Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Breaking Benjamin

This band, for many of you may be very aggressive, scream-o-type, but for me, its neither. Its a band that displays anger, emotion and deep meaning through their songs. Read between their lyrics… You’ll most probably find something that you can relate with, I’ll bet you a 100 bucks on that, because anger, hate, aggression, rage, etc is something experienced by every person on this planet, no matter how calm. EVERY ONE OF YOU must have felt like breaking something, or someone someday, and after listening to ANY Breaking Benjamin song, you’d probably feel better.
IF you dont listen to their music, please do, especially if you like rock.
Whenever I’m depressed, upset, angry, or sad, listening to their songs ALWAYS cheers me up, it makes me feel better. Rather than going to that best friend first for advice, I go to my MP3 player, and plug in a Breaking Benjamin song, like Dear Agony, Give Me A Sign, What Lies Beneath, etc, which calms me down.

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