Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Weird ass feeling.

Argh. Ive had this feeling for ages now. Its so goddamn weird. Its like, I WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. But then, I dont. I dont because its so... time consuming, but then again. Its worth it if the persons alright. But the fact that you dont know for sure is a little disturbing. It makes you hesitant. Its also hectic to be so... committed to one person the whole time, isnt it? I mean, most people want all the attention to themselves. People dont want their partner being with anyone else more than themselves, which is so annoying and wrong. I mean, its not like you'll leave your friends just because of your girlfriend or boyfriend... right? Its socially wrong. Your friends would them start drifting away, and they'd hate you. I mean, I haven't had a girlfriend for over a year now. Im 17.
But wow, the feeling when you know you have someone who likes, or even loves you for who you are is awesome. It makes you feel special. Knowing that when you're hurt, or in pain, you can call that one person and know that she'll/he'll understand you makes you feel fine all the time.
I could go on for ages, but then I dont have the time. Rofl.

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Mr. Cheese said...

disregard females,acquire currency.