Thursday, 8 September 2011

Been too long.

It definitely HAS been SO long. HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN? I missed you guys so much. Honestly, i havent been reading or posting at all because of grade eleven. I had NO idea it would've been SO busy, and I have to be extremely industrious to keep up with the pace. And its ONLY been 2 months...

Its also because I have a Statistics exam in October, so I have classes. Plus I have a total of 8 subjects this year... Gah!

Anyway, enough about school. Ramadan was amazing, I finished reading a whole Quran! I felt so proud of myself, because I dont read it quite often, and I know I should, but I tried my best to finish it, and I did! *HUGE SMILE*

Eid was REALLY eventful. The first, second AND third days were FULL of dawats, and I got RICHER.


Anyway, I shall have a long post posted in a day or two! Bye everyone!


TARIQ MIAN said...

I happen to visit your blog and am going to join the site.
I'll be looking forward to read your new post.
In the meantime, may I invite you to read my page and half post on Pakistan.
Thanks and have a wonderful day buddy.

AL said...

Nice BLOG :D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I missed you too.
I have been away from Blogging myself too.

Wow, you read the Quran, that's great!

I can't wait for the post! =D =D