gudness I don't have close family people living in Pakistan/Karachi, so I never had such family excursion trips.

Welcome back!

Smokey_Cat said...

Keenjar lake seems very very boring.
I empathize.
(because I know what it feels like)

and I hope you have fun with your friends. :)

cricketfreak said...

Glad you're back.....:)

chocolatemilk said...

@Furva: Thanks :D

@Yours Truly: Yayy thanks :D Haha ikr? SO annoying! And thanks :D

@Kiran: Yeaah! The offended part is the worst. Its like, we cant even avoid the trip.

@Red Handed: Thanks :D

@Furree: YES :D Hahaha :P You probably have either the 60GB one or the 80 GB one if its old. LOL I didnt know it existed until I reached the place. When I asked them where we were going, they said, on a picnic. Im like where, they said, a place. I MEAN WTF?

@Hamza: You cann, but the weather sucks so yeah :P
Lucky :P and thanks!

@Smokey_Cat: It IS boring. Thanks :D

@Cricketfreak: yay :D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

*Stares @ the new cool header*

Vice Versa said...

but little kids are so fun to play with!
the lake looks pretty too.
and at least your friends are coming soon, so you can forget that traumatic experience. :p

ive never really been a video game person so i dont really understand the excitement :p
once, though, i played this wrestling game and beat the other guy up so bad. that was fun. but then another time my friend made me play this zombie killing game and it was so SCARY. i sucked at it :p

Guy From Karachi said...

@Hamza: :D

@Vice Versa: Haha but my cousins aren't :P