Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Dimension. A Different World.

Time for another movie influenced post? Yes!

Recently I just went to watch this kick-ass movie, called John Carter. Have you guys watched it? If no, watch it. Now. Just do it. It leaves you thinking. Besides, when does Disney ever make anything that isn't worth watching?

Its basically about this warrior who was in the army, and gets sent to another planet by accident. Pretty good movie, but I didn't want to blog about the movie. It was the thought of being in a different world that came to me, and made me think

Imagine. You are suddenly transported to a totally world that would be totally unapprehended? It could be anything. Another dimension. Planet. Galaxy. Solar system.

Things like these make me ponder about the Bermuda Triangle. Black holes. Where did all those ships go? Where are those people now? Maybe the supernatural things, that are out of our comprehension and are without explanation really exist. Maybe there IS life on mars. Maybe half-nude aliens, running around with sticks and four arms DO exist? (Movie reference. Do not think im crazy!).

Imagine if we actually met them. I'd probably run away. Sometimes, I actually feel like going to places like the Bermuda Triangle. But then you never know what'd happen to you. So it just seems REALLY scary.

What if there were monsters? Monsters that destroyed anything that seemed alien to them. What if there were human-like figures who loved feasting on humans?

Eventhough it sounds ridiculous, we all think about it. Freaks. Monsters. New dimensions. Anti-gravity. Witches under our bed. A face on the window at night, before going to bed. The supernatural will always be interesting, and will not go out of fashion until we completely figure it out. Which is never.

Anyway, hope you liked this post. It was relatively short, because of my relatively short amount of free time. I dont even think I HAVE free time. But I felt like I had to post something. And because a special someone was missing my blogs. So hope you like it!


Aysh said...

I don't really wanna watch the film, I heard it was a massive flop! But I agree with you on the idea of travelling to another planet/dimension/universe. We will never know if there's anything other than us out there...unless they decide to pay us a visit :P

S. Mahnoor Shah said...

I haven't really seen this movie yet.. But i always wonder what will it be like to end up in some different planet with different species.. And About that triangle.. I think something is down there ut not sure what maybe death or a city.. :P And there is only one way to find out and that is to go there...