Friday, 16 September 2011

The Long Awaited Blogger Meet Up

FINALLY. The perfect word to start off this post with. We'd been planning this meet up for several days, or even weeks now, and today, WE FINALLY had the chance to get to know and meet each other! All thanks to Russian Bear and Teenage Mutiny, I'd say. Two awesome people, they are.

Anyway, it started off pretty late for me because of the traffic. I was SUPPOSED to be there by 5 40 ishh, 'there', being Dunnkin Donuts, but I was really late because I had to wait for my driver to come pick me up from his errands.

Anyway, I finally got there at around 6 35, and the location shifted to the Forum Mall, right next to Dunkin. So, that was when I saw the all so famous bloggers I knew only through the internet. And they pretty much turned out to be much, much awesomer than they are on blogger. I met Furree, Russian Bear, Teenage Mutiny, Ateeq Mughal and Moonie. Unfortunately, since I was late, I couldnt meet Furby Esvee and Aaishah

So, after the hi's and the hello's, we walked around the mall, cracked jokes, took pictures, and all that. It was so much funnn. We went to this toy store for children, and got told off for taking pictures because we apparently weren't supposed to? How stupid, but we took them anyway because we're evil brave! Anyway, then we went to this cafe, dont remember its name, since I went to it for the first time, ever. There, we sat and talked and had loads of fun. I had chocolate chip/Vanilla ice cream! It was SO awesome. We took pictures with these funny stick-on mustaches with which I had an epic fail, and posed like retards, the usual stuff y'know? (Not really...)

We went to a bookstore as well, and got told off for being too loud? I mean come on, how stupid right? Well, couldn't care less, haha. That sort of sums it up!

Honestly, it was one of the best days I've had in Karachi so far. With high fives, low fives, laughs, mockery, poking, dumb poses and much more, we made the most out of our meet up. I really hope we have one very soon and not in like, a million months.

Oh and, I personally REALLY appreciate Russian Bear, Ateeq Mughal and Hamza for coming from SO FAR. You guys are awesome.
Moonie, you are hilarious, and a total gooooth. Hahahah! Furree, you are the life of the party! Well, not party, but y'know whamsayin.

Anyway, it feels awesome to blog again. I reallllyyyy miss you guys, and your comments and your posts and commenting on them. I promise to try my best to stay consistent! Alright then, blog-ya-laterrr!



Aaishah said...

OMG you guys had so fun funn! I SOOO wanted to be there :( But it was greatt to see these guys. Wish I could've met you. Oh well, maybe I'll come to school one day :P

CATGIRL !! said...

array yaar i want to b there tooo.......... m totally home bound for like 2 yrs.. no friends, no funda... can u prompt me next time when a meet up is scheduled??
p.s. can i see da pics now plzz??

Maryam A. said...

OMGGGG. I missss everything so muchhh. I wish I could come. :(

Maryam A. said...

Anddd I wish I could meet ya'll.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

It was a huge pleasure meeting you guys. Esp you were fabulous!

In fact I had the most wonderful day! It is one of those day I'll remember for a long long time!

Thanks so much for showing up and being awesome. People say they heard about an awesomeness-ka-bomb -blast at Forum today on the news =p

PS:- I am HBL not 'Teenage MUTINY!

Furree Katt said...

i had so much fun with everyone. you guys are the most amazing people ever. LOL you came late and we had this plan to totally ignore you but then your awesomeness was unavoidable. :O
THE PICTURES WERE REALLYYYY COOL! i must ask Moonie to send me lots and lots so i can put them up as well.
i loved sitting in Time Out and talking and talking for like 236824 hours and not ordering anything haha :P
hope to see you all again soon! ♥

ateeq mughal said...

pinch me,
am i in a dream :D
it was so assum meeting all of u,
had a great and like ala tarin time. :D

PurpleMist. said...

Wow, looks like you guys had fun!

Faraz Ezazi said...
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Faraz Ezazi said...

You guys had lots of fun
Wish I could have been there

Ovais said...

I'm glad everyone had fun :)

Guy From Karachi said...

@Aaishah: OH YES WE DID :D Whyd you leave?

@Catgirl: yeah sure, next time :D

@Maryam: wish you came tooo! :(

@Hamza: thanks a lot! You're ASSSUMERR. Oh and sorry XD

@Furree: Haha awww thanks a lot, so sweet!

@Ateeq: Haha same here!

@Everyone else: Yeah we did! Thanks guys :D

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

You're very attractive.