Tuesday, 13 March 2012

But You Didnt Have to Cut Me Out, Make Out Like It Never Happened and That We Were Nothing.

We all have that one friend, or maybe more than one if we're that unlucky, who sooner or later becomes one of the closest people to us. But then, something unfortunate, unintentional, and extremely stupid happens that leads to that friendship meaning NOTHING.

Yeah, some of you may know what I'm talking about, but those who don't, well, you're really lucky. And always be ready. It can happen at any time, any place, or any moment.

The thing is, its happened too many times now. I don't know who to trust anymore. My best friend drowned with his girlfriend's infatuation, and after their break up, he was back to normal. Quite miserable really, until he got over her. He came running back to us then, his ACTUAL friends.

Now, hes got another girlfriend.And hes turning into the same person he was before. We try to tell him. Try to give him advice. We aren't his toys, that he'd just throw away for a girl.This is just ONE situation, and that too, quite minor.

My other friend, who I knew for 4 years, completely erased me from her life just because her boyfriend was against it. Guess those four years of friendship didn't mean shit.

So yeah, we all have those kind of friends. Friends that were never really friends. And to be honest, it hurts. It really does.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Anyway, take care, be happy!


ME said...

I knoww. This has happened a zillion times with me. And i did it once too. So yeah, i totally deserved it when my other bestfriend did this with me.

Btw about that girl who isn't friends with you anymore because of her boyfriend, well all i can say is that she is feeling like a shit right now and she probably did that because she doesn't wants to lose that relationship. I want you to advice her that she should stand up for herself and for her friends, because relationships don't work out when the other one becomes this bossy.

Ovais said...

It's happened with me too many times.
But that's what people are like. They rarely see the effects their actions have on so many other people.
It started with my best friends and it has continued. It's life, some people are in our lives for only some time :/

FarhanJ said...

Its moments like these which prove who are your true friends and who aren't. True friends are very rare so one should get used to such abandonment.

Maryam A. said...

Happens too often to me. Sigh.

S. Mahnoor Shah said...

I hate it when friends drift apart and specially when they use you for their own selfish reasons..

..the floodgate of feelings..:] said...

wow, i can actually relate to you..:/...
its been 4 years since my best friend got a girl friend, we r still best friends, but i still cant get over the fact that he has this "other girl" in his life!
u r right, that kinda shit happens!

The Babe Of Bengal said...

Sad. Just sad.

Aysh said...

Sometimes you need to go through these heartaches to weed out your true friendships from ones you thought where true! As time goes by the wounds from your friendships lost will heal with the new relationships you'll make in life.

Guy From Karachi said...

@ ME: Thats true. I was really shocked by what she did.

@ Ovais: Hmm. Yeah I guess it DOES happen to everyone. Kinda sucks though.

@ FarhanJ: So true! This is when you know who your true friends are.

@Maryam: I know, sucks doesnt it?

@Mahnoor: Yeah... that has happened with me too

@the floodgate of feelings: YEAH! It gets really weird... You cant be yourself anymore...

@The babe of bengal: very sad :|

@Aysh: Yeah. Thanks :)

Komal Ali said...

We just don't get along with certain people. Move on and make new friends. :-)